Forager Industry Skills Guide

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Industry Skills Guide

The Industry skills unlock items such as Glass, Royal Steel and Oil, which are vital in progressing through the game.

IndustryUnlocks Steel. Unlocks Glass. Gain XP when building Structures.
SewingUnlocks Leather. Sewing Station works 25% faster.
TextilesUnlocks Basic Boots. Unlocks Basic Gloves.
JewelryUnlocks Basic Amulet. Gems sell for 20% more coins.
CarpentryUnlocks Torches. Structures cost 25% less wood.
SmeltingFurnaces and Forges operate 25% faster.
CraftmanshipUnlocks Royal Steel. Unlocks Royal Clothing.
PhysicsUnlocks Power Plants.
MasonryUnlocks Braziers. Structures cost 25% less stone and brick.
MachineryUnlocks Flower Press
AutomationUnlocks Mining Rods. Crafted items collect themselves.
EngineeringUnlocks EMP Grenade. Unlocks Droids. Structures work 25% faster.
BallisticsUnlocks Ballistas. Bows shoot triple arrows.
DrillingUnlocks Offshore Drills. 25% to find coal when digging.
ManufacturingUnlocks Factory. Structures have a 20% chance to craft double items.
LasersMining Rods and Droids deal double damage.


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