Erannorth Reborn Modding Guide – Adding custom Classes & Races

Welcome, visitors. In this guide, We try to focus on Erannorth Reborn Modding Guide – Adding custom Classes & Races. While writing this guide, we pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. We hope that this guide will help you.

Adding custom Classes & Races

Now that you know how to create new Actions & Editing Archetype files creating new Custom Races and or Classes is as simple as declaring it in the ModLoaderUser.conf below your other entries so:

>> Races
>> Classes
Blood Mage

If you’d like a custom icon for your race, you can add it in

Otherwise the fallback icon will be used.

Naming your Actions database as CardDB.[ArchetypeName].tdb will automatically load it in game each time the player chooses to play as this class or race, but you can also preload it by declaring in it ModLoaderUser.conf

Finally your Race or Class .json file needs to be placed in the corresponding folder in …/StreamingAssets\Content\Archetypes\Classes or …/StreamingAssets\Content\Archetypes\Races
If an Archetype file already exists there ie. you want to make Golem a playable race, just edit the file and define the initial equipment, starting deck, and skill tree actions. These fields will only affect the PC characters.

Example: Let’s create a new race Squirrelfolk!

a) Place a Squirrelfolk.png icon (256×256) in …\StreamingAssets\Content\CustomArtworks\Archetypes
b) Duplicate an existing json file, ie the Human.json file, and name your copy Squirrelfolk.json
c) if it was a Class you had to make sure that at the very least it has a main weapon equipped, and a starting deck, but since its a race all fields are optional. Of course if you don’t make any edits you’ll end up with a Human, which beats the purpose…
d) Now that you created your Archetype template, since it’s a race, place it in …\StreamingAssets\Content\Archetypes\Races
e) Put all your Squirrelfolk actions if any in a CardDB.Squirrelfok.tdb file and place the file in
f) If you don’t have a ModLoaderUser.conf create one in (…\StreamingAssets\Content) and/or add the following lines:

>> Cards
>> Races

And you are done, the next time you open Erannorth Reborn, your new Squirrelfolk race will greet you in the Character Creation menu!

Now you may have noticed that the Core Races & Classes are declared differently:

>> Core Races
>> Core Classes

The main difference between Custom and Core Races & Classes, is that the Core races are Setup to use internal icon resources, to support unlocking, achievements and appear in Card Collection. Therefore adding any new races in those fields won’t work. What you can do with the Core Classes & Races is:
a) Change their Unlock cost to another number or Set it at 0 to remove the restriction entirely
b) Remove the Classes & Races you don’t like to clear up space for a more customized experience or a total conversion mod.


All Classes & Races can also ‘inherit’ Cards from any other Class or Race. The Cards an Archetype can find & use are now declared in the ‘Disciplines’ section for the archetype. In practice this means that Custom Class & Race Archetypes can now inherit Cards from other Classes & Races.

For example let’s say you want to make a Succubus race, but you’d like to be able to also use the core Demon Cards. Now you can do that by defining Disciplines:


This means that your new Race will be able to now find & use Demon cards as well, but won’t be gaining Mastery in Demon Race. You only gain Mastery in your Race & Class. In this case in Succubus & whatever class you choose to go with it.


Additional (individual) Actions can be added on Archetypes using the AdditionalActions:[] section in Archetype.json.

i.e AdditionalActions:[
“Smite Evil”

This is useful in the cases, where you don’t want your custom archetype to inherit an entire discipline, but a few handpicked actions.

Enforcing Gender Restrictions

Perhaps is something you want in your mods or not. And it’s up to you whether you use it. But it does make a lot of sense in a supernatural world: Succubi & Nymphs according their lore are females for example while Incubi & Satyrs are male only etc.

So if you want to gender lock certain classes and races now you can.

  • Use “RaceGenderRestriction”: “Female” or “Male” To restrict a race archetype
  • Use “ClassGenderRestriction”: “Female” or “Male” To restrict a class archetype
  • Don’t add, remove this line, or set the gender to “” to allow using this archetype regardless of gender.

Custom PC Avatars

Editing Action Cards

Creating New Actions from scratch

Modloader.conf Comes in Play

Action Effects

Editing and Adding new Enemies

Archetype files for Classes & Races

The Mods Folder and Distributing your Mod

Creating New Game Modes & Adjusting Difficulty Settings

Adding Custom Perks to Core or Custom Races & Classes

How to Add new Events (Or Edit Existing Ones)

Chaining Events to create Short multi-outcome Stories

Creating Custom Stages & Adding them to Game Modes

Modding the Sandbox Mode

This is the ending of Erannorth Reborn Modding Guide – Adding custom Classes & Races guide. I hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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