Erannorth Reborn Modding Guide – Chaining Events to create Short multi-outcome Stories

Welcome, visitors. In this guide, We try to focus on Erannorth Reborn Modding Guide – Chaining Events to create Short multi-outcome Stories. While writing this guide, we pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. We hope that this guide will help you.

Chaining Events to create Short multi-outcome Stories

Even though there will be a better method for crafting short stories. You can already do it with little effort. Let’s see a hands on example¬†(Contains spoilers from an in-game Event).

This a single event spanning in 3 different .json files, as player’s choices can lead to potentially different outcomes. And only the first part is polled by the Tales system (“AutoIncludeInEventNode”: true)

Pumpkin Patch.json

“ID”: “Pumpkin Patch”,
“Requirements”: “Environment:Marsh, Level:3”,
“Unique”: false,
“AutoIncludeOnwards”: true,
“AutoIncludeInEventNode”: true,
“BackgroundGraphic”: “”,
“MainGraphic”: “Pumpkin Patch”,
“Title”: “You come across a Pumpkin Patch”,
“Narrative”: “It’s not further away from a wooden hut, so whoever lives in the hut is probably the owner of this patch.”,
“Choice_1”: “[Witch] ‘Borrow’ some Pumpkins”,
“Choice_1_Requirements”: “Class:Witch”,
“Choice_1_Outcome”: “There are plenty of pumpkins lying around, and they’ll rot if left unused. At least that’s what you decide to tell the owner if they caught you red handed.\n\nNone seems to notice though…”,
“Choice_1_Reward”: “RemoveChoice:All, Craft:Quality Pumpkin, Craft:Quality Pumpkin”,
“Choice_1_ExecuteFunction”: “”,
“Choice_2”: “Take a look around”,
“Choice_2_Requirements”: “”,
“Choice_2_Outcome”: “”,
“Choice_2_Reward”: “”,
“Choice_2_ExecuteFunction”: “Pumpkin Patch II”

This event will appear only on a ‘Marsh’ environment, after the player reaches level 3+.

We check if the character is a Witch. If so, the option to ‘Borrow’ two Quality Pumpkins is enabled.

Otherwise the player can move Onward (autoincluded) or Look Around. If they do look around we load the second file.

Pumpkin Patch II.json

“ID”: “Pumpkin Patch II”,
“Requirements”: “”,
“Unique”: false,
“AutoIncludeOnwards”: false,
“AutoIncludeInEventNode”: false,
“BackgroundGraphic”: “”,
“MainGraphic”: “Pumpkin Patch”,
“Title”: “You come across a Pumpkin Patch”,
“Narrative”: “There are plenty of pumpkins lying around, and they’ll rot if left unused. But as you consider your course of action you hear an angry voice yelling at you.\n\n’Get out of my patch! Pumpkin thief!'”,
“Choice_1”: “Sorry, I didn’t mean to trespass. I’ll just leave now…”,
“Choice_1_Requirements”: “”,
“Choice_1_Outcome”: “‘And stay out of my property!’ She yells furiously as you get more distance between you.”,
“Choice_1_Reward”: “RemoveChoice:All”,
“Choice_1_ExecuteFunction”: “”,
“Choice_2”: “I go and do as I please old hag!”,
“Choice_2_Requirements”: “”,
“Choice_2_Outcome”: “You can tell she isn’t pleased with your manners from an Astral Bolt passing a few inches from your head.”,
“Choice_2_Reward”: “Encounter:Mambo Acolyte – Lv 4, Encounter:Living Mushroom – Lv 3, Encounter:Living Mushroom – Lv 3, NextNode:Pumpkin Patch III”,
“Choice_2_ExecuteFunction”: “”

The witch will accuse the player of theft. If they play nice they can go away. Otherwise a rude response will lead to combat. The encounter is fixed an we fight against the witch and two living mushrooms. I could fetch a random retinue for her, but at this point this encounter feels more natural for the setting.

Now combat means the player will either win and live or die and game is over. So we only need a ‘Victory’ screen. We can safely turn the next node into a victory screen, as the only way for the player to visit that node is to actually live.

Pumpkin Patch III.json

“ID”: “Pumpkin Patch III”,
“Requirements”: “”,
“Unique”: false,
“AutoIncludeOnwards”: true,
“AutoIncludeInEventNode”: false,
“BackgroundGraphic”: “”,
“MainGraphic”: “Pumpkin Patch”,
“Title”: “Victory!”,
“Narrative”: “The Witch pose no real challenge and you prevail, but most of the pumpkins are now destroyed anyway.”,
“Choice_1”: “[Witch] Search the Witch’s Hut”,
“Choice_1_Requirements”: “Class:Witch”,
“Choice_1_Outcome”: “You help yourself in anything useful you can find in her hut. She can no longer object.”,
“Choice_1_Reward”: “RemoveChoice:All, Invoke:Witch, Invoke:Herbs, Invoke:Herbs”,
“Choice_1_ExecuteFunction”: “”,
“Choice_2”: “Search the Witch’s Hut”,
“Choice_2_Requirements”: “Not:Class:Witch”,
“Choice_2_Outcome”: “You search around in her hut but nothing feels particularly useful. Except perhaps a wooden chest in the east wall of the hut.”,
“Choice_2_Reward”: “RemoveChoice:All”,
“Choice_2_ExecuteFunction”: “Chest”

Here we are victorious, the pumpkins are gone but we can loot the Witch hut. Witches can find some more specialized treat. Whereas non witch characters can claim the contents of the chest.

And there you have it. Chaining of different “Tales” to create a simple & short choose your own adventure story.

The only thing you need to be careful, is to make sure that only the 1st part of your short story, aka the entry point (or entry points), can be polled by the event system.

That’s why part 2 & 3 are both set as : “AutoIncludeInEventNode”: false

Seems like a lot of typing but it’s mostly copy – pasting. The structure of all event json files is fixed. And in this example I am always providing only 2 choices + an automatic ‘Leave’ option (in parts 1 & 3), which simplifies things even more and only the fields we care about need to be filled with content.

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This is the ending of Erannorth Reborn Modding Guide – Chaining Events to create Short multi-outcome Stories guide. I hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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