F1 2019 Tires Compounds

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This is about the most important things in Formula 1!

Exactly, the Black Gold or even Pirelli mature!

There are 5 different tire types from C1 to C5.

Abbreviation meaning:

C1 = hard compound

C2 = intermediate mixture

C3 = soft compound

C4 = ultra-soft mixture

C5 = ultra mixture


Australia C2, C3 and C4

From Pirelli is the standard tire manufacturer in Formula 1 and that until 2022!

In a Grand Prix (GP) up to three different tires are offered, which means for example (hard, medium and soft). But one should never forget here, the tire compound varies depending on the hardness.

Each race weekend will be used up to 13 sets per rider, in Q2 will be driven with the fastest racing laps with the specific tire choice for the race.

F1 2019 Tires Compounds

Hard mixture (C1)

Technical information in short form:

maximum ease of use
Very low wear
Warming up the tires usually takes longer
Maximum load

Medium mixture (C2)

Technical information in short form:

Mainly designed for high-speed and temperature-sensitive routes.

Soft mixture (C3)

Soft mixture about 4 races were not used last year!


Technical information in short form:

A very good balance Durability as well as performance, but the focus is on performance.
This is a very good adaptable tire for tracks such as Monaco with challenging tracks or less demanding such as Monza.

Ultra Soft Blend (C4)

Technical information in short form:

Ultra Soft mixture is mainly used routes that are curvy and especially tight. For example, Monaco

warm-up, are very fast
Maximum power,
have so great declared a short life.

For the optimization of this year, you can also use it for some routes.

Maximum grip mix: P (C4)

Technical info in short form:

With this wonderful technology and high-end tires, you can get out with those the maximum grip as Max speed!

Warm-up, very fast
Maximum performance,
low life

Intermediate tires

The all-rounder!

This is a specific tire that is said to use light rain to dry soil!

The advantage for these tires is obvious: at about 300 kmh the tires can penetrate up to 30 liters per second.

So to be more precise, it is nothing more a mix between dry and wet tires.


The name is program, it is optimal for heavy rain can up to 85 liters of water per second at a speed of 300 km / h thwart!

Of course, bidders he also more grip with such a heavy operation.
Above all, one should also know that it is exactly 10 mm larger than a slick tire 🙂

This is the ending of F1 2019 Tires compounds guide. I hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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