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Forgotton Anne is a seamless cinematic adventure with a focus on meaningful storytelling and light puzzle platforming. You are Anne, the enforcer who keeps order in the Forgotten Lands, as she sets out to squash a rebellion that might prevent her master, Bonku, and herself from returning to the human world.

In this guide,  we show all achievements in Forgotton Anne.

All Achievement Guide

The game is broken into chapters, which are not marked as you play, but once you complete the game, a chapter select option becomes available.

If you fail an achievement, you can try again by exiting to main menu and choosing “continue” to restart from the last checkpoint.

If you miss an achievement or memento entirely by passing the next checkpoint, you can try again after you complete the game, by using the chapter select. You don’t have to start the game from scratch.

The only achievement unlike this is Pacifist. To get this achievement, you have to complete the whole game without distilling anyone. The guide will point out tricky parts of the game where you might risk failing this achievement.

A few achievements are had by accumulating things throughout the game. The guide lists when you’re likely to unlock them. You might unlock them sooner or later, depending on how many steps you take, how many jumps you make, which mementos you pick up, and so on.

Chapter 1-1

Afraid of the Dark

After powering up your house, go back upstairs and turn on your bedside lamp


There are several points where you can fail this achievement, and the first is when the red scarf bursts in. The game gives you a tutorial on how to distil him. Don’t do that, instead walk up to him. After a couple of attempts, he will run away

Memento 1/26

Pick up the vase that the red scarf knocked over


Once you leave your house and go down the elevator, you can go left or right. Go right, and start talking to Pavil

Chapter 1-2


From where you get the wrench for Tiphany, open the door to the left, power the lights and sit down on the chair. Sitting here also contributes to the Quiet Observer achievement

Lonely Enforcer

From where you get the wrench for Tiphany, power the machinery to the right, go all the way to the right and pull the lever, revealing the Dummy. Use your arca to animate and distil the dummy a few times

Tower Hawk

You get this achievement once you’ve wing-jumped 100 times. You can get it as soon as you get your wings if you feel like jumping 100 times right now (takes about 5 minutes)

Memento 2/26

Wing-jump to the roof as soon as you get your wings. Follow the arrows to the left, jumping twice, and then drop down two sets of platforms. If you collected the previous memento too, you should get the Explorer achievement now

Chapter 1-3

Reluctant Helper

Struct asks you to fetch his CCU. Go back to the watchtower, take it off the desk and bring it to him

Memento 3/26

While going around the factory, you’ll find a button to push, which brings a lift down. Before you push it, go left and drop down the hole in the floor, there is a memento on the right

Chapter 1-4

Plot Thickens

In the train station, after talking to Pax, go into animavision and tap A on Pax, but don’t distil him. He’ll reveal a secret area with anima cylinders and memento 4/26. Avoiding distilling either Pax or Secti helps toward the Pacifist achievement

Chapter 1-5

Quiet Observer

Sit on all four benches in first train car. This contributes to the Quiet Observer achievement, but you won’t get it yet

Hide and Seek

As you come down from the upper deck of the train, divert the power and open the room to your right. Go left and Quill makes a run for it. Run after Quill and interrogate him. He gives you memento 5/26, and after the conversation you get the achievement

Memento 6/26

After you free Melewe and climb onto the top of the train, go right instead of left

Chapter 1-6


You get this for reading 10 diary pages. After talking to Amp, you should have 10 pages to read. Go to the diary view and flip through all pages

Memento 7/26

At the train station, follow signs to track 1, the memento is at a police cordon

Good Cop, Bad Cop

When interrogating the suspect, choose all the aggressive options (“You should!”, “If you don’t talk…”, “I know about Fig”, “We also found a wig”, “Fig is the leader!”, “I can protect you”, “You’ve been there, liar!”), then go outside and when Inspector Magnum asks if you need help, say “Yes”.

Note that this ruins your Pacifist achievement, so once you have this achievement, DON’T MOVE. Instead, exit to the main menu and continue the game, which will let you do the interrogation again, this time you should select all the kind options and the suspect will confess

Chapter 1-7

Stair Master

You get this for climbing 1000 stair steps. You should get it around about this chapter

Memento 8/26

On the wall between the Antiques shop and Barber shop


Listen in on 4 conversations between Forgotlings. Stay still and listen to the whole conversation

  • Just after the barber shop
  • In the first house you enter (Mrs Hue’s apartment is on the top floor)
  • After taking care of the shoe and mop, go to the right of the mirror and jump up (NOTE: to avoid failing the Pacifist achievement, during the shoe and mop argument you have to say “Shoe, no pointing fingers”, “The situation is extraordinary” and “We’re all scared”)
  • At the big sign for the theatre, go to the left instead of going down the stairs

Launch Site

Solve the optional puzzle door in the house with lights on the way to the theatre

Memento 9/26

After solving the Launch Site puzzle, climb to the top right

Memento 10/26

Just to the left of the staircase inside the theatre

Chapter 1-8

Millennium Actress

Interact with each of the three dresses at the back of the theatre

Quiet Observer

Sit on the sofa in the Scrappers elevator. This contributes to the Quiet Observer achievement, but you won’t get it yet

Detective Anne

Talk to all the forgotlings in the bar: the refrigerator (unmissable), the forgotlings playing cards, the two televisions, the forgotlings in the train carriage, the telescope, and the forgotlings watching the movie

Memento 11/26

In the bar, go left to a ladder with a guitar. If you have anima, stash it in the container beside the ladder before climbing it. Talk to the forgotlings playing cards, twice, then take their anima from the container on the skateboard. They will fight, and drop a memento

Chapter 2-1


When chasing Fig across the rooftops, don’t fall to the ground. It’s not a race, take as long as you want. Take the ladder on the right, as the one on the left falls down. When Fig drops marbles, use a wing jump to fly over the tower. You get the achievement when you’re clinging for dear life; if you haven’t gotten it at that point, exit to main menu and continue to try again

Memento 12/26

While chasing Fig, you will go down some stairs (the sign on the roof is “WINGS” backwards). Instead of going left, go right and jump off the balcony to the right, and keep going down/right.

Chapter 2-2


Get through the lost pieces without any of them attaching to you. If Anne says “Ew, get away!”, you failed. Exit to main menu and continue to try again

Memento 13/26

When you enter the first crawlspace, drop down into the darkness and the memento is to your left. If you’ve collected all mementos so far, you’ll get the Grab It! achievement

Chapter 2-3

Memento 14/26

In the rebel base storage area with Quill (unmissable), it’s on the left of the room

Memento 15/26

Once you remove your disguise and enter the maze of rooms, take the rightmost door, then middle door. The memento is on the left. After collecting it, exit to main menu and continue, so you can take a different route to get the Cartographer achievement


Once you remove your disguise and enter the maze of rooms, take the leftmost door twice, and then go right and ascend in the elevator (as drawn in your diary!)

Chapter 2-4

Memento 16/26

Upstairs in the room where Anne tells Fig she needs to check in with Bonku


When on the wagon with Fig, always pull your switch down just as Fig’s switch starts to go up. Keep doing this all the way to the Plant and you get the achievement. If not, exit to main menu and continue


Grab Fig’s hand both times he says “quick, grab my hand” – once when climbing walls, the second time on the transport system

Chapter 2-5

Memento 17/26

In the plant, there’s an annoying section where you have to jump up a large vertical column where green containers are descending. At the top, up some stairs, go to the left and there’s a ledge above you. It looks like a dead end, but it isn’t; you can climb up at the end and find a memento behind a hidden crawlspace

Chapter 2-6

There are no achievements or mementoes in this chapter

Chapter 2-7

Memento 18/26

In the white room, one of the actions you need to do at the bottom left near a ladder is the “pick up memento” action

Chapter 2-8

Memento 19/26

In the rebel base, at the bottom left where Broom is

Alma Mater

Revive all the forgotlings in the rebel base. This is also needed for the Pacifist achievement

Chapter 3-1

Memento 20/26

After a cutscene with a belt and boot, you go up stairs on the roof and then back down to the ground. Go all the way to the lowest ground, and there’s a memento attached to the street lamp. You’ll then need to exit to main menu and continue, to start again for the In the Lead achievement

In the Lead

After a cutscene with a belt and boot, Anne says “Over this way” (see first screenshot). You need to reach the platform shown in the second screenshot before Fig gets there. If Anne says “Are you keeping up, Fig?”, you did it. Otherwise, exit to main menu and try again

The way to do it is: climb the stairs, run and jump before the edge so you neither fall all the way down nor catch yourself on the opposing balcony, but instead splat yourself on the upper floor. Then run right to the thin staircase, climb it, run right and jump onto the balcony, climb into the balcony, climb over the railing and jump across to the other side and pull yourself up — before Fig reaches the same spot


When you fall into the room, say “I could revive him…”, and “I won’t revive him, then” in the ensuing dialogue

Chapter 3-2

Memento 21/26

After discussing your plan with Fig at the train station, don’t climb down the ladder, but walk past it, climb up and walk right

Hidden Thespian

Listen to Fig’s entire monologue before enacting the plan

Chapter 3-3

Quiet Observer

You finally get this achievement when sitting down on the couch in the VIP lounge of the train, with Inspector Magnum and Deputy Amp

Memento 22/26

When you distract Inspector Magnum and Deputy Amp, follow the Deputy downstairs to the left room. The memento is in this room

Chapter 3-4

There are no achievements or mementos in this chapter

Chapter 3-5

Memento 23/26

After you get the small locomotive to the tower, run all the way back left


To get into the tower when challenged by Tiphany, say “I’m on your side”, then “I’m sorry, Tiphany”

Old Friends

You get this automatically once you walk past Tiphany and talk to Fig

Memento 24/26

In the clearing at the top of tower’s ladder


Enter the balcony of your apartment (the top-left door)

Chapter 3-6

Memento 25/26

After you solve the puzzle door and enter the inner tower, you’ll talk to Fig. Go down the ladder here, and walk to the right

Memento 26/26 Upstairs and through the rightmost door in Bonku’s apartment. If you’ve collected all other mementos, the True Collector achievement will unlock

Chapter 3-7


In Bonku’s private study, read all 9 books on the bookshelves. One is slightly hidden; at the top floor on the right, at the back, there is a yellow ladder down to the middle floor


Defeat Tink without distililng her. This is needed for the Pacifist achievement. If you’ve been following this guide, you should answer:

  • What have you become?
  • Never give up on anyone
  • The truth always triumphs
  • No, there must be another way
  • Anne the Rebel
  • I want to understand you
  • I help those in need
  • No
  • Yes, I would


This finally unlocks just after the Empathic achievement, provided you didn’t distil anyone (what you did with Fig in front of Inspector Magnum does not count).

Chapter 3-8

There are no achievements or mementos in this chapter

End Credits

Remember Anne

This unlocks automatically after the credits.

This is the ending of the Forgotton Anne – All Achievement Guide. I hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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