Farming Simulator 19 – Plowing Guide

Plowing is not always required – and rightly so, as it is the slowest and hardest task.

The first step is plowing. You can use a plow for this task. This is a very hard job and you need to do it with a powerful tractor. Luckily, Farming Simulator 19 also offers subsoilers – they are lighter, less demanding and cheaper; the only practical feature that distinguishes subsoilers from plows is that you can use the plows to create new fields or combine existing ones (on the parcels you own).

A plow leaves the characteristic even rows of soil in its wake

Plowing is not always required – in the case of common grains cultivation is often enough. Plowing is required when:

  • You want to change the type of crop (get rid of plants growing in the field);
  • Some plants require plowing before planting (e.g. potatoes, reeds and beets);
  • Plowing is recommended after each crop of maize, potatoes, beet and reed: if you don’t plow the field, the yield will be reduced by 15%.
  • If you play at balanced difficulty, plowing is required every third crop to maintain soil fertility (when you stand in the field, in the lower right corner you will see an info box – if the soil requires plowing, you will be informed in orange text). You will also see this information on the map: a field that requires plowing will be marked in red.
  • If you plow, you don’t need to cultivate – sow away!

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