Farming Simulator 19 – Sowing and Planting Guide

Many seeders and planters have a large working area and do not need strong tractors to operate.

Sowing is a simple and (usually) quick action. Different types of tools are needed for different plants:

  • In the Seeders category you will find tools for sowing wheat, rye, rape, oats, soybean, grass and oilseed radish (natural manure).
  • In the Planters category you will find tools for planting corn, sunflower, soybean, sugar beet and cotton.
  • Potatoes and sugar cane have their own categories, and you will find the planters yourself (Potato / Sugar cane / Beet technology).
  • Poplars and trees are also subject to different rules. You can find a special planter in the Forestry equipment category, and detailed information about their cultivation can be found in the Woodworking industry chapter.

Each planter or seeder can be refilled in the Shop using relevant palettes.

Remember that the tools have to be filled from seed pallets beforehand. It’s a good idea to transport several pallets near the fields that you’re cultivating in order to have easy access to seed supply.

As a rule, grains can be sewn together with cultivation, as was mentioned above in the description of cultivators. Some planters can also be connected to e.g. power harrows, which act as cultivators. Trench plants always require plowing.

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