Erannorth Reborn Modding Guide – Adding Custom Perks to Core or Custom Races & Classes

Welcome, visitors. In this guide, We try to focus on Erannorth Reborn Modding Guide – Adding Custom Perks to Core or Custom Races & Classes. While writing this guide, we pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. We hope that this guide will help you.

Adding Custom Perks to Core or Custom Races & Classes

Similar to cards & enemies, a ModLoader needs to be aware of the Perk Databases in order to load them. Perk DB files should be located in /Perks (Either in Content/Perks or in Content/Mods/[Your Mod]/Perks) and can be declared in any ModLoaderUser file.

So for the sake of this example let’s use the Mods folder and create a new Mod directory:

I’ll just call my mod [Raven’s ER Addon], you can call it whatever you like 😉

/Content/Mods/Raven’s ER Addon/

in it I will created a ModLoaderUser.conf file and add these two lines:

>> Perks

Then I’ll go and create this file in my favorite text editor inside the folder /Perks

/Content/Mods/Raven’s ER Addon/Perks/PerksDB.Imba.tdb

Perks in the PerkDB are declared in 3 lines:

Strong, 50
You gain +1 Strength & deal +1 Bludgeoning Damage.
Strength:1, ProficiencyBludgeoning:1

first line:
Perk Name, Perk XP cost

second line:
A plain text description of the perk

I don’t generate the description from the effects, to allow for more creative freedom and also because I suspect things will get pretty complex on what perks can do down the road. So describe the perk in any way you like.

third line (a comma separated list with the effects that can be as long as you like within reason):
effect:value, effect:value

These are the effects you can currently use:

Strength:x, Agility:x, Resilience:x, Intellect:x, Willpower:x, Charisma:x
Increase or decrease an attribute by x

HP:x, AP:x, Hand:x
Increase or decrease HP, AP or Handsize by x (be reasonable with how many perks can increase the Handsize)

Proficiency[Damage Type]:x & Resistance[Damage Type]:x 
Increase or decrease a Damage Type Proficiency or Resistance.

Damage Types are: Slashing, Piercing, Bludgeoning, Fire, Air, Water, Earth, Astral, Light, Dark & Poison. So you can use ProficiencySlashing:x, or ResistanceAstral:x etc.

AddDiscipline:[Discipline] & RemoveDiscipline:[Discipline] 

These keywords can give or remove disciplines from the Player.

ie. AddDiscipline:Mystic, RemoveDiscipline:Mercenary will give the Player the Mystic Discipline but remove the Mercenary Discipline. Now the player can find only Mystic cards in merchants & grimoires but not Mercenary cards, even if before they could

Disciplines determine the cards you can find, so losing or adding disciplines don’t change your class or your skills


This keyword can permanently alter how any numerical card effect is treated by the player.

i.e ModifyEffectDefend:-1, In all cards with Defend value, the Defend value is now -1 point less.
i.e ModifyEffectConcealment:20, All cards that provide x% Concealement, now provide 20% more concealment etc.

So now that you created your PerksDB file, you only need to assign them to the Classes & Races.

Archetypes & Classes .json files are expected either in Content/Archetypes or in Content/Mods/[My Mod]/Archetypes in Races & Classes folders respectively. You could add them of course in any of the core races or classes as well.

You can see how to create and edit archetype files in a previous section, so let’s discuss the text block that is missing from there. This is how the core Animist perks are declared:

blah blah,
“Earth Magic Training:2”,
“Blunt-Weapons Training:2”,
“Earth Magic Expertise:4”,
“Blunt-Weapons Expertise:4”,
“Earth Affinity:5”,
“Earth Magic Mastery:6”,
“Blunt-Weapons Mastery:7”,
“Earth Conduit:8”

blah blah,

You can check out the whole file here: \Content\Archetypes\Classes, but basically you just add these lines inside the PerksTree section:

“Perk:Level that Unlocks”,
“Perk:Level that Unlocks”,

And that’s it!

You now know how to create new Perks and assign them to Core or Custom Races & Classes.

Adding Custom SFX to Action Cards

Adding your own SFX to Action Cards is really simple.

First you need to create your mod folder and place all your audio files under Audio/SFX

They can be either WAV, MP3 or OGG files. But you do have to use a separate Mod directory for this, and not the root of the Content folder.

i.e Content/Mods/[Your Modname]/Audio/SFX

Name your files either with a Number ie. 1.wav, 2.wav, or if you plan for each card in your set to have separate audio files with the card names. i.e Devastating Critical.wav, Myrtul’s Unholy Blast.wav etc.

Then in the card declaration add the UserAudio flag.

Example 1:

Lionheart, Soldier
Echo:99, Damage:9999, UserAudio:1, Tier:5, Element:Slashing

In this case, I need to name my audio file either Lionheart.wav or 1.wav. If I plan to use the audio file many times, 1.wav will make sense, as the Card name is unique.

Example 2:

Devastating Critical, Soldier
Damage:2500, Quad:100, UserAudio:1, Tier:5, Element:Slashing

can then use the same audio file.

While perhaps:


Myrtul’s Unholy Blast, Warlock
Damage:400, Chain:50, Tier:1, Element:Dark, UserAudio:2

Could use the audio file named 2.wav, or Myrtul’s Unholy Blast.wav. But if you want it, not to use 2.wav, then make sure that this file doesn’t exist, while the one with the card name does.

And that’s it really.

0187 Revision – SFX Modding Additions & Improvements


  • Enemy Attack, Impact, Death SFX & AI Response sounds can be changed by modders.While declaring the Enemies you can use AttackSFX:[Soundfile], ImpactSFX:[Soundfile] && DeathSFX:[Soundfile].Sound filename doesn’t have to be a number.

    i.e AttackSFX:ZombieMoan, ImpactSFX:BludgeoningImpact, DeathSFX:ZombieDeathCry

  • AttackSFX will play on attack start, ImpactSFX on attack impact & DeathSFX on enemy death. These Audio Files should also be located in ../Mods/[My Modname]/Audio/SFX
  • Currently core Enemies play only the Impact SFX and by default is their Damage Type i.e Bludgeoning. You can override all default Impacts of a type ie. all Bludgeoning impacts by providing a Bludgeoning.wav file.
  • You can override all special actions Effects i.e. the Gallop AI response, by providing a Gallop.wav file etc.
  • Card Activation Effect can now be set with the new and more versatile ActivationSFX:[Soundfile] which doesn’t have to be a number & it can also use internal resources.i.e ActivationSFX:Poison will look for a file called Poison.wav (or mp3, or ogg) and play it each time the card activates.
  • Clicking an enemy on the gallery will also play its AttackSFX file (which by default isn’t set)
  • Clicking a Card in Card Collection will display a larger artwork + the uncut version of the Card text & play its SFX impact sound, whether its internal or custom.

Custom PC Avatars

Editing Action Cards

Creating New Actions from scratch

Modloader.conf Comes in Play

Action Effects

Editing and Adding new Enemies

Archetype files for Classes & Races

Adding custom Classes & Races

The Mods Folder and Distributing your Mod

Creating New Game Modes & Adjusting Difficulty Settings

How to Add new Events (Or Edit Existing Ones)

Chaining Events to create Short multi-outcome Stories

Creating Custom Stages & Adding them to Game Modes

Modding the Sandbox Mode

This is the ending of Erannorth Reborn Modding Guide – Adding Custom Perks to Core or Custom Races & Classes guide. I hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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