Field of Glory: Empires All Tier of Culture Tips & Guide

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Field of Glory: Empires is a grand strategy game in which you will have to move in an intricate and living tapestry of nations and tribes, each one with their distinctive culture.

Set in Europe and in the Mediterranean Area during the Classical Age, experience what truly means to manage an Empire.

Expand your dominion through wars of conquest and make your culture a beacon of light, but be careful though. The risk of Decadence is not trivial. Many civilizations have collapsed for not having seen in time the signs of impending crisis. The older your empire, the more challenges will lurk in the shadows. Just expanding your borders without carefully shaping your form of government and culture won’t be the wisest of strategies.

All Tier of Culture Tips & Guide

Tier I: Culture

I’m going to pass over the various capital administration buildings in this Guide: Tribal Council, King’s Residence, Imperial Palace, etc., because those tend to be built automatically by the game. Thus you don’t really need to worry about them when making regional construction decisions. Just be aware that you will see them in your capital regions, both national and provincial, as Culture (Government) structures, and they sometimes call in or use Trade Goods as a Bonus. So plan around them accordingly …

Black Market

A very rare (and expensive for a Tier I) offshoot of the Gambling Ring, the most alluring aspect of this structure is the “Illicit Wares” perk, which occasionally triggers random events in the region, for good or for ill. Great if you like surprises!

Cult Site

One of the three main Tier I Religious structures, the Cult Site IMO has an edge over the others in that it has an upgrade path. It also unlocks the Secret Cult, which is a nice little zero slot structure. Also nice is the conversion bonus, handy if the region has a different ethnicity than your own. Personally, I always try to develop my regions to have at least one Religious structure, so as to take full advantage of the ‘Gods of Old’ Decision when it arises. Religious buildings also decrease the odds of a region getting hit with a national disaster random event as well.

Fortune Teller

Another Tier I Religious structure. As I mentioned above, having at least one Religious building in each region is great for facilitating the ‘Gods of Old: Religious Ceremony’ Decision, as well as appeasing the gods to prevent natural calamity. Personally I prefer to wait for the Cult Site, but with Drugs and Herbs present a case could be made to take this one instead.

Gambling Ring

A nice Loyalty bonus plus scale-able income from the Tax bonus, the big drawback to this structure is the icky Decadence. It does lead to the rare Black Market, however, which can be entertaining. Probably best limited to your high population regions, where the Loyalty and Tax bonuses will actually do some good.


The description of this structure implies that the “lure” of the zero slot will lead you Decadent calamity, but “bah!” I say. The 10 Culture income should more than make up for the 0.25 Decadence. Keep in mind, accumulated Decadence decays at rate of 10% per turn, so, an 0.25 structure like this will tend to top out at 2.5 Decadence; 10 divided by 2.5 is 4, which is a healthy enough CDR to not lose any sleep over. IMO.

So yep, I fearlessly build these all the time! Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go swear in my horse as co-Consul …

Oration Tribune

One of the two Tier I (non-capital) Government building, the other being the Street Parlor. I kind of like having at least one Government building per region, so as to maximize the possibilities of certain Decisions (although this is not as important as having a Religious building IMO). Government building also help prevent a region from being hit with corrupt governor random events.

All things being equal, I prefer the Oration Tribune over the Street Parlor because the former has an upgrade path, and Marble is usually a much easier Bonus to obtain than Papyrus.

Pleasure House

Decadence plus a rather rare Bonus good, I would only consider this in regions that either are having or are heading to severe Loyalty issues. The upgrade to this (Pleasure Mansion) does “Need” Perfume, so that could be useful as a Perfume magnet if it’s near enough to import, I suppose.

Preceptor House

Ah, the infamous Preceptor House. Nothing better illustrates the divide between those rustic, western Celts and Italians who chisel crude words on stones and bronze tablets, and those urbane, educated eastern Greeks who effortlessly and effetely write their poetry and prose on fine parchment scrolls!

The structure is undoubtedly important for a couple of reasons: an upgrade path that will permit useful Science-based Decisions, and a LOT of early game Decadence reduction … hence you definitely WANT to build them. But it can be infuriating that those Egyptians and Seleucids are literally ROLLING in natural Papyrus, and can build these structures willy nilly … while everyone to the west of them must suffer sticker shock at the out-of-Trade-Range Papyrus costs. Unless you are playing Egypt or the Seleucids, in which case it’s kind of funny.

Secret Cult

A super rare Religious structure unlocked by the Cult Site, this will import Myrrh, so you’ll probably want Myrrh in Trade Range before you pick this. And Myrrh is great because it’s a bonus to the Temple, which the Cult Site upgrades to.

Other pros: Zero slots, 10 Culture, Decadence reduction, Drugs and Herbs Bonus and Loyalty! Cons: A Conversion penalty, and it turns into a pumpkin at Population 20.

Street Parlor

The other Tier I Government structure (non-capital), along with the Oration Tribune. I can only see building it if Papyrus was nearby, or I was really desperate for a third cheap Culture building to unlock Tier II structures.


Not only does this have a small Loyalty bonus and potentially great income via some common Bonus goods, but it helps move Wine around the map. Wine is a Bonus for the Fair, Pleasure Mansion, The Coliseum, Summer Palace, Circus, Racing Track, Palace Guard, Circus Maximum, Second Palace, Farmers Market, and the Druid Covenant: Fertility. OK, admittedly most of these are fairly obscure, late-game, ethnicity-specific and one-of-a-kind, but you never know …


Really expensive to build even considering it comes with a decent amount of Culture, it does upgrade to the even better (and four times costlier) Amphitheatre which can occasionally be useful as a Silk importer.

Worship Place

Not my favorite Tier I Religious structure (that would be the Cult Site) but I’d consider this instead if the Bonus goods Myrrh and Frankincense were present. But that does not happen often. It will of course help out during the Gods of Old religious Decision.

Tier II: Culture

Tier II Culture structures are unlocked in a region by having at least three Culture structures already present.


A very expensive upgrade to the Theatre, this is pretty good if you can actually pull in Silk. The idea here is, you build this near your textile commerce area, giving the Dyeing Mill and Clothing Manufacture there the Silk bonus. The Spinning Mills nearby return the favor by generating Cloth, earning you an extra 10 Money on top of the large amount of Culture the flat 15 plus 15% bonus gives you. Synergy!

It’s worth noting that the Amphitheatre (and the Greek Odeon) are the only structures that import Silk, and can also be used to draw Silk into Trading Tents and Noble Districts.


A little bit of Bonus culture, a little bit of Loyalty … and the only structure in the game (along with its upgrade, the Great Sanctuary) that imports Frankincense.

The Frankincense is the big deal here, because Frankincense is a natural resource that does not get produced by any other structure (except via an event-given Emporium). So if you want Frankincense somewhere else, you’ll need to use a Basilica to Need it over.

And you probably do want Frankincense elsewhere, as it is a Bonus for the Temple and its upgrades, the Perfumery, and the Trading Tents, among other structures.


This is why I like Oration Tribunes. They upgrade to a strong Decadence remover, that also lowers Revolt risk a bit. The only downside here is that this has no resource production whatsoever (and since it is an upgrade, the Marble Bonus from the Oration Tribune disappears as well).

And if you really want to impose law and order to stomp out Decadence, check out the upgrade to this …

Gambling Arena

The upgrade to the Gambling Hall with even more sin and Decadence, you only really want to build this if your population is large and your Loyalty low. In which case, most certainly build this … 12 Loyalty is huge.

Gladiator School

Pros: Gladiator trainees form 1 combat unit to defend the city from assault; massive Loyalty bonus.

Cons: -8 Money, 0.30 Decadence, -1 Manpower, increased Revolt risk (although the +16 Loyalty makes dropping below 50 Loyalty much less likely, so does this matter?)

And it imports Weapons, which is a pro or con depending on the availablity of Weapons. If I have Weapons, I’ll build this in my overpopulated, troublesome national capital, for the Loyalty bonus.

Noble District

Another structure that provides a large Loyalty bonus in exchange for a large Decadence penalty. The bottom line here is, if you want to create huge cities, you are going to have to pacify them with these, paying the price down the road in Decadence. How you deal with “down the road” is one of the things that makes this game so interesting.

Pleasure Mansion

Yet another structure that provides a large Loyalty bonus in exchange for a large Decadence penalty. An upgrade to the Pleasure House, this also has some common Bonus goods generating extra Money, and imports Perfume. The Perfume will come in handy as a Bonus if you have a Public Bath/Thermes in the region as well, which is not too unlikely as both types of structures are prime picks for large cities.


An upgrade to the Preceptor House with a bump up in Decadence reduction and a small Wax Bonus. It is also waypoint on the way to an Academy, of which it is great to have at least one of in your country, as that will unlock a very good science-related Decision.


A Science building like the Preceptor House and its upgrades, this structure also Needs Papyrus but instead of Decadence reduction, goes all in on Culture.


A pretty straightforward upgrade to the Cult Site, with strong Bonuses to Culture if you can manage to get Myrrh and/or Frankincense in or adjacent. The Conversion bonus is fairly strong too. On that subject: Because of the way the conversion mechanic works, sometime you need some sort of bonus in order to boost the ethnicity switch chance above 0% … which makes structures like this situationally very valuable.

Thalassan Temple

If you are on a coast, you might get a chance to upgrade your Cult Site to one of these nautical-themed temples instead. This could be very useful for importing Coral. On top of that, Fish is so plentiful the Bonus is almost assured. No help on local Conversions, but there is some Decadence reduction in its place.

Tier III: Culture

Tier III Culture structures are unlocked in a region by having at least six Culture structures already present.


The upgrade to the School, and an absolute Decadence slayer. Good Culture generation as well, plus is useful in certain science-based Decisions. And it upgrades to a “Great” structure. Needs Papyrus (of course).


Massive Loyalty increase in exchange for massive Decadence. Decent money too, but getting direct access to Wild Beasts may be difficult. If the +30 Loyalty is doing its job, you wont need to worry about the Revolt chance increase.


Unlocked by the Academy, the big selling feature here seems to be the zero slot. To be honest though, I’ve actually never managed to build one of these, so I’m thinking … there might be an easter egg event tied to this structure? I get that feeling from the structure description (I could be wrong, however).

Major Temple

A big upgrade to the Temple that Needs Ceramics. In fact, the Major Temple (and its Great upgrade) is the only Ceramics importer in the game. Ceramics is used as a Bonus in the Basilica, Noble Gardens, and all sorts of palaces and other empire-ruling structures. So, your national capital is likely a pretty good place to build this.


A big investment in slots (two!) but can generate a significant amount of Culture, and does draw in Myrrh for use in your Temples.

Noble Gardens

Potentially a good bit of Culture with the right Bonuses present, but with a significant Decadence problem. My thoughts on this are the same as those concerning the Monument: Take the Culture gain and divide it by the Decadence x 10 (in this case, 5) to see if the resulting ratio is reasonable enough to stomach this. It probably is. Unlike the Monument, however, this structure will actually cost you a slot.


Good all around crowd control stats and Decadence reduction makes this a fine pick for your more unruly urban centers.

Racing Track

A crowd pleaser similar to the Circus, with even more Decadence.


The upgrade to the Courthouse, with a nice bump up in Decadence reduction. The Revolt risk reduction is pretty strong too.

This is the ending of Field of Glory: Empires All Tier of Culture Tips & Guide. Hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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