Farming Simulator 19 – Lime Guide

By default (this option can be turned off in the game settings) Farming Simulator 19 requires you to periodically (every third crop) enrich the soil with lime. There are only two machines that can do it: Bredal K105 and its high-capacity model: K165. This is similar to standard soil fertilization; on the map the field requiring lime will be marked in blue. You must also use lime if you are creating new fields, expanding existing fields or combining two fields.

Spreading lime.

If you don’t use lime on a field that requires it, your harvest will be 15% lower. This stage does not fertilize the soil like fertilizer – it is an independent factor influencing the yield of the field.

You can fill the lime spreaders at the shop by purchasing pallets with lime. If you want to carry out this process faster, look for white markers on the map: arrows pointing downwards. In these places you can immediately fill the entire machine from large tanks.

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