Fade to Silence Achievement List

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Fade to Silence Achievement List

Supernatural SuccorCollect three shards of the same type
My Wish Is Your CommandManually assign a task to a follower
The LooterRecruit Vic
Perfect ParryBlock an enemy’s attack at the very last moment
The Flesh Is WeakHunt a deer and harvest it for meat
Timber!Cut down a tree and harvest it for wood
Weather the ElementsSurvive your first blizzard
Self-Made ManCraft an item with your own two hands
The FlatsDiscover the Flats
For the HoardStore an object inside your refuge’s stash
Sheltered ExistenceHave your followers construct a hut in your refuge
Close the Gates!Have your followers construct palisades and a gate to protect your refuge
Mush!Rescue two wolves, construct a kennel and take your new sled for a spin
Manifold DestinyCollect three shards of each type
I Am CompleteCollect all shards
Memento MoriCollect all toys for Alice
Clean ConscienceCleanse the outposts in the Flats, Peaks, Prairie and Pit
RevelationCleanse the Wreck
InsightCleanse the Glare outpost to access the shuttle
RuptureBreak the cycle of torment
RevisionistDiscover both endings
RemembranceRecall all suppressed memories in your dreams
The InvestigatorRecruit Rhys
The UndertakerRecruit Jin
The SurvivalistRecruit Gani
The WarriorRecruit Tua
The SneakRecruit Ryme
The SniperRecruit Issa
The AlchemistRecruit Ezra
All the Lonely PeopleRecruit all potential followers throughout your lifetimes
Mushier!Get four wolves to pull your sled
Mushiest!Get six wolves to pull your sled
Make It SoHave an adept follower craft better items for you
A Gift From a FriendHave an expert follower craft the best items possible for you
Small TalkGain the trust of a follower and have them confide in you
Big TalkGain the full trust of one of your followers
True LeaderGain the full trust of all potential followers throughout your lifetimes
The PeaksDiscover the Peaks
The PrairieDiscover the Prairie
The WreckDiscover the Wreck
The PitDiscover the Pit
The GlareDiscover the Glare

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