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Wolfenstein: The New Order

Endurance II achievement requires you to kill 5 enemies in less then 10 seconds with a mounted off turret. I’ll show you a perfect place where to obtain not only this but also other perks.

The place I found is in Chapter 12: “Gibraltar Bridge”. In the starting part of this level you’ll have to make your way towards a particular train wagon after the train itself derailed and the bridge partially collapsed. At a certain point you will find yourself crossing a wagon assigned to the Panzerhund trasportation and you’ll have to get to another wagon using a steel beam between the two. Before crossing the beam you will gain a checkpoint: this will be our starting point.

Place description

If you stand on the beam you will see that the wagon has its roof torn off; also you can see on the left top corner a sniper rifle, but we will take it later (IMG A).

Two important things must be done in order to successfully get the achievement: 1) move carefully around so you won’t trigger the enemies and take damage before time 2) replenish as much as possible life and armour points, and of course ammo. Immediately after crossing the beam you will find yourself in front of the entrance of the wagon. Going on the left of the train on the bridge won’t give you anything so just don’t (for now). Enter the wagon: below the stairs on the right you will find a 25 points body armour (IMG B) while on the left on the back of the seat you will find 2 small medikits (20 life points each one).

Now crouch and go to the first floor using the stairs: as you can see there is an automatic turret on the nearest wagon on the left: at this distance it won’t attack you but it must be destroyed before advancing further: you can use the rocket launcher of the rifle that you found for the first time in game in this chapter (IMG C).

Now that you are on the first floor of the train you can take the sniper rifle and 10 spare ammunitions. After you took everything useful remain on the first floor and go to the front of the traIn while crouching and just hide behind the last seat on the right: take a look around using Alt button + W to study the situation: there is a Ubersoldat walking on the bridge in front of you and 6 normal soldiers in the windowed wagon far away from you (IMG D).






To get the achievement you need the MG 60 from the Ubersoldat, so it must be the first and only one to get killed with normal weapons. If you got all the upgrades for the LKW weapon, you will be able to kill it in 3-4 shot at hard difficulty. Kill him while it is as far as possible from the entrance of the windowed wagon and, most importantly, after it has reloaded it’s gun (it stops shooting and bends forward): in this way soldiers will have an hard time hitting you while you recover it’s gun and this will have enought ammo to kill at least five of them. After killing it you have to jump down (you will get a bit of damage) and make a run for the gun. Now you must be ice cold: remember! you will have only ten seconds to kill 4 other enemies after the first one!

I know it feels good to shoot the MG 60 in a “Rambo” way but it won’t work in this situation: you have to use the weapon as you would use the shotgun: one burst, one kill. I tried this tactic several times before writing the guide and I can tell you the soldiers will be positioned in the following way: a total of 6 normal soldiers inside the windowed wagon: 2 will be on the ground floor while 4 one the upper floor; at least one will shoot hidden behind the entrance: this will be the first victim!

(IMG) After him, you must enter the wagon and kill the second one, then go upstairs and kill the others on the upper floor. Don’t give them time to crawl around too much and hide because you will take too much damage and time isn’t enought to play ‘hide and seek’ games.

I choose this place as the perfect one for this achievement because there are several advantages:

1) since the checkpoint is just before the place, you can try as much as you want by just reloading or dying, you’ll have just to retake the equipment and kill the Ubersoldat (and turret).

2) unlike other situations you are the one swarming the enemy and not the opposite so you can prepare as much as you want and give the pace to the action.

3) you have access to all the weapons associated with the perks so you can also get other achievements (for obvious reasons you just won’t be able to achieve stealth kills achievements. Remeber (works for the entire game): reloading doesn’t reset the kill counter!;

4) lot of equipment around: even if you didn’t play well ’till this point, you will be able to gain enough life, armor and ammo to try anyway!

This is the ending of Endurance II Achievement Wolfenstein (The New Order) guide. Hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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