Erannorth Reborn Modding Guide – Action Effects

Welcome, visitors. In this guide, We try to focus on Erannorth Reborn Modding Guide – Action Effects. While writing this guide, we pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. We hope that this guide will help you.

Action Effects

As we already discussed, to create new actions you combine pre-existing effects in new ways.

Lets see them all in detail:

A number 1 to 5. Declares action Tier. This in turn determines, how many Upgrades the card has and when we unlock it. i.e Tier:2

A flag to describe that the action is an Equipment. Equipment is handled differently than normal actions: it needs to be equipped and can be used once per turn.
When declaring equipment is also obligatory to declare its Slot: 0 for Main and 1 for Offhand.

In Example:
Silver Dagger, Hunter
Damage:1, Silver:2, Persistent:1, Slot:0, Actions:1, Tier:1, Element:Piercing

A flag that can be used with summons, and specify that there can be only one such summon, and that the said summon never expires. (It can still die from damage)

In Example Hunter’s Wolf:
Wolf Companion, Hunter
Unique:1, Uses:1, TotalUses:1, Summon:Cardname, Power:3, Health:6, Lifespan:15, Actions:0, Element:Piercing

Primal:1 & CountAsPrimal:1
These flags are used to describe that an Action is Primal and deals Damage or counts as Primal.
While in a Wildform every non-Primal Action is discarded from the player’s hand. Additionally Primal deals +1 damage for every other Primal Action that was used before it.

In Example:
Feral Strike, Lycanthrope
Primal:3, Bleed:1, Actions:2, Tier:1, Element:Slashing

First Feral Strike will deal 3 damage, Second in same turn 4 etc.

In Example:
Howl at the Moon, Lycanthrope
CountAsPrimal:1, Amplify:2, ExtendAlly:2, Actions:2, Tier:3, Element:Slashing

Howl at the Moon will not get discarded when the player is Wildshaped, all his other non-Primal actions will.

Uses:x & TotalUses:x
Action is permanently removed from deck once used x times.

in Example:
Fire Oil, Hunter
Echo:2, Imbue:Fire, Amplify:2, Uses:2, TotalUses:2, Actions:2, Tier:2, Element:Fire

Fire oil can be used only twice. So I draw it, i use it, goes to discard pile. Drawn all my cards, draw Fire Oil again, use it a second time. Poof! its gone from Deck.

Element:[Damage Type]
The Action will deal this type of damage. Damage types in Erannorth Reborn are: Slashing, Bludgeoning, Piercing, Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Light, Dark, Astral & Poison. in Example the Fire Oil above will deal Fire damage.

Split:[Damage Type]
Half of the Action Damage is converted to the new damage type.

In Example:
Cat Claws, Lycanthrope
Primal:1, Damage:3, Bleed:1, Persistent:1, Slot:0, Actions:3, Tier:1, Element:Slashing, Split:Piercing

Half damage counts as Slashing & Half damage counts as Piercing (is reduced by a different enemy resistance)

To define a summon, you either use a predefined type or use Cardname as value.
These are the values S accepts:

  • Skeleton
  • Zombie
  • Maggots
  • Boar
  • Wolf
  • Bear
  • Sabrecat
  • Lion
  • Spirit
  • Witch
  • Lesser Demon
  • Lesser Vampire
  • Lesser Shadow
  • Werewolf
  • Cardname

Additionally a summons always needs to have a PowerHealthLifespan (maybe Unique) and optionally a quantity declared as Qty.

in Example:
Beta, Lycanthrope
Unique:1, CountAsPrimal:1, Summon:Wolf, Power:8, Health:16, Lifespan:5, Actions:4, Tier:4, Element:Earth

Beta is a Unique Summon, that never expires (even though Lifespan still needs to also exist there) with Damage threshold 4 to 8 & Health 16.

Call the Pack, Lycanthrope
CountAsPrimal:1, Summon:Werewolf, Qty:3, Power:6, Health:12, Lifespan:5, Actions:9, Tier:5, Element:Earth

Call the Pack, summons 3x Werewolves each with Power 6 & 12 Health for 5 rounds.

If a summon is defined incorrectly the card will instead display: [Error] Invalid Summon Template! so you can see that something is wrong and fix it 😉

Deal x damage to Target. [of type defined by Element]

Damage is increased by Player Proficiencies & Card Evolution so for example:
Silver Dagger, Hunter
Damage:1, Silver:2, Persistent:1, Slot:0, Actions:1, Tier:1, Element:Piercing

Deals (1 + [Player’s Piercing Proficiency] / 2) to (1 + [Player’s Piercing Proficiency] ) Damage.

Imbue:[Damage Type]
All your next Actions gain Split:[Damage Type]

in Example:
Holy Water, Hunter
Imbue:Light, Amplify:1, Uses:5, TotalUses:5, Actions:2, Tier:2, Element:Light

Half of the Damage of all following actions (this turn) deal 50% their normal damage type, and 50% light damage.

ExtendAllies:x & ExtendAlly:x
Increase the lifespan of all allies or of target ally by x.

StrengthenAllies:x & StrengthenAlly:x
Increase the power of all allies or of target ally by x.

FortifyAllies:x & FortifyAlly:x
Increase the health of all allies or of target ally by x.

Destroy Target Ally, then gain (or lose) life equal to its remaining Health +/- x.

In Example:
Lunar Madness, Lycanthrope
CountAsPrimal:1, Echo:4, FortifyAlly:1, StrengthenAlly:1, ExtendAlly:-1, Actions:4, Tier:3, Element:Earth

For 4 turns or till expires, Target Ally gets +1 Health, +1 Power & -1 Lifespan.

Deal x unresistable damage.

Draw x cards from your deck (or up to hand limit)

Create and Draw x new Random card of the same Archetype or Race as this card. (or up to hand limit)

In example:
Moondance, Witch
Invoke:2, Summon:Witch, Power:3, Health:6, Lifespan:3, Actions:3, Tier:2, Element:Astral

Moondance will create up to 2 Witch Cards, which you will draw in your hand, and then summon a Witch with Power 3, Health 6 & Lifespan 3.

Player will gain +x XP.

While Target exists, if this Effect is active: reapply all other Action effects on Target for x turns.

In Example:
Simulacrum, Witch
Echo:2, Defend:6, Focus:1, Actions:4, Tier:3, Element:Astral

This turn, and the two next turns, gain Defend +6 & Draw 1 extra card.

there is x% chance to receive a <i>temporary copy</i> of this Action after use it. Each time x is permanently reduced by 1.

in Example:
Foresight, Witch
Focus:2, Replicate:35, Actions:2, Tier:1, Element:Astral

You draw up 2 Cards and then you may get a free copy of Foresight back.

Non Undead Target loses x life and you gain x life.

Drain Soul:x
If Target dies from this Action restore x HP and gain (a fixed) Empower of +2.

If Target dies in the next x turns, they reanimate as a Zombie Ally, (as per the Reanimate Necromancer Action.)

Sneak Attack:x
Multiply your damage by x, if you are concealed. After attacking your concealment is lost.

Multiply your damage by x, if your target is Vampire, Lycanthrope or Monster.

Deal +x damage, if the target is Undead, Spirit or Demon

Destroy Target Spirit or Demon with current HP less than x

Destroy Target Undead with current HP less than x

% chance to damage an additional target. Or the same target.

Deal +x more [Damage Type defined by Element] or x less damage if x is negative.

In Example:
Unclad, Witch
Echo:2, Defend:-4, Amplify:2, Focus:1, Actions:2, Tier:1, Element:Astral

This and in the next 2 turns, lose 4 Defend, but you deal +2 Astral Damage and Draw an extra card.

You either grow claws if non Lycanthrope, or assume your hybrid form if Lycanthrope for x rounds. During those turns, you keep only the primal actions your draw, and you gain 2 claw attack cards.

Desecrate:x & Consecrate x
Create a circle of Darkness or Light for x rounds that deal [Tier] damage or heal [Tier] hp.

In Example:
Exhume, Necromancer
Desecrate:2, Doom:2, Actions:1, Tier:2, Element:Dark

Create a circle of darkness that last 2 rounds. During those Undead heal 2 hp, living lose 2 hp. If your originating target dies they reanimate thanks to the Doom effect.

You absorb x damage or receive x damage more from the next damage source.

While Stunned, Target can’t Act (Undead & Golems are immune to this Effect)

While Entagled, Target has 50% chance to lose their Turn.

While Bewitched, Target attacks your Enemies or inflicts self harm (Undead & Golems are immune to this Effect)

While Weakened, Target’s Damage is reduced by 1 per counter (down to 1).

While Vulnerable, Target receives +1 extra Damage per counter.

While Frozen, Target can’t attack & Loses 1 HP per counter.

While Bleeding, Target Loses 1 HP per counter (Undead & Golems are immune to this Effect).

Improve all Action effects in relation to x.

Deal x damage of [Card Damage Type] and Weaken enemy by x/2.

Target has x% chance per missing HP to instantly die.

Deal x Damage of [Card Damage Type] to all enemies

Double, Triple & Quad: x%
x% chance to deal double, triple or quad damage

Enemies attacking you this turn receive x unresistable damage

Target (You or Ally) gains x life, or you lose x life if x is negative.

You restore or lose x AP.

You have x% chance to avoid attacks this round. (Having concealment can also trigger sneak attacks.)

Fatigue increases or reduces your Fatigue by x. (Actions cost increase by 1 for every fatigue point, and once fatigued, each action increases fatigue by +1)

Festering x: 
If the Target is Bleeding, Festering Wound deals x Intense Damage to them.

Resist[DamageType] x
Give the Caster resistance to a specific DamageType x, till the end of turn
i.e. ResistSlashing:2, ResistPiercing:-2 will give +2 Slashing Resistance & -2 Piercing Resistance till the beginning of your next turn. (Effect debuffs after all enemies attack).


  • Action will Clone itself, then target & affect every enemy separately. (Replicate, Echo & Multicast effects aren’t copied.)
  • Exact wording is: Multicast (All). & detailed description: “This Action Targets & Affects (separately) all Enemies.”


  • Action will Clone itself, then target & affect the x first enemies separately. (Replicate, Echo & Multicast effects aren’t copied.)
  • Exact wording is: Multicast (x). & detailed description: “This Action Targets & Affects (separately) the first x Enemies.”

Notes for Modders on Multicast: 

  • Multicast Actions have effect only if the resolved target is an enemy. Players will receive any beneficial/harmful effects automatically each time the Multicast action clones. i.e [Multicast:3, Damage:3, Defend:3] can damage up to 3 targets for 3+ Damage & the player will receive up to +9 Defend (Adjust beneficial effects accordingly).
  • Multicast Cloned Actions don’t cost any additional AP to the player. (Adjust the initial cost accordingly.)
  • Multicast Actions will gain an additional +1 XP each time they clone. i.e 3 XP for 2 Targets etc leveling up much faster, but the Multicast effect itself won’t increase when a card levels up.


Additions in Dev. Build 0192


  • The next action you play this turn gains Effect:x. Effect can be any keyword except Echo, and will resolve according next action’s evolution / empowerment.
  • Value x displays with a *, because we are not in a position to know the next action & how it will evolve this value.
  • Example1: SynergyDefend:3, next action gains Defend:3, but if next action is Level 2, this value will receive a +2 bonus giving you Defend +5.
  • Example2: SynergyRetribution:-3, next action gains Retribution:-3, but if next action is Level 1, this value will receive a +1 bonus giving you Retribution:-2.
  • The bonus effect is gained even if it didn’t exist before in the action, if it does it modifies the existing effect by x.
  • More than one instance of synergy can be present in an action:
  • Example3: SynergyFocus:1, SynergyMeditate:-2, next action gets both effects: draw 1* card and lose -2* AP.


Additions in Dev. Build 0193


  • Discard:x => Discard up to x Cards at Random.
  • Explode:x => If target dies from this Action, each other enemy suffers x intense damage.
  • Greed:x => Target suffers +x damage + 1 for each card in your hand.
  • Gluttony:x => You (or ally) restore +x HP + 1 for each card in your hand
  • Wrath:x => Target suffers +x + Your retribution damage. Debuff Retribution.
  • Sloth:x => Target suffers +x damage + 2 for each card in your hand. Discard your Hand.
  • Envy:x => Target suffers +x damage +1 for every Hit Point you are missing.
  • Lust:x => Bewitched Enemies suffer x Intense Damage + 5 for each Bewitched enemy damaged before them.
  • Pride:x => Enemies with Power less/equal than x lose HP equal to their Power (Power = Max Damage)
  • Sacrifice:x => Lose x HP. Target suffers +2x Damage.
  • ReactivateAlly:1 => Reactivate Target Ally
  • Merge:1 => Discard all Actions with the same name. Gain +3 Empower for each Action discarded this way.
  • Spellcraft[Cardname]:x => Create & Draw x [Cardname]
  • EnemyBane[Race]:x => If Target is of [Race] deal +x Intense Damage to them

Custom PC Avatars

Editing Action Cards

Creating New Actions from scratch

Modloader.conf Comes in Play

Editing and Adding new Enemies

Archetype files for Classes & Races

Adding custom Classes & Races

The Mods Folder and Distributing your Mod

Creating New Game Modes & Adjusting Difficulty Settings

Adding Custom Perks to Core or Custom Races & Classes

How to Add new Events (Or Edit Existing Ones)

Chaining Events to create Short multi-outcome Stories

Creating Custom Stages & Adding them to Game Modes

Modding the Sandbox Mode

This is the ending of Erannorth Reborn Modding Guide – Action Effects guide. I hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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