Forager Magic Skills Guide

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Magic Skills Guide

The Magic skill table.

MagicAllows you to find Faeries.
InscriptionUnlocks Inscription Table.
Novice ScrollsUnlocks basic level scrolls.
Expert ScrollsUnlocks expert level scrolls.
BrillianceGain 20% more XP.
AlchemyUnlocks Cauldron.
Novice PotionsUnlocks basic level potions.
Expert PotionsUnlocks expert level potions.
CombatUnlocks Basic Sword. Increases dodge chance by 15%
FaithUnlocks Shrine.
SpellbindBuffs last 50% longer. Gain XP when drinking potions and using scrolls.
ReagencyCauldrons and Inscription Tables.
FroststrikeAttacks have 50% chance to freeze enemies.
RenewalRecover energy when killing enemies.
SummoningShrines recharge twice as fast. Buffs last 50% longer.
TransmutationCan use Cauldrons to transmute Steel into Gems.

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