Foundation Basics and Beginning Guide


Welcome if you are reading this guide. In this guide, you will learn many Basics and Beginning Guide in the Foundation game. You will learn how to play Foundation and you will find here how to not starve late game.

Foundation is a grid-less, sprawling medieval city-building simulation with a heavy focus on organic development, monument construction and resource management.

In this strategy/city-builder/economy simulation game, players must create a prosperous settlement as the newly appointed lord of a region untouched by man. Foundation puts the emphasis on the organic aspects of urbanism in the cities of old. Among other things, the engine provides the player with robust building tools, to create countless unique monuments that will seamlessly integrate into your settlement.

Foundation Basics Guide

This guide is, basically,  let you know a little, but more of them, you will learn only when you play yourself. So here are some tips in advance or for your next score.

Resource extraction
To be able to mine a resource, it must be highlighted in BLUE. To do this, use the brush in the upper menu bar on the right. Without this mark no resources will be mined. Stones and berries are endless resources and you can place as many buildings around them as you need (or find beautiful).

Build buildings
In the upper menu bar on the right click on the hammer and you will find the buildings that are currently unlocked.

Expand your territory
In the upper menu bar on the right you will find a map symbol which shows you unlockable territories. You can buy more territories for 500 gold. Note: each territory costs you 50 gold taxes, which you pay to the king. The taxes are deducted per week.

Soldier missions can be used to acquire free territories.

Revenue and expenditure
In the upper menu bar on the right you will find your current income and expenses under the coin symbol. At the top you can see the current week and at the bottom the previous week.

Saving, loading, settings
The last icon (far right) allows you to save, load, adjust settings, go to the main menu or leave the game directly. If you go to the main menu or leave the game, you will get the question: “Do you really want to leave us?”, so you have to answer.

Start Building / Start the Game
Your first game will probably not be your last. Why? You’ll have problems with food later and eliminate your mistakes in the next savegame. And you’ll do that again and again until it goes really well. There are also 5 maps to try out. Hill and riverbed are especially beginner friendly.

You start with a village center. Choose your starting area carefully and best with trees, stone and berries. You need the three materials at the beginning. Build a woodcutter’s camp, a stonecutter camp, a well and a gathering hut and wait until they are finished. Hiring workers in these buildings. You can read more about how to hiring them in the guide below. You let your villagers work a bit, then build a sawmill and a warehouse. And the rest will come by itself, by the ascent of the status of your villagers or unlocking new buildings.

This is the ending of the guide. I hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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