Fallout 4 The Most Efficient Crops

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The Most Efficient Crops

This guide describes you the most efficient crops for achieving various different objectives. With quantified values for each crop, as well as general recommendations

Farming for personal food (Survival)

If you are concerned about radiation in the food you consume then the food crops in order of the lowest radiation percentage (rads per food value) are:

  • Mutfruit 25%
  • Razorgrain 40%
  • Tarberry 40% (only at The Slog)
  • Corn 50%
  • Melon 50%
  • Gourd 50%
  • Tato ~72%
  • Carrot 100%

In terms of (player character) food value produced per Settler allocated:

  • Tato 84
  • Corn, Melon, Gourd 72
  • Razorgrain, Tarberry 60
  • Mutfruit 48
  • Carrot 36

The food value is the same as the nominal cash value. So if you are growing food for local sale, the list above ranks the most productive cash crops. If you are ignoring radiation effects it also ranks the most effective food crops for local consumption.

If the food is not going to be used or sold locally, but is going to transported to be sold elsewhere, or transported to be eaten elsewhere, at any large scale you also need to consider the weight. In order of food value per weight:

  • Mutfruit 80
  • Corn 60
  • Razorgrain, Tarberry 50
  • Carrot 30
  • Tato 14
  • Melon, Gourd 6

While Mutfruit has the highest density of food value/cash value, bear in mind that it is 50% more expensive (labour-intensive) to produce as the next best crop, Corn. This means that Corn is probably the better crop item to transport for sale, once weight becomes the limiting factor in how much you can sell.

For personal food use (in Survival) while travelling, Mutfruit may be preferable despite being less efficient than Corn, because it has the lowest radiation percentage. But consider Mutfruit to be a “luxury” food, given the effort needed to produce it.

Settler food

Settlers ignore rads in food and are unaffected by food quality. However –
Allocate enough Tatos for your Settlers. They eat this food in preference. Providing 1 Tato production per Settler takes their food out of the equation and this allows you to plan rest of your crop production – the “profit” part – more easily.

Adhesive production

As this requires equal Tato, Corn and Mutfruit (in multiples of 3), but Mutfruit requires twice as many Settlers per unit, allocate Settlers in groups of 2 or 4: half working on Mutfruit, one quarter working on Corn, one quarter working on Tatos.

Remember also to provide and allocate one surplus water per 3 Corn/Tato/Mutfruit. Remember only 3/4 of excess water capacity turns into surplus water in the Workshop. So for every group of 4 workers assigned to adhesive crops, add ~5 water production capacity (exactly: 16 water per 12 workers)

Crop-based soup production

The two kinds of crop-based soups require Dirty Water, and this will be the limiting factor on production of these soups. In turn Dirty Water is rare at vendors, so your main source of it is by obtaining (and filling) empty bottles. As a result you will not be able to sustainably produce many of these items and it’s probably not worth having more than 6 or 12 of the relevant plants (Carrots, Razorgrain, extra Tato) planted for this purpose.

Other soups

Similarly you may want to grow small amounts of vegetables such as Gourd to support recipes like Radstag Stew. There is no point growing too much, as the limiting factor will generally be the other ingredients: meat, wild herbs, alcohol, etc. Remember to account for any extra water requirements.

This is the ending of Fallout 4 The Most Efficient Crops guide. I hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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