Forager Economy Skills Guide

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Economy Skills Guide

The Economy skill table shows acquiring more coins through buying and selling items, increased production of coins and various discounts.

EconomyGain 40 Coins.
CoinageForges produce 4 extra coins every time.
TradeUnlocks Market.
CommerceItems discarded from your inventory are instantly sold instead.
StorageUnlocks Vaults.
BankingUnlocks Banks.
ArtistryCrafted items are worth 25% more Coins.
SupplyMarket sells more items.
OpticsUnlocks Lighthouse. Doubles light radius.
TreasuryBanks generate coins 50% faster when adjacent to other banks.
BargainReduces all Coin costs by 15%.
GamblingUnlocks Slot Machines.
ArchitectureStructures have double health. Structures cost 15% fewer materials. Vaults have more inventory slots.
LogisticsLighthouses Mining Rods, Power Plants and Ballistas have double area of effect.
ColonizationPurchasing Lands is 30% cheaper.
CapitalismGain XP when selling things.


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