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Welcome, visitors. In this guide, you will learn many Villagers, Needs & Houses Guide in the Foundation game. So we pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. We hope that this guide will help you.

Your villagers have needs that have to be met, otherwise they leave your village because they are unhappy. They can also rise up in status. Here I show you which needs have to be met and how the villagers rise up.

Villagers, Needs & Houses Guide

Needs of …
Serfs (status)
Water (well), Housing (house), Food (1 variety), Faith (church)

Civil (status)
Water (well), Housing (house), Food (2 varieties), Faith (church), Clothing (tailor)

Citizen (status)
Water (well), Housing (house), Food (2 varieties), Faith (church), Clothing (tailor), Luxury goods (monastery), Food (2 varieties)

Ascent from … to …
Newcomer to Serfs | wells + food
Serfs to Commoners | + houses + church
Citizens to Citizens | + Food (2nd variety) + Clothes
Citizens to happier Citizens | + luxury goods

Note: When your serfs ascend to commoners, they don’t immediately need a 2nd kind of food. Only from the moment you sell the food do you always have to provide it.

Note: As soon as you sell luxury goods to your villagers, they will consume more food! Greedy, I tell you.

Overview of my villagers
You will find the list of villagers at the bottom left. Here you have an overview of happiness, job, status (and more) of each villager. Here you can see the happiness of an individual and click on the villager to see more. In the villager window you have insight into the current needs, which jobs he already had and the corresponding level and you can follow the villager. You can also see where they live and work.

Which villager has which need?
At first it seems difficult to find out. You have the overall happiness of everyone and who is missing what, but who exactly is real detective work. Unless you find out that you can also move your mouse over the smiley in the villager list and see the happiness of each individual villager.

Where do villagers want to live?
By near markets, wells and churches. To find out where it is particularly beautiful, click on “Desirability Layers” in the lower menu bar and select “Residential area” to display the attractiveness. The attractiveness can be increased by decorations (bushes, trees, fences, etc.).

Residential buildings & their upgrades
Villager houses will be automatically extended later. If you want to prevent the upgrade of their house, because this costs you material, for example, you can deactivate the upgrade via the village information window (top left) as well as prevent the extension for density. The second means that the houses can easily accommodate more villagers (up to 4). The concrete upgrade also includes the appearance of the house itself, which also consumes materials.

In the game you can click on each house to see the expansion level and density. In a house with expansion level 1, up to 4 villagers can live in it with a density of 2.

If you have built decorative elements around houses, check the entrances after building a house. These will change as you upgrade a house, and the entrances may be blocked, preventing the villager from going home.

If the density is switched off, this only affects houses that have already been built. If you want to turn this off for all houses, you have to set the hook again from time to time and then take it out again. This will activate all houses for a short time, but then deactivate all houses (including the construction sites).

Build a house – material costs

Level 1 – 10 wood
Level 2 – 10 boards
Level 3 – 10 boards, 10 stones

What happens when villagers try to refill their needs?
The villager tries to satisfy ALL needs during this time. However, they only fill the needs that are actually on 0 (white bar). Therefore, it is important that all buildings are within a certain radius and the distances are as short as possible. The further apart the buildings are to meet the needs, the longer it will take the villager to fill the needs or become dissatisfied.

Interesting to know: If you create a large living area (green), the villagers do not necessarily go to the market/well around the corner, but also target other markets/well. You can make a green mark for each individual house, or in other words: make the mark so large that only one house fits in.

And how do I get new people?
Somewhere in Nirvana. No, fun. At first it takes a bit until newcomers join your empire. Through the overall happiness you can influence how fast new people come. Use the village information window, because it says when the new villager will come. There will always be 2 new villager, no more, no less. If you receive a message that new villager are joining you, it will take a few minutes until they have made their way (from the edge of the map) to your centre.

This is the ending of the guide. I hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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