Erannorth Reborn Modding Guide – Creating Custom Stages & Adding them to Game Modes

Welcome, visitors. In this guide, We try to focus on Erannorth Reborn Modding Guide -Creating Custom Stages & Adding them to Game Modes. While writing this guide, we pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. We hope that this guide will help you.

Creating Custom Stages & Adding them to Game Modes

Custom Stages 101

  • Each Stage Set is declared as a .json file and needs to be placed in ../Content/Stages or in ../Mods/[Your Mod]/Stages
  • Each Stage Set can contain up to 20 User Defined Stages, If the Game Mode contains more than 20 Stages, 21+ Stages will get procedurally generated
  • All .json files in the above folders will be loaded to the StagesDB, but will be used only if the Game Mode makes use of this Custom Set
  • You should always include ONLY one ‘DungeonEntry’ & ‘Boss’ nodes at Start & End of Stage
  • Killing a Boss is necessary in order to advance to the next Stage
  • Other nodes you can include are: Encounter, Elite, Camp, Intersection, CaveIntersection, BanditCampIntersection, DungeonIntersection, Town, Treasure, Event, Merchant or a Tale ID
  • Stage Nodes can have as value a Tale ID, the icon will appear as a questionmark but the chosen tale will trigger once visiting this node.
  • Since at this point the Environmental Graphics can’t be changed it’s advisable to use ‘Intersection’, and let the StageManager decide if this is a Cave, Bandit Camp or Dungeon
  • Inside the stages folder you’ll find a CStageTemplate.json file to use as a template, you are free to add as many nodes you like in each of the 20 custom stages, and use as many of them as you like in your Game Mode. i.e You may only want to edit & use the 3 first. In this case you can leave the Stages 4 to 20 as they are, since they won’t be used. But if your mod user decides to add extra stages in their run, nothing will break.


Adding your Custom Stages to a Game Mode

  • UseCustomStageSet:[Set name], if defined will use the Custom Stage Set named [Set name] instead of the vanilla procedurally generated Stages.
  • When using a ‘CustomStageSet’ in a game mode you should never set a ‘StartingStageLength’ and won’t make much sense to set a ‘StartingNode’.


Let’s see an example:

I will create a json file called Mortal Combat.json and place it in ../Mods/Raven’s Brew/Stages/, Raven’s brew is simply my Mod name. You can replace it with your Mod Name.

First line is the ID which should match exactly the filename:

“ID”: “Mortal Combat”

This is simply the name of the Stage Set. To use it specify in your game mode:

“UseCustomStageSet”: “Mortal Combat”

Now your Game Mode and your Custom Stage Template are linked. That’s all you need to do to connect them. Your Game Mode can otherwise modify your run as you see fit.

Continuing in my Stage template I need to specify 20 Stages. Simply copy paste the provided CStageTemplate.json from your Content/Stages folder and edit its values.

“*Thrown into the Arena”,
“*A Moment of Peace”,
“*Freedom is Near”,

The entries marked with asterisk (you don’t need the asterisk there, just to make them more visible here) are custom event id’s. DungeonEntry & Boss should always be present in Start & End. And Elite is an Elite encounter.

And there you have it. Your own custom adventure!

Custom PC Avatars

Editing Action Cards

Creating New Actions from scratch

Modloader.conf Comes in Play

Action Effects

Editing and Adding new Enemies

Archetype files for Classes & Races

Adding custom Classes & Races

The Mods Folder and Distributing your Mod

Creating New Game Modes & Adjusting Difficulty Settings

Adding Custom Perks to Core or Custom Races & Classes

How to Add new Events (Or Edit Existing Ones)

Chaining Events to create Short multi-outcome Stories

Modding the Sandbox Mode

This is the ending of Erannorth Reborn Modding Guide -Creating Custom Stages & Adding them to Game Modes guide. I hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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