Feed and Grow: Fish Tips and Tricks to be Pro

Welcome, guideoui.com visitors. In this guide, We try to focus on Feed and Grow: Fish Tips and Tricks to be Pro. This guide will show you how to be an expert on Fish Feed and Grow. If I forget any details that anybody might know that I don’t, please comment down below. While writing this guide, we pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. We hope that this guide will help you.

Feed and Grow: Fish Tips and Tricks to be Pro


Mods are things that improve things about a game. There are probably dozens I might leave out of this guide, but I want to talk about some of them.

First Mode: Deathmatch

The first mode that I’m going to talk about is Deathmatch. In Deathmatch, It’s pretty easy and fun.

You start out as an adult fish, and for the sake of this guide, lets use the Great Map and the bibos for example. So, you are a level one Bibos and are trying to search for food. Just eat the Barnicles (the pink puffy little balls that stick to the walls and the floor, and occasionally floating) and the starfish.

After your level 10, you can definitely hunt something small and buy a new fish. Oh, and that shoal of tiny little sardines you keep seeing? You don’t need to hunt those, just swallow them and you get a decent amount of heath points. Any questions?

DO NOT hunt the Mahi Mahis at level 10 or below. They will kill you if you’re under level 10.

Deathmatch is the fun mode because you can grow as big as the entire map, and more! The screen will shake and it will get super laggy if your level 500 or more. And keep in mind that other fish will try to hunt you more in this mode. I was a level 11 Bibos really far in the shallows when a mahi mahi attacked me.

Also, Deathmatch will not save your coins. Don’t get a crazy amount of coins and expect the game to save your progress. Your progress won’t be lost achievement-wise.

Second Mode: Survival

/ Survival mode is currently closed due to work in progress! /

If this news is old, please consult me in the comments section.

Survival is easy. It’s not as fun as Deathmatch, because everybody knows now that Deathmatch has the unfair advantage that allows you to grow as big as you please, survival is what I like to imagine as the beginner’s mode.

You start as a reef fish, but whats this? “I’M AN EGG?” You exclaim, TIME SLOWS AND THE FIERY DEVICE GLOWS WITH EVILNESS…

No, just kidding. But the answer to the first part was, of course you’re and egg, its survival! The computer even tells you this–press space until you hatch.

When you hatch, you are a very stupid-looking ‘fry’ that is in need of food. Just go for starfish and barnicles, preferably starfish-they give you more exp than barnicles. Sense you’re a reef fish, you only have 3 stages until adulthood awaits. When you do reach adulthood, to earn orange coin thingies you need to breed and have babies. Sounds weird, right? It gets weirder.

You have to now go and find another fish the same as you. Hit ‘Q’ to breed with your mate. After you get five babies, you can lay them. REMEMBER TO LAY THEM IN A SAFE PLACE WITH NO PREDATORS OF ANY KIND INCLUDING CRABS, OR ELSE THEY WILL EAT THEM. After you gave birth to ugly little things that you are forced to call children, you must feed them until they grow up.

After they ALL grow up, you now have coins! Now repeat that process until you have around 300 or 400 coins. And here is a weird fact; you CAN BREED WITH YOUR BABIES. Didn’t I just say it would get weirder? Yes, indeed I did. It helps, I guess. Just be thankful you don’t have to look for another mate that isn’t already related to you.

Also, Survivor Mode does save your coins. So, go out there and get as much as you want.
I know this is really long, but if you want to know the facts just push through it. Also, when you have enough, go be a cuttlefish or a Mahi Mahi. Those are strong predators and are very useful.

Third Mode: Crab Madness

Crab Madness is, in my opinion, the hardest mode you can play.

Remember that fun time playing as a Bibos and you and your gang were having a great time hunting crabs? Well, think about the crabs’ perspective. Wouldn’t it be impossible to live as a crab when every fish there is your enemy? Sharks, Bibos, and all those other predators will hunt you at there time and place of their choosing.

I haven’t played Crab Madness because its really buggy, but it seems cool. I would recommend if you were totally into challenges that included difficulty surviving as a poor helpless crab.

The Be-Anything-You-Want Mod

I don’t know the name of this mod, so lets call it the Be Anything You Want mod. The Be Anything You Want mod lets you be ANYTHING you want! You could be a Penguin, a Jellyfish, A seal, a Squid, and even the Octopus. (Again i’m using The Great Map for example) The’re plenty more, but I just mentioned a few. I’m not going to spoil the rest, but if you want to explore the rest of it, go ahead!

This is the ending of Feed and Grow: Fish Tips and Tricks to be Pro guide. I hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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