Farming Simulator 19 – Sugarcane Guide

How to grow Sugarcane in Farming Simulator 19?

To grow sugarcane, a new crop in Farming Simulator 19, you need a whole set of specialized machines: all of them can be found in the Sugarcane technology tab in the Tools tab of the Store.

Cane planters.

To start playing, you need a suitable planting machine. There are three models available: Gessner Single / Two Row Billet Planer and TT8022 Drive-less. The differences are the capacity, and in the case of the most expensive model, the planting width is doubled.

A pallete supplementing the sugarcane planter.

Attach the planter to the tractor and fill it from a special pallet purchased in the Store. Important note: the field for planting sugarcane doesn’t require pre-treatment: cultivation or ploughing. You can sow it on the field right after harvesting another plant, or even directly on it (e.g. when it withers).

The simplest solution can be the best one: connect a cane trailer to a small harvester connected to a tractor.

When it comes to harvesters, you have limited choice:

  • CaseIH Austoft 8800 Multi-Row self-propelled harvester ($349,000) – you can attach a small trailer to it if you mount a hook. However, due to the large volume of cane harvest, it requires the help of a tractor with a semi-trailer running next to it.
  • Harvester attached to a tractor: Lizard SWT 7 ($45,000) – definitely a cheaper, but not a worse solution. By default, you attach the harvester at the front of the tractor and almost any semi-trailer at the rear. This allows the helpers to work independent for the most part. This machine is two times slower, due to the fact that the cane harvesting area is halved.

A much better option is the Lizard harvester (or two).

  • Sugarcane does not wither. You can plant it anywhere and leave it to be harvested later.
  • The cane grows back by itself – you don’t have to plant it again (except after a periodical ploughing).
  • Cane, like grains, requires ploughing (or use of a subsoiler) every 3rd harvest.
  • You can fill the planter with cane from the previous harvest, just like potatoes.
  • Cane crop volume per 1 hectare exceeds 150,000l, which at average market prices (medium difficulty) yields a profits of up to $40,000.

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