Fate Hunters is now officially released

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Fate Hunters is now officially Released

The game has received an important update. Check out what’s new:

Card Library – you can see all the cards that are in the game

New Keyword

Permanent – Card can’t be exiled.

New Content

Raider skill cards:

  • Ray of Destruction – Deal 1 damage to a creature for each 10 cards in your deck. If your deck has 50 or more cards, double damage from this card.
  • Soulthirst – Draw all Soul Stone from your draw and discard pile. If you have no Soul Stone in your deck, deal 2 damage to all creatures and you become possessed.
  • Souls Burst – Reserve. Can only be played if you have 3 or more Soul Stone in your deck. Deal 7 damage to a creature.
  • Devouring – Deal 3 damage to a creature. If your deck has 30 or more cards, double the number of Soul Stones in your draw pile
  • Shield of Darkness – Permanent. Gain a Shield. Exile the top card from the draw pile.
  • Corruption – Deal 3 damage to a creature. This turn, each time you exile a card deal 6 damage to a random creature.
  • Void Pact – Permanent. Restore 2 HP. This turn, cards can’t be exiled from your draw pile.
  • Magic Chains – Permanent. This turn, if you become possessed, you draw a card instead.
  • Bane – Deal 4-5 damage to a creature. If your deck has fewer than 25 cards you become possessed.
  • Offering – One Use. Exile the top card from your draw pile. If the exiled card is a Treasure increase your max HP by 2. Otherwise add a Raider Hand to your hand.
  • Devil’s Trick – Draw a card, then put a card from your hand on the top of your draw pile. This turn, your next played card with One Use doesn’t removed from your deck
  • Nightmare – Deal 1 damage to a creature. Exile a card from your draw pile, then increase this card’s damage by 1 (max. 10 damage).
  • Cunning Plan – Draw 5 cards, then put 4 cards from your hand on top of the draw pile.
  • Slice – One Use. Deal 6 damage to a creature. If you become possessed this turn add a copy of this card to your discard pile.
  • Eviscerate – Reserve. Critical Strike. Deal 5 damage to a creature. You become possessed.

Heroic skill cards:

  • Demonic Form (for Raider) – One Use. Deal 3 damage to all creatures. Restore 3 HP. Exile all cards from your hand and replace them with Eviscerate.

Item cards:

  • Whetstone (only for Berserker) – This turn, all your Weapon cards has a Critical Strike. Your next Weapon card is played twice.
  • Bloody Crown (only for Raider) – One Use. Increase your max HP by 3. Slightly increase chance to become possessed.
  • Soul Lantern – Treasure: 50. One Use. Increase your max HP by 1 for every non-summoned creatures killed this turn.

Balance Changes:

  • Blood Drinker buff: max. damage increased from 5 -> 7.
    Sword of Heroes buff: damage for each Heroic skill card increased from 2 -> 3.
  • Bane of the Meek re-work: Enchanted. Critical Strike. Reserve. Deal 1 damage to all creatures.
  • Dark Offer buff: add 3 Soul Stone instead 2.
  • Inferno buff: damage increased from 4 -> 5
  • Dark Flame buff: Now has Permanent.
  • Resurrection nerf: HP restore decreased from 8 -> 7.
  • Power cost reduced from 5 -> 3.
  • Tarot Chariot rework: When you deal 5 or more damage to one creature, stun a random non-boss creature. Activated only once per fight.
  • Tarot Lovers rework: Whenever you add a non-heroic skill card to your deck, add an extra copy. Reduce your max. HP by 2.
  • Tarot Moon added additional effect: Creatures cannot exile cards from your deck.
  • Tarot Empress added additional effect: If your hero dies, you only lose half of your gold (rounded up).
  • Tarot Strength rework: Damage from all weapon cards is increased by 2. Damage from all skill cards is decreased by 2 (damage can’t be reduced below 1).
  • Heavy Axe nerf: Deal 2 damage to a creature. If your deck has (25 -> 30) or more cards, deal 5 damage instead.
  • Runic Ring nerf: Restore 2 HP. If your deck has (25 -> 30) or more cards, draw a card.
  • Vengeful Spirit buff: HP increased from 1 to 2. Now has Ethereal.
  • Shadow Council buff: HP increased from 20 -> 22.
  • Raider (boss) buff: HP increased from 60 -> 66.


Fate Hunters is now officially and properly released.

You may think there isn’t enough content to justify it but the fact is, the game isn’t -exactly- ready yet, but it’s close. You have to keep in mind that the devs are strapped for cash. If you want them to continue working on the game, as I do, then you need to ask youtubers to play and promote it. Dakka and the team are going to continue putting out content post-release, but the speed and quality will be dictated by the currently very anemic sales.

Developers need money, especially indie developers with fewer than 100 reviews on Steam.

This is the ending of Fate Hunters is now officially Released guide. Hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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