Fade to Silence How to Save From Freezing (Shelters, Blizzard shelter)

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Fade to Silence How to Save From Freezing

This guide shows you where and how you can save yourself from freezing to death while exploring the map, hunting infected, or simply gathering resources.

You will see a “house icon with blue dot”. These will show you shelters that are close by.

When a blizzard or extreme cold weather events happen, you can travel to those shelters and take cover from a freezing death.

Make sure you always have enough resources available to craft a campfire,

or have a campfire handy, as you will need 1 campfire to fuel the fire within the safe house/shelter.

In those shelters, once the fire is on, you can then sleep through the storm, craft or cook.

See pictures below for temperature differences. Outside of the shelter during the storm it hit -16 degrees, while inside with fire on, it is positive 16 degrees.

When you are too far away from your base, this will come in handy, and might even save you from losing a life.

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