Field of Glory: Empires All Tier of Infrastructure Tips & Guide

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Field of Glory: Empires is a grand strategy game in which you will have to move in an intricate and living tapestry of nations and tribes, each one with their distinctive culture.

Set in Europe and in the Mediterranean Area during the Classical Age, experience what truly means to manage an Empire.

Expand your dominion through wars of conquest and make your culture a beacon of light, but be careful though. The risk of Decadence is not trivial. Many civilizations have collapsed for not having seen in time the signs of impending crisis. The older your empire, the more challenges will lurk in the shadows. Just expanding your borders without carefully shaping your form of government and culture won’t be the wisest of strategies

All Tier of Infrastructure Tips & Guide

Tier I: Infrastructure


Good if Stone is around, meh if not. You could probably build this near Hills prior to having Stone, reasonably expecting either the commonplace Quarry or Clay Pit will come up soon to fulfill the Bonus.

Charcoal Pile

A bit of Infrastructure and Money, this structure produces Coal which is used by the Furnace, Weapons Manufacture, Forge, Arsenal, Great Arsenal and Great Forge to make extra Metal or Equipment. It is also a clever way to get Lumber out into arid and desert regions for Bonus purposes.

Clay Pit

Like the Quarry, this structure produces Stone and has a small Health penalty, but is not limited to Hills. Requires Public Works to be in place.

Copper Mine

Limited to regions with a Copper deposit, this structure will use that Trade Good to generate 5 Infrastructure and 7 Metal a turn for you.

Iron Mine

Limited to regions with an Iron deposit, this structure will use that Trade Good to generate 5 Infrastructure and 15 Metal a turn for you.

Lead Mine

Limited to regions with a Lead deposit, this structure will use that Trade Good to generate 10 Infrastructure and 4 Metal a turn for you.

Marble Quarry

Somewhat counter-intuitively, this structure does not produce Marble. It does use Marble as a Bonus good, however, and it is actually not great unless Marble is nearby. There are ways to discover new veins of Marble, however (see below).

Marble Vein

This is a rare structure unlocked by the Quarry. If it pops up I would definitely advise building it right away, as you may not get a shot at it again for a while. Marble is a very valuable Trade Good, Needed by the Noble District, and is an oft lucrative Bonus for the Marble Quarry, Oration Tribune, Large Quarry, Ceramics Works, Basilica, Thermes, Noble Gardens, The Mausoleum, Second Palace, Propylaea, and Koroplathos.

Public Works

One of the best structures in the game, I almost always build it the moment it pops up. Zero slots, 5 Infrastructure, land movement bonus, and it’s the prerequisite for a wide variety of very useful Commerce and Infrastructure buildings. Great for jump starting development in empty regions. And it upgrades to the even more incredible Regional Roads.


Like the Clay Pit, this Structure produces Infrastructure, Stone, and a small Health penalty, but it is limited to Hills. It can unlock the very valuable Marble Vein however. It’s upgrade, the Large Quarry, is only situationally an improvement.


Limited to the Forest, this is a more expensive Lumber maker than Wood Cutting, but with double the Infrastructure output.

Tin Mine

Limited to regions with a Tin deposit, this structure will use that Trade Good to generate 5 Infrastructure and 7 Metal a turn for you.


Good if Lumber is around, meh if not. You could probably build this near Forests prior to having Wood, reasonably expecting either the commonplace Sawmill or Wood Cutting will come up soon to fulfill the Bonus (so yeah, this is more or less the Lumber version of the Brickwork). Also unlocks Chariot units for those countries that use them militarily.

Wood Cutting

This is the main source of Lumber in the game, as it can be built everywhere except Arid and Desert terrain. Note that you need to have Public Works set up first.

Tier II: Infrastructure

Tier II Infrastructure structures are unlocked in a region by having at least three Infrastructure structures already present.

Builder Hall

A sizable 22% Infrastructure bonus for a moderate Manpower hit, which can eventually be upgraded to the Builder Guild (with it’s enormous 40% bonus).

Gold Mine

Sited on top of a Gold deposit, this will generate an astounding 50 Money a turn, and even more if Silver and Copper are nearby as well. Minor downsides include a slight Loyalty loss, and a Revolt risk gain.

Land Expansion

You’re basically using Infrastucture to build another slot, which is great because if you are invested up to Tier II Infrastructure buildings, then surely you are need of slots to have more room to spend your large Infrastructrure on. There’s a natural synergy at work here, which is why I always jump at the chance to build this. The only negative I see here is that the upkeep is a tad high.

Large Quarry

Probably the worst upgrade in the game. Without getting the Bonuses, why would you build this? The Quarry is Stone plus 10 Infra, and this is … Stone plus 10 Infra.

So you really need the Bonuses to make this even worthwhile. Marble you can possibly get from nearby natural Marble or a Marble Vein, but Sulfur might be tough. Sulfur is rather sparse, I have to say, and does not have a call-in structure. Good luck getting both. 225 Infra is a lot to spend for such a small increase, although admittedly since it is an upgrade, it won’t cost you a slot.

Regional Roads

The big brother to the Public works, it is needed for lots of things including all non-country-specific Tier III “Great” structures. Plus it will likely give your region its first permanent Trade Range increase. Combine that with the Commerce bonus and better road movement, this is pretty much a must-build for every seriously developing region in your empire. It is simply too good not to build, IMO.

This would be a good time to digress a bit on my personal overall building strategy for FOG: Empires (yours may vary, of course). Generally, I try to take advantage of provincial pooling of resources, and build my regions in each province with a particular specialty in mind. For example, an Open terrain region will become my Food producer, heavily lopsided towards Green structures. A Hill might be my Infrastructure region, a coastal region dedicated to Commerce buildings, etc.. My provincial capital is usually split between Health, Military and Culture structures.

I do start, however, by giving each of my regions some basic Infrastructure with which to build things. Specifically, I’ll build Public Works, plus two other Tier I Infrastructure establishments (it doesn’t really matter which). Now that I’ve unlocked Tier II Infrastructure, eventually Regional Roads will pop up, and I’ll build that as well. At this point, I’ve invested 2 slots into Infra buildings, freeing the remaining slots for my specialty (although I will try to build one Culture (Religious) structure per region as well, for Decision purposes).

Regional Roads are in essence the cornerstone of every region, allowing fast travel and superior trading throughout my empire.

Silver Mine

Sits atop a Silver deposit and spits out 30 Money a turn, even more with Gold and Copper in the vicinity. It has the same Loyalty and Revolt drawbacks as the Gold Mine.


Another structure for dedicated Infra regions, where it will almost certainly get the Stone and Lumber Bonuses.

Tier III: Infrastructure

Tier III Infrastructure structures are unlocked in a region by having at least six Infrastructure structures already present.

Builder Guild

And upgrade to the Builder Hall with a whopping 40% bonus to Infrastructure. Expensive as hell but probably worth it, IF you plan on building lots more stuff in the region or province. Requires Tools, but by this time, you’ll probably have some within Trade Range, somewhere.

Land Reclamation

The upgrade to Land Expansion, this is everything I said about its Tier II predecessor Land Expansion, except this is buying two slots instead of one.

Deep Iron Mine

An expensive upgrade to the Iron Mine. The thing is, I’ve never played a game where Metal supply was an issue towards the later stages, so, build this if you have nothing better to build? Although that Health penalty is kind of disturbing.

Large Warehouse

A large upgrade to the Warehouse (not much more to say, really).

This is the ending of Field of Glory: Empires All Tier of Infrastructure Tips & Guide guide. Hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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