Garry’s Mod All gStands Guide

Garry’s Mod game guide focuses on All gStands Guide for GMOD and how they work. The guide includes: star platinum, magician’s red, hermit purple, hierophant green, kiss from a rose, tower of gray,  silver chariot, dark blue moon. While writing this instruction, we pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. We hope that this guide will help you.

All gStands

1. Star Platinum

Star Platinum: The World!

Stand User: Jotaro Kujo

Destructive Power: A

Speed: A

Range: C

Durability: A

Precision: A

Development Potential: A

Star Platinum is a Close-Range Active Stand from Part 3, but makes appearances in Parts 4 and 6. It is the Stand of Jotaro Kujo, the protagonist of Stardust Crusaders. Star Platinum was the first Stand seen in JoJo, and subsequently the first fully developed Stand in gStands. Star Platinum is widely regarded the Stand of all Stands, the punching ghost.

As a Power-Type, Star Platinum can use its array of moves to decimate any opponent that gets too close. It has many abilities that give it an edge in any scenario, including projectiles and pulling in players with its breath. Star Platinum gives its User 1500 health, and has a range of 500 units.

Punch Mode:

Left Click – I’m Gonna Smash You!: Star Platinum unleashes a barrage of punches with his signature ORA rush. While dealing high damage and knockback, it also adds a layer of defense, as Star Platinum takes half damage while barraging.

Right Click – You Pis​s​ed Me Off.: Star Platinum throws a heavy punch, dealing high damage and knockback. This move is difficult to land, so we recommend using it to gain distance from an enemy instead of an attack.

Shift Right Click – I’ll Judge You Myself!: Star Platinum grabs a player or NPC by their neck. The grabbed User can still attack, but must kill the User or be released to break free. Any action will cancel the grab, so it’s recommended to only use it to throw an enemy for distance.

Shift Right Click – Do You Understand?: Star Platinum throws a held player, throwing them roughly the distance You Pis​sed Me Off. deals.

Ability Mode:

Left Click – Star Finger! Star Platinum’s finger extends greatly, and he attacks in a swiping motion. This attack is usually used for zoning, as it has a cone of attack. It can also hit multiple enemies.

Shift Left Click – He’s Sucking Up Her Stand!: Star Platinum takes a huge breath, pulling in players and NPCs. When using this inside of Justice’s range, you’ll deal constant damage to its User. This makes Star Platinum a powerful counter to the invincible Stand.

Right Click – Star Platinum: The World!: Star Platinum stops time for 5 seconds. In Stopped Time, only those who share the ability to Stop Time can move, but only for a second and a half. This is Star Platinum’s most powerful ability, as it leaves every player without a Time Stopping Stand blind and deaf for 5 seconds.

Either Mode:

Zoom – Enhanced Eyesight: Use Star Platinum’s vision, allowing a greater Zoom that you can adjust.

Shift Zoom – With These Bearings, Range Increases to 20 Meters.: Star Platinum shoots a ball bearing. These will ricochet and have damage falloff, dealing 55 damage at the most.

E + Right Click – Yare Yare Daze…: Say “Yare Yare Daze” like the goober you are.

Magician’s Red

Crossfire Hurricane!

Stand User: Muhammad Avdol

Destructive Power: B

Speed: B

Range: C

Durability: B

Precision: C

Development Potential: D

Magician’s Red is a Close-Range Active type Stand from Part 3 and belongs to Muhammad Avdol, the core ally in Stardust Crusaders. Magician’s Red was the second introduced Stand in JoJo shortly after Star Platinum’s introduction.

Magician’s Red may be a Close-Range type Stand, however, it still has powerful and diverse tools in its arsenal which can be used for zoning, and can be even deadlier at closer ranges. Magician’s Red gives the User 1000 Health, and a range of 500 units.

Punch Mode:

Left Click – Flaming Kick: Magician’s Red unleashes a powerful kick with high knockback which deals medium damage and sets the target on fire.

Right Click – Flame Bomb: Magician’s Red releases a floating small-sized fire orb that can stick to entities and surfaces.

Note: If the User tries to walk out of Flame Bomb’s range, it will stick to the edge in order to stay within range of the User.

Shift Right Click – Detonate: This move detonates all currently placed Flame Bombs. It deals medium to high damage and sets nearby entities on fire.

Ability Mode:

Left Click – Flames of the Magician: Magician’s Red breathes out a huge cloud of fire that deals high damage, high knockback and is capable of destroying projectiles. Magician’s Red can aim at the ground in order to launch its User upwards.

Right Click – Red Bind: Magician’s Red binds the affected player in their place, rendering them unable to move, but their Stand will be able to freely move around. However, if the Stand is directly affected by Red Bind, both Player and Stand will be unable to move. The User also has the option to use Red Bind on a ledge, in which case, Magician’s Red will propel its User towards said ledge.

Shift Right Click – Crossfire Hurricane: Magician’s Red charges up Crossfire Hurricane, and it can release up to 3 player-controlled high damage projectiles depending on its charge time.

Either Mode:

Passive – Ambient Heat: If the User is inside of a building, Magician’s Red heats up the room, creating particle effects inside.

Shift Middle Click – Aggressive Life Detector: An automatic Life Detector that moves towards live entities at a slow pace. This deals little damage and is best used to locate players.

Middle Click – Passive Life Detector: The Life Detector follows its User. This is best suited for finding stealthed or hidden players.

E + Right Click: Tsk! Tsk! Tsk!: Taunt, as you go No-No and make “Tsk” sounds.

Hermit Purple

Did you see it? The thorns on my hand; That is my Stand!

Stand User: Joseph Joestar

Destructive Power: D

Speed: C

Range: D

Durability: A

Precision: D

Development Potential: E

Hermit Purple is an Effect Stand from Part 3. Its User is Joseph Joestar, the protagonist from Part 2, however Joseph didn’t unlock Hermit Purple until much later in Part 3. Hermit Purple is one of the Tarot Series Stands, Representing Taro #9, The Hermit.

Hermit Purple is a very unique Stand with precognitive abilities. It is also the only Stand that can use Hamon. Its moveset focuses on gathering information and grappling. While not being an Active Stand, and as such lacking a Stand Leap, Hermit Purple makes up for it in its ability to swing across cities with its vines. Hermit Purple gives the User 1500 health.

Hamon Off:

Left Click – Vine Whip: Hermit Purple whips out in a cone motion, covering a good distance. This attack can hit multiple enemies.

Shift Left Click – Vine Grapple: Hermit Purple comes out to latch on something, with varying effect depending on what you grapple.

Player/NPC: Hold the person still with Hermit Purple. Some stronger Stand Users will be able to move, but only a little.

Object/Prop: Freely move the prop around. You can hold E to hold the prop in place.

Vehicle: Control the vehicle by moving around. Use Shift to speed up and Control to break. The vehicle moves in the direction you are staring.

Right Click – Spirit TV: Right clicking on a rendertarget texture will view the player with the most kills.

Hamon On:

Left Click – Vine Whip: An enhanced attack that deals Hamon damage.

Shift Left Click – Vine Grapple: A grapple that conducts Hamon. People that are inbetween you and your grappled targets will also take Hamon damage. Any grappled props will also conduct Hamon, damaging nearby enemies.

Right Click – OVERDRIVE!: Deal a punch infused with Hamon, dealing damage over time.

Passive – Hamon Shield: Hamon courses through your body, automatically damaging enemies that touch you. This will also destroy Flesh Buds planted by The Lovers.

Either Mode:

E + Left Click – OH MY GOD!!!: Bring out your inner Joseph and yell OH MY GOD!!!

Hierophant Green

Hierophant’s Barrier surrounds you for 20 meters!

Stand User: Noriaki Kakyoin

Destructive Power: C

Speed: B

Range: A

Durability: B

Precision: C

Development Potential: D

Hierophant Green is a Long-Range Remote type Stand from Part 3 and is wielded by Noriaki Kakyoin, a core ally of the Stardust Crusader’s. Hierophant Green is the very first Long-Range type Stand in the series and represents Taro #5, The Hierophant.

Hierophant Green’s moveset is mainly based around setting traps and shooting projectiles. The Stand can be very powerful at a distance, but is weak in hand-to-hand combat scenarios. However, it has great mobility, meaning it can flee these situations with ease. Hierophant Green gives the User 1000 health, and has a range of 1500 units.

Punch Mode:

Left Click – Grapple: One of Hierophant Green’s moves with a variety of uses. If Grapple is used on a surface, it will bring the User to the surface where Hierophant Green attached itself with its tentacles. However, if it’s used on a player, it will bring the player closer to the User. Lastly, if Grapple is used on an object, it launches the object to the User.

Note: This move can not damage players

Right Click – Tentacle Trap: By pressing right click, Hierophant Green will make its tentacles pop out of the ground. This move deals high damage and traps a player in place. This move is best used at Medium-Distances.

Ability Mode:

Left Click – Emerald Splash: Hierophant Green’s signature attack, it can be charged by holding left click to focus its spread. The Emerald Splash can be compared to a shotgun shot in spread and does medium to high damage, depending on how many projectiles hit the target. And yes, you can deflect the emerald splash.

Shift Left Click – Quick Barrier: By using Emerald Splash, this move places strands that, when made contact with, will bounce the target back and will shoot multiple emeralds at the target.

These strands disappear after 5 seconds, making it perfect for escaping tight situations.

Right Click – Hierophant Barrier: An improved version of Quick Barrier. By manually placing strands, you can trap your opponents. These strands are nearly invisible and if made contact with, shoot emeralds at your target. This move is great for fighting multiple opponents at once.

(Note: You can place a maximum of 50 strands)

Shift Right Click – 20 Meter Emerald Splash: This move makes every Hierophant Barrier you’ve placed fire off an Emerald Splash at the target.

(Note: This move is obviously weaker the less Strands that are up, so make sure to plan ahead)

Either Mode:

Passive – Possession: If Hierophant touches (the back of) another player, while in DoDoDo mode, the Stand can possess this person. However, if the User is damaged while possessing the player or if the User leaves the range of Hierophant Green, they’ll be forced to leave the body.

The User, while possessing another player can only attack people if the possessed player is not a stand User. This might be useful for distancing an attacker from you.

E + Right Click: Taunt: Makes the player say random Milf Hunter quotes.

Kiss From a Rose

Kiss From a Rose

Stand User: Holly Kujo

Destructive Power: Unknown

Speed: Unknown

Range: Unknown

Durability: Unknown

Precision: Unknown

Development Potential: Unknown

Kiss From a Rose is an Effect type Stand from Part 3 and belongs to Holly Kujo, she is Joseph Joestar’s daughter and Jotaro Kujo’s mother. Her Stand abilities and its name are currently unknown, and are merely a representation of how it would be like if Holly Kujo’s Stand hadn’t taken over her body.

Kiss From a Rose is a Stand proficient at healing players and allies alike while granting safety to its User and allies. The Stand gives the User 1500 health.

Left Click – Slow Spores: Creates a large bubble that slows down everything within it, including Stand projectiles, this move lasts 5 seconds.

Right Click – Extra Pheromones: Boosted Healing is granted to the affected player, this move lasts 5 seconds.

Reload – Rose Bud: Plants a Rose Bud that heals targets within its AoE, and is capable of stacking with other Rose Buds.

(Rose Buds can also be put on walls)

E + Space – Rose Wind: If the User finds himself near a Rose Bud while Rose Wind is active, it will propel them upwards, and such still applies to Rose Buds that have been put on walls.

Rose Bud + Slow Spores Combo: Rose Buds and Slow Spores can be used in tandem in order to replace Slow Spores’ Slow effect with Damage Decimation within the spore bubble.

Passive – Calming Pheromones: The User has passive slow regeneration, and anyone nearby will also be slowly healed.

Hermit Purple

As I anticipated…

Stand User: DIO

Destructive Power: Unknown

Speed: Unknown

Range: Unknown

Durability: Unknown

Precision: Unknown

Development Potential: Unknown

Hermit Purple 2 is an Effect Stand from Part 3, and DIO’s second Stand. While Hermit Purple 2 is the same as Joseph Joestars, DIO uses it much differently. It is the only Tarot Series Stand to share a Taro Card, representing Taro #9, The Hermit.

Note: Originally, DIO was planned to share every Stand with the Crusaders, however it was retconned early and DIO was left with two.

Hermit Purple 2 is an assist Stand to The World, and it shows, however his does not mean it’s a bad Stand. Its abilities revolve around gathering information and stunning enemies. This Stand is best used in tangent with another Stand that can offer offensive capabilities. Hermit Purple 2 gives the User 1500 health.

Left Click – Grapple/Mind Read: Grapple onto a Player and read their Mind, highlighting their teammates through walls for as long as they are grappled. Targeting a screen with a rendertarget material will show and follow the player furthest from you.

Right Click – Curse: Show the location of the last grappled player. This highlights them through walls for a short time, but can be used multiple times.

Reload – Mental Overload: Blind and deafen the player you are grappling for a short time.

Tower of Gray

You could be one inch away, pointing at me with ten guns… The ten bullets wouldn’t even touch my Stand!

Stand User: Grayfly

Destructive Power: E

Speed: A

Range: A

Durability: C

Precision: E

Development Potential: E

Tower of Gray is an Active Long-Range Stand who appears in Part 3. It’s user is Grayfly. a minor antagonist and the first enemy Stand User who doesn’t become an ally. It’s a Tarot Series Stand, representing Taro #16, The Tower, or the end of a journey and unexpected chaos.

Tower of Gray uses its immense speed to dispatch any enemies. It leaves the user defenseless, so it’s best used for reconnaissance and long-ranged attacks. Tower of Gray gives the User 800 health, and has a range of 1500 units.

Left Click – Tower Needle: Tower of Gray’s tongue extends out and attacks in a quick whipping motion. Headshots deal much more damage, and killing someone with a headshot will collect their tongue. The more tongues you collect, the more damage you deal, to a maximum of 15 tongues.

Reload – Targeting: Target a specific player. This is useful, as Tower of Gray’s speed can make it hard to control.

Shift – Speed Mode: Gain more Speed depending on how many tongues you have.

Right Click – Dodge: Tower of Gray vigorously shakes around, dodging all Stand Damage towards it. This doesn’t defend the user.

Silver Chariot

Non, non, non, non, non, non!

Stand User: Jean Pierre Polnareff

Destructive Power: C

Speed: A

Range: C

Durability: B

Precision: B

Development Potential: C

Silver Chariot is an Active Stand from Part 3, used by Jean Pierre Polnareff, who briefly battles the main cast but is defeated by Mohammad Avdol, and joins the group. Silver Chariot is one of the Tarot Series Stands, representing Taro #7, The Chariot, symbolizing War, Revenge and Victory.

Silver Chariot’s most notable feature is its Sword. It’s an incredibly fast Stand, faster than light itself, even able to overpower Star Platinum because of its speed. Silver Chariot is one of the highest damage dealing Stands. Silver Chariot is also the only Stand to include a split moveset in a split moveset, with its Armor Off changing its Ability Mode. Silver Chariot gives its User 1000 health, and has a range of 500 units.

Punch Mode:

Left Click – HORA HORA HORA!: Silver Chariot slices in front of the user at incredible speed, describable as a Stand Rush. This deals good damage and heavy knockback, but also adds a layer of defense, as it destroys some projectiles.

Shift Left Click – NAIVE!: Silver Chariot spins his sword in place, reflecting every projectile that comes his way, including the Emerald Splash. If you reflect Flames of The Magician, your sword ignites for a few seconds, setting those who make contact with your sword on fire.

Right Click – Slash Attack: Silver Chariot delivers three heavy slices, dealing medium to high damage. This attack is best used for zoning.

Right Click and Hold – Charge Dash: Silver Chariot charges for up to 3 seconds. Chariot will charge out, piercing any enemy in his path, dealing high damage. The range of the attack depends on the time charged. This attack can hit multiple enemies.

Ability Mode:

Left Click – Off Comes The Armor!: Silver Chariot sheds its armor, changing its Ability Mode moveset.

Armor On:

Passive – Armored Up: Chariot takes half the damage from all attacks. This is very useful, as it allows you to easily overwhelm Stands that rely purely on damage output to survive.

Right Click – Sword Shoot: Chariot fires his Rapier. The rapier will target enemies by bouncing off walls. Very high damage, but easily punishable as Chariot cannot attack without his sword. Best used to finish off a low health enemy.

Armor Off:


Passive – After-Images: Two afterimages stand by Chariot’s side, tripling the amount of damage he can deal. This can also increase Chariot’s defense, as there are three of them to reflect projectiles. This is still used best offensively as Chariot will take normal damage.

Right Click – Spin Attack: All afterimages cut wildly around the User, fending off enemies from all directions. Best used defensively or in crowd control situations. You won’t land an attack often against a Player, but is still useful to keep them away.

Shift Right Click – Triple Dash: All afterimages dash forward in a cone shape, dealing a Slash Attack. This attack is easier to hit than the normal Slash Attack, but also has much more coverage.

Either Mode:

E + Right Click – Taunt: Quote the Frenchman himself at random.

Dark Blue Moon

My Dark Blue Moon is king underwater.

Stand User: Impostor Captain Tennille

Destructive Power: C

Speed: C

Range: C

Durability: B

Precision: C

Development Potential: D

Dark Blue Moon is an Active Stand that appears in Part 3. The User is an Impostor Captain, who attacks the Crusaders and nearly kills Jotaro, demonstrating the power to kill every Crusader in the water, but is defeated by Star Platinum’s Star Finger. Dark Blue Moon is a Tarot Series card, representing Taro #18, The Moon, which symbolizes lies, betrayal and fear of the unknown.

Dark Blue Moon is a Close-Range Stand that is nearly defenseless on land. Its moveset relies around getting players into water, and once they are, demolishing them without a chance to escape. Dark Blue Moon is exceedingly powerful in the Ocean, able to beat any User unlucky enough to get pulled in. Dark Blue Moon gives its User 1000 health, and has a range of 500 units.

Left Click – Sharp Fins: Dark Blue Moon performs a chop that plants Barnacles on hit enemies. Barnacles will slowly drain the health of a person, and overtime they will lose more and more attack power. Enemies with Barnacles are pulled towards you, allowing you to pull enemies into the ocean. This ability can be used outside of water.

Shift Left Click – Water Blade: Dark Blue Moon sends a saw blade projectile that cuts straight to the bone. Deals high damage and homes in on enemies. This attack can only be used underwater.

Right Click – Water Blast: Dark Blue Moon sends out a powerful current that violently throws enemies away. If the enemy lands against a wall, they suffer high damage. Can only be used in water.

Shift Right Click – Water Pull: Dark Blue Moon creates a Water Current that violently pulls enemies in, leaving them vulnerable. Can only be used in water.

Reload – Whirlpool: Dark Blue Moon thrashes around the water, creating a massive whirlpool that sucks players in and throws them around. Dark Blue Moon’s scales are floating around the nearby water, slicing at any player inside the whirlpool. The whirlpool can only form in a body of water.

Passive – Underwater King: While Underwater, Dark Blue Moon and its User gain multiple buffs that make it a force to be reckoned with.

Enhanced Senses: Dark Blue Moon’s User can see up to five times further than the normal person in water. They can also detect anyone inside of the same body of water, highlighting enemies.

Enhanced Speed: Dark Blue Moon and his User are faster the deeper they are in the water. This can lead to some abysmal speeds.

Underwater Cutter: Swimming past opponents will cut them with your fins, dealing medium damage.

Regeneration: Dark Blue Moon and his User regenerate health every second while underwater. It’s not enough to rely on, but very useful during a fight.

Passive – Barnacles: When above or below water, after you take damage, any player near you is automatically attacked by your barnacles.

This is the ending of Garry’s Mod All gStands Guide guide. Hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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