Forager Magical Structures Guide

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Magical Structures

Inscription TableCrafting: Paper, Green Pigment, Purple Pigment, Sage Scroll, Builder Scroll, Druid Scroll, Wizard, Scroll, Miner Scroll, Demon ScrollWood, BrickInscription
CauldronCrafting: Bomb, Healing Potion, Wisdom Draught, Liquid Luck, Mandragora, Thunderstrike, Greedy Mixture, Ana’s Delight, Dragon Philtre, Bloodfury Cocktail, TransmutationFlower, Iron Ingot, BrickAlchemy
ShrineGives you two options out of a variety of temporary buffs every few minutesCrystal, Royal Steel, BrickFaith
Spirit CrystalCrafting: Great Skull, Spirit Orb, Death Rod, Storm Rod, Meteor RodCrystal SteelFroststrike


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