Field of Glory: Empires All Tier of Health Tips & Guide

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Field of Glory: Empires is a grand strategy game in which you will have to move in an intricate and living tapestry of nations and tribes, each one with their distinctive culture.

Set in Europe and in the Mediterranean Area during the Classical Age, experience what truly means to manage an Empire.

Expand your dominion through wars of conquest and make your culture a beacon of light, but be careful though. The risk of Decadence is not trivial. Many civilizations have collapsed for not having seen in time the signs of impending crisis. The older your empire, the more challenges will lurk in the shadows. Just expanding your borders without carefully shaping your form of government and culture won’t be the wisest of strategies.

All Tier of Health Tips & Guide

Tier I: Health

A general note about Health structures: Don’t underestimate the power of Health. Health will not only discount you the Food cost of a growing a new population, but will reduce the number of bad random population events (i.e., epidemics) and increase the number of good population events (i.e., population boom) the region will get.

Clear Water

5 Health for free. Not even a slot cost. OK, a tiny maintenance cost. But otherwise, FREE! As such, it works great as a “shuffle” pick when you don’t want to build anything else, but unlike a real shuffle, you get something out of it.


Cheap structure that not only boosts Health, but gives a bit of Manpower as well. So cheap, in fact, that like Clear Water I often take this as a pseudo-shuffle pick when there’s actually nothing else good to build. As with all Health buildings, higher population regions will get the most benefit out of them, due to the Food discount for pop increases.

Master Herbalist

A very rare upgrade to the Herbalist, best built in conjunction with good Orchards and Delicacy Shops. It is also a National Wonder (each country can only have one).

Needs Drugs & Herbs however, a rather scarce good that may or may not be in Trade Range. If it is, then that’s great news! Drugs & Herbs are a Bonus for the Trading Post, Secret Cult, Fortune Teller, Physician House, Pleasure Mansion, and Perfumery.


A pretty decent structure, 5 Food AND 8 Health! And it helps distribute Salt around the map. Salt is a bonus for the Fair (or Stoa), Market, and Garum Shop.


8 Health and it upgrades to an excellent structure, the Tier III Sewers. The Sewers upgrade is unique in that it is a zero slot upgrade of a one slot structure, meaning the upgrade will actually open up a slot! Something to keep in mind when planning here.


Similar to the Salthouse, a solid 5 Food plus 8 Health and it helps distribute Cattle around your empire.

Swamp Draining

Kind of pricey for only 8 Health, it does every now and then unlocks the Tar Deposit in the Swamp region (see below).

Tar Deposit

A very rare byproduct of Swamp Draining, this Health structure is bit odd in that doesn’t actually provide any Health. It does provide some Infrastructure and the Trade Good Tar, which is a Bonus for the Hemp Field, Drydock, Shipyard, and others.

Tier II: Health

Tier II Health structures are unlocked in a region by having at least three Health structures already present.


An expensive yet powerful Health building, not only lowering the population growth threshold but increasing the local food production to get there, and leads to even more blockbuster Health structures.


Health plus Manpower at a reasonable cost, and upgrades to the much more costly Stadium.

Physician House

This is something you’ll likely want to place in a Massive Wall + Fortress region, designed to tie down large enemy forces in years of fruitless siege operations. So yeah, VERY situational. The Hospital would be even better suited in this situation, so you’ll probably want to upgrade as soon as you get the chance.

Preserved Foodstore

Like the Physician House, this is somewhat of a niche structure, especially tailored to servicing a large peacetime army camp region. The free supplies take the load away from the local peasants, giving them more real Food to grow with. And the upgrade Logistics Depot will do this even better. The free supplies extend to adjacent regions and ships in port as well.

Lastly, the many Bonus goods are not too hard to come by mid-game, typically giving this building a very nice Money income.

Public Baths

This doesn’t look too amazing, because of Decadence and the fact Perfumes tend to be hard to come by for the Bonus. But wait ’till you see the upgrade to this, the Thermes!

Wash House

Just a basic, boring 8 Health. Still, it’s quite cheap and thus useful if you’re trying to get to the Tier III Health structures quickly.

Tier III: Health

Tier III Health structures are unlocked in a region by having at least six Health structures already present.


The Hospital is the only non-unique structure that imports Drugs and Herbs, a hard to get natural Trade Good that’s a Bonus for quite a few structures such as the Trading Post, Secret Cult, Fortune Teller, Physician House, Pleasure Mansion, and the Perfumery. This alone makes it interesting. But it is also interesting for its ability to accelerate healing of damaged military units parked in the regions.


As I mentioned earlier under Sanitation, upgrading to Sewers will actually gain you a slot via the power of undergrounding. Sewers are also just about the only structure that Needs Lead, which is a Bonus for the Forge, Tools Manufacture and Arsenal.


And upgrade to the Gymnasium with proportionally higher benefits, plus a Conversion bonus thrown in as well. Note that many of these Tier III structures are beginning to include a -10 Money surcharge. But if you’ve developed your economy wisely, you should be able to absorb this.


The Rolls Royce of Health structures. A very expensive upgrade to the Public Baths, with superior Health, Loyalty, Bonuses and Decadence.

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