Forager Industry Structures Guide

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Industry Structures Guide

FurnaceCrafting: Coal, Brick, Iron Ingot, Gold Ingot, Steel, Royal Steel, Bread, Cooked Fish, Cooked MeatStone
ForgeCrafting: Coin, Key, Arrow, Bottle, Pickaxes, Bows, AmuletsIron Ingot, Brick
Sewing StationCrafting: Thread, Leather, Royal Clothing, Gloves, Boots, WalletsFiber, Wood, BrickSewing
Mining RodMines resources within its radiusSteel, BrickAutomation
Offshore DrillCrafting: Bottled OilSteel, BrickDrilling
Flower PressCrafting: Iron Ore, Gold Ore, Coal, Sand, Crystal, Steel, LandfillFlower, Steel, BrickMachinery
FactoryCrafting: Plastic, Fiberglass, Electronics, Droid, EMP Grenade, ObliteratorGlass, Royal Steel, BrickManufacturing
Power PlantBoosts production speed of nearby structuresGlass, Electronics, BrickPhysics
BallistaShoots nearby enemiesArrow, Wood, BrickBallistics


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