Field of Glory: Empires All Tier of Military Tips & Guide

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Field of Glory: Empires is a grand strategy game in which you will have to move in an intricate and living tapestry of nations and tribes, each one with their distinctive culture.

Set in Europe and in the Mediterranean Area during the Classical Age, experience what truly means to manage an Empire.

Expand your dominion through wars of conquest and make your culture a beacon of light, but be careful though. The risk of Decadence is not trivial. Many civilizations have collapsed for not having seen in time the signs of impending crisis. The older your empire, the more challenges will lurk in the shadows. Just expanding your borders without carefully shaping your form of government and culture won’t be the wisest of strategies.

All Tier of Military Tips & Guide

Tier I: Military

A general note on Military structures: Many offer an XP bonus or manpower or equipment discount to units created in the region. And it’s important to keep in mind that once regions are grouped into a province, all military production takes place in the provincial capital (the exception would be a province with a port-less capital, in which case a random coastal Harbour region is selected). This means Military unit creation bonus structures that find themselves outside a provincial capital are going to be severely depreciated as to their usefulness. Such structures would be good candidates for disassembly, in order to free up slots. It also goes without saying you probably want to avoid building such structures outside the provincial capital.


Cheap, with an XP bonus for ranged units. And it imports Wool. I like to build these in provincial capitals that offer special ranged Provincial units for construction. The Master Fletcher upgrade is awesome too (if you can get it).


Lots of Equipment and Needs Leather, you can build these in any region of a province and still get full value, as Equipment is gathered and pooled provincially.

Castrum Elephantidae

A National Wonder, so each country only gets one. The Ivory production is certainly a nice added feature; Ivory is Needed by the Temple of Zeus, and is a sweet Bonus for Trading Tents, the Trade House, Glass Works, Satrape Palace and the Sculpture Shop (and Koroplathos).

Castrum Equitatum

Another National Wonder, so choose it’s location carefully. The capital of provinces that makes a Light or Skirmisher Provincial Cavalry unit would be a solid choice.

Master Armorsmith

A very rare and very powerful upgrade of the Armorer. How it works is, you park military units in it’s region, and each turn, one unit chosen at random is given “Noric Steel Armor” and has it Defense stat buffed by +1. You’ll be able to see the buff in the unit description, with a “(+1)” notation next to the stat. It’s a National Wonder, so you only get one; choose it’s location wisely.

Master Fletcher

Another extremely rare Master structure, this one affects missile units only. One random ranged unit located in the region will be issued “Reflex Bows” (or the equivalent for slings and javelins) and have its Attack, Defense and Movement stats buffed by +1 each turn. This is a one-of-a-kind National Wonder upgrade of the Archery structure.

Stable Master

This super rare upgrade of the Stables provides “Thoroughbred Mounts,” and each turn buffs a single random cavalry unit station in the region by +1 Attack.

Mercenary Recruitment Center

A structure that lets you buy Mercs in the region or province, which are rated as medium infantry and medium cavalry. Note however that Carthage’s mercenaries work differently, and can be recruited in their appropriate regions regardless of this building.


Don’t expect too much from this structure; an army of medium size or above should be able to easily overwhelm its puny Urban Militia garrison with ease. But it will save you the embarrassment of losing a region to a roaming light cavalry force, so there’s that. It can also shelter damaged units from combat while your main army deploys outside.

It also upgrades to bigger and better things, so if there is even the remotest chance of enemy incursions or raids, this is probably worth a slot.


How much you want to prioritize these probably depends on how good your nation’s cavalry force pool is. If you have an awesome Heavy Cavalry unit to unlock, then of course you’ll want this. If OTOH you are, say, Rome and your cavalry kinda sucks, then why bother with these? Just absorb Cisalpina and recruit some top notch Provincial Celtic Cavalry instead. Note that you do not need the Stables to build a Provincial cavalry unit.

Training Ground

With zero slots, the Heavy Infantry unlocks,an upgrade and the XP bonus, there is really no good reason not to build one of these in every capital region, if you have no other option more pressing to build.

City Walls (Walls I)

A bit better garrisoned than the Palisade, but that’s about it. It does continue to upgrade at higher Tiers, however …

Weapons Depot

The increase in stockpile is nice. It is often advantageous to be able to build a lot of units in a single region in one turn, and the bigger stockpile allows you to do this.

Tier II: Military

Tier II Military structures are unlocked in a region by having at least three Military structures already present.


Has some nice improvements over its predecessor, but it is a bummer that this upgrade will cost you a slot (Training Grounds is zero slot). Still, if you are one of those nations with Manpower issues (like Carthage) you’ll probably want these regardless.

Castrum Cataphractae

Like the other Tier I ‘Castrums,’ this is a unique National Wonder (one per nation) so take care to place it in a region where you anticipate churning out a lot of Heavy Cavalry.

City Guard

A very situational build, designed for fortified cities you fully expect the enemy will try to assault. Three extra defending units isn’t too bad in such a limited frontage situation. But if no enemy army ever comes, then you just wasted resources on lost taxes and higher Decadence.

Coastal Fortress

Just try to conquer Rhodes or Syracuse if you want good first hand knowledge of what this baby can do … when combined with a Major Harbour and other defenses. Note that this “fortress” doesn’t actually add any wall levels to your defense, it just makes siege hits a whole lot harder to get and bolsters the garrison by one unit. It can also inflict effectiveness damage to blockading ships.

Military Store

A nice Stockpile, but the upkeep is a bit steep. The upgrade to Army Provisioner is interesting, if you are one of those countries chronically short on Manpower, however.

Siege Workshop

Like the Coastal Fortress, but not limited to coasts. It can also generate a healthy amount of Equipment via commonly available Cattle and Wool.

Solid Walls (Walls 2)

At Wall Value 2, walls are starting to become respectable here, making an enemy army think twice before hitting that assault button. But a large amount of appropriate troops (ie, non-Phalanx) can probably still storm it. Probably.

Large Walls (Walls 3)

At Walls Value 3 I am finally beginning to feel mostly secure from an instant assault by an enemy army just entering the region. Mostly.

Weapons Manufacture

With one wondrous exception (the Archimedes Workshop) this structure (and its upgrade) are the only ways you can produce the Weapons Trade Good. This makes the building hard to say no to when it appears, despite its huge cost. Celtic nations are particularly hungry for Weapons, as their ubiquitous zero slot Celtic Craftsmen use it as an Infra Bonus.

Tier III: Military

Tier III Military structures are unlocked in a region by having at least six Military structures already present.

Army Provisioner

An upgrade to the Military Store that imports Weapons, and reduces the Manpower and Equipment costs of new unit significantly. Expensive with a very high upkeep. If you are Manpower deficient like Carthage or Sparta this could help with your Manpower woes, but note that unit maintenance costs remain unchanged. It could also be useful in creating a lot of Heavy Infantry in a short amount of time, due to the Equipment discount.


An upgrade to the Weapons Manufacture that gives a Metal discount on new units. I’ve never run into Metal issues late game, so I’m not sure you’d ever want or need to upgrade to this (unless you’re aiming to build a Great Arsenal?).


Lots of additional defense capability as well as Equipment production, great for that region you are paranoid about losing. It can also deal up to 4 effectiveness damage a turn to besiegers.

Greek Fire Tower

And if the Fortress wasn’t enough to relieve your paranoia, there’s always this structure you’ve just unlocked. Combined, the Fortress plus GFT will add 6 Siege Resist and four additional defending units. It is also the only building that can deal effectiveness damages both to besiegers (soldiers) and blockaders (ships).

Max the Walls and add a Coastal Fortress and a Major Harbour, and I think it’s fair to say you’ve just recreated the medieval walls of Constantinople in classical times.

Military Academy

If you’d like to experience this structure in action on Turn 1, just play Sparta, they start with one. The Leader force pool bonus is not to be underestimated; getting dealt an excellent general is often the key to winning close battles.

Military School

Can only be built atop a Training Ground and Weapons, this structure costs a lot of money and gives a wide array of moderate advantages. It does lead to a “Great” structure, which has a +2 Leader force pool bonus and the extra Legacy gain such structures bring with them.

Urban Guards

And upgrade to the City Guards, giving an extra unit and slightly less Decadence. As with the City Guards, I’d rate this a highly situational pick, but if you’ve already built the City Guards I guess you’ve determined the situation applies. This also imports Weapons.

Massive Walls

This is pretty much the end of the line in Wall technology (except for the upgrade, which is a world wonder). If you want to do more, you can; see my musings above on the Greek Fire Tower.

This is the ending of Field of Glory: Empires All Tier of Military Tips & Guide. Hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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