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Are you a new player wanting to learn the mechanics of the Warden? Haven’t the slightest clue on how to play him, yet you want to play him anyway because of how he looks and feels? Well fear not, as this guide will explain all the nuances of Warden and what makes him unique. Advanced players also welcome!

Warden – The Basics

The Warden. He’s an easy vanguard capable of being effective in almost every situation, he’s one of the best heroes in the game at this moment. Using his shoulder bash mix-ups, he can become the master of the shoulder. Oh and he has his longsword, forgot about that.

To shoulder bash [SB] dodge and then use the guardbreak button quickly after dodging. Should the SB hit, it will guarantee a side light.

If the first side light hits, the second side light from the same guard will be guaranteed. Note that if you switch guard positions after the side light hits, your attack will not be confirmed. Also you have to do the second side light quickly after the first one hits.

If you end your combo with a top heavy, the attack will be unblockable, but it can be easily parried so its best to feint it into a guardbreak.

Pesky assassins always running away from fights? Dodge forward and press the heavy attack button to do a dash which will catch up to them and hit them. It can be used as an opener but can be easily parried.

If you’re chasing someone, sprint and press the heavy attack button to quickly slide to them and hit them. Be sure that you’re in range to hit them.

Guardbreak punish: Side heavy

Heavy parry punish: Side light into another confirmed side light. Just press the light attack button again once you see the first one connects.

Light parry punish: Top heavy

Out of Stamina throw punish when not near a wall: Throw forward, do your Valiant Breakthrough (the dodge forward, press heavy combo mentioned earlier) and then combo it into a side heavy.

Out of Stamina throw punish when near a wall: Make sure your guard is on the side the the wall is, e.g if the wall is on your left make sure your guard is on the left before you throw etc. Throw them towards the wall, side heavy into top heavy.

Out of Stamina parry punish: If you parry somebody that is Out of Stamina, they fall over. The punish for when you do this is side heavy into top heavy.

Warden – Advanced stuff

Most players can quickly read your basic mix-ups, its good to know the advanced techniques aswell.

If they start dodging your normal SB, you have 2 options:

1. Cancel the SB into guardbreak.

2. Charge the SB [hold the guardbreak button] A fully charged SB will guarantee a top heavy.

Warden’s zone is one of the safest zones in the entire game. Its fast, and you can combo into an unblockable top heavy or a side heavy. Use it alot. [It uses alot of stamina, so always check your stamina so you don’t go out of stamina]

Learn which heroes have dodge attacks. Most players when they see you using your SB will do a dodge attack as its invulnerable to guardbreaks and will dodge your SB. But if you cancel your SB most heroes will not be able to cancel the dodge attack, giving you an easy parry.

You can time your top light to parry your opponent’s top attack to do a Crushing Counterstrike. This move does alot of damage and it guarantees [ most of the time ] a second top light. Note that the timing for this move is different from a normal parry and may take practice to time it right.

You can delay your regular SB’s. You dont have to fully charge them and you dont have to instantly use SB. It will still only guarantee a side light, even if you’ve charged it for a long time but it can be useful against players who wait to dodge your shoulder bashes.

The charged SB has insane tracking, it even has hyper armor making it useful against early dodges or early dodge attacks.

If they start rolling your SB, then do an almost fully charged SB, feint it at the last second. Afterwards you can do Valiant Breakthrough which will catch their roll. Be careful not to use it too much or your opponent will start reacting to it appropriately and will parry / deflect your attack as it’s quite easy to parry.

Warden – Spliced

Your only moves are Top light, Zone and Shoulder bash. All other moves are irrelevant.

Edge walk at the end of every match, as this makes you look cool and intimidates your opponents.

Keep locking on and off of your opponent to run away and use your sprint attack. Its seen as a honourable thing to do, as its not annoying not even slightly

This hero is perfect for anti gank compilations, as he uses alot of skill. Pressing light and guardbreak every once in a while while switching targets is really difficult.

Warden – How a nolife plays

Meet Forks
He’s a rep 18-ish Warden and total rep 113. He’s played For Honor since Beta and probably knows wayyy more than me on how to play Warden. So from now on he’ll explain some high level with Warden.

What he said
I’ve played a lot of warden, and a lot of that consisted of me trying new things and finding new ways to use him other than vortexing. I’ve picked up quite a few ways on how to throw off your opponents and play Warden in a way that nobody else does.

My first tip for you is to be as unpredictable as possible. Now I know this sounds obvious, but when I say “unpredictable” I mean completely random. Do something consistantly, then do the complete opposite at complete random. Do things nobody would even think you’d do. Do things that make your opponent go “WHY WOULD HE DO THAT?!?!” They’ll hopefully be caught so unaware that you’ll be able to land whatever you did, or at least confuse them enough that you’ll be able to feint it into something else and land that instead. One way to acomplish this is to keep doing something really complex, then change to doing something extremely simple or something simple to doing something complex.

Here’s also a list of combos that I tend to do.

Parry > Double side light > SB > Feint the uncharged SB > Side heavy.

This’ll most likely catch them off guard, and net you a free heavy, as the heavy will swing into them as they’re dodging. If they dodge into it and successfully dodge it, they’ll probably try and guardbreak you. This is where your top heavy comes into play. As well as being unblockable, it seems to have a very small window to guardbreak it, which means that if they try and GB you they’ll bounce off. This’ll hopefully mean that if they dodge it and try and GB, they’ll just bounce off and take a 40 damage heavy. This isn’t always the case, though, so be sure to remember that they might actually manage to GB you during your incredibly tight GB window.

If they start waiting for you to feint it and try and parry the heavy, you can now simply feint into GB. If you’ve done the SB feint into heavy enough, they’ll expect you to keep doing it, and try and parry. Feinting into a GB will (hopefully) net you a guard break.
The trick here is as soon as they think they have you figured out, you switch back to doing a different variation of this combo. Hell, you can start making your own variations of it if you feel like it. You could feint the SB into another SB and feint that into a zone if you really want to trip your opponent up.

This one isn’t exactly a combo, but it seems to work well anyway. Something I like to do is do a move like a top light a lot of times in a row. If your opponent parries you, don’t worry. You’ll take some damage, yes, but then they’ll pretty much always expect a light. This is where you do a top heavy instead. They’ll try and parry a light, and you’ll land a 40 damage top heavy instead. You can do the same thing as the last combo, where if they start trying to parry the heavy instead you feint that into a gb/sb/light/whatever you want to do.

Extra tips!
You can massively delay your attacks, so you could do a heavy from far away, whiff, delay it by up to an entire second, then do your top heavy. If they tried to GB you during your first heavy whiff, you can catch them out with that second top heavy.

If you’re up against somebody who knows how to counter Warden, the first thing they’ll try and do is a top heavy feint. This is to try and bait your crushing counter-strike, and if you go for it they’ll parry your light and punish you. If you notice that they go for a seemingly random top heavy feint, or if they’ve baited you like this before, do a top heavy. Like the two combos I talked about, they’ll try and parry a light and get hit with a heavy attack instead. If you notice they expect the heavy attack instead, you know what you do? You guessed it, you feint the heavy into a move of your choice!

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