Fade to Silence Where to find NPC Survivors (Map Labelled)

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Where to find NPC Survivors

This tutorial will show you where and how to find NPC survivors you can recruit to your camp.

When you look on your map you will find several items within the explored regions. Some will show up as a deer’s head, house with a blue dot or start with a yellow dot below.

What you are looking for are the STARTS with YELLOW dots underneath. These will usually be special points of interest (POIs) that will enable you to free an NPC survivor, and later on recruit to your camp.

When you get to these sights there will usually be a corrupted/infested hive that you need to destroy in order to free the survivor. Hover, the survivor will be corrupted and WILL try to fight you. SO you need to fight him and knock his/her health down to about one quarter.

Once that happens the NPC will be on the ground wounded and will die quickly, very quickly… Unless you revive him/give him/her medical aid in time. Once that is complete you will be able to open dialogue with the NPC, followed by some small talk and decision talking as seen in the Witcher, Fallout or Elder Scrolls Online.

After the conversation is over you will be able to view his/her stats and with it strengths, skills and weaknesses and you can then decide to either recruit the individual to your camp, or leave.

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