Empires of the Undergrowth All Missions Walkthrough

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All Missions Walkthrough

Mission 1.1: New Home

This Challenge is (in my opinion) actually more difficult then the second challenge. However, if you step right in without any prior knowledge it can be tricky.

Here is the method I used to solve it.

Note: Throughout the first challenge it is extremely unnescessary to build worker nests!

  • Initially reveal all the nearby food that you can without digging a tunnel into any of the areas marked with large red exclamation marks.
  • Next start building your first soldier nests (try to build close to the ant queen with the available food, once you have enough ants start working your way through the red markers in ascending order (Lowest Number to highest number)
  • When Conquering try to build a winding path. The longer and Winder the better! Also I find the most optimal method for my army is having 2 nests of aproximately 20 or so soldiers.
  • When conquering in the top middle there are 2 areas close together. Around 5 markers in the first one and many more in the second. LEAVE THESE TILL LAST
  • Assuming you’ve cleared everywhere else here comes the method for the last area. First split your troops to either side of the pathway to your queen. When you open the first area with 5 you will encounter a larger (adult?) opponent. Once they rush to engage your troops bring the 20 units behind them in to pincer them and quickly finish them off.
  • Before engaging the final areas upgrade as many of your soldiers as you can as high as you can whilst leaving around 200 food in your storage. (Try to have at least 5/6 lvl 3) Use the pincer tactic initially and dont panic when your ants get wiped out. Using the saved up food to create new ants use the windy path to build up masses in advance then charge into them. After 2-3 waves you should have won!

This is the method that worked for me and it was relaxed and easy. I Hope it works well for you as well!

Will get there eventually…

Mission 1.2: Subjugation (Hard Included)

For challenge 1.2 the first thing i do upon start is set you base 7 ants into group one and target them on the nearby food source. you then want to hollow out a small location ( I usually use just behind the queen above the 2 spiders) and place down at least 6 warriors.

After building the around 6 of those soldiers dig to the Larva in the top right of map near the entrance and play the worker ants back into the hive group. The workers will then breed those soldiers and you should use those to collect the larva and expand your army further.

Next with your army of 6-8 soldiers you dig behind this spider and rush them to easily take them out and aquire more food. At this point you should be able to fairly easily expand your army size and rapidly eliminate more spiders.

At this point it becomes more efficient to build workers and attach them to the 4 and 5 tabs. Disable soldier food collection and steam roll the spiders whilst your workers trail behind collecting food. The faster you collect and spend said food. the easier you will find the mission.

Usually I find it efficient to split my soldiers army at around 15/20 and have 2 battallions around this size so you can rapidly wipe out spiders and simultaneously defend from the invading ants. As the narrator once said “in territorial disputes the ants with the greater numbers invariably win”

Undoubtedly the challenge mode adds an extra twist to this mission making it slightly more difficulty. But not especially so. For the challenge Mode aspect as long as you can qickly expand up your ant count in the early game you should not have much of a problem beating it following the same methods as above. As always however a quick expansion is usually your safest option. Numbers reign supreme!

Hard Difficulty:
Hard plays much the same as medium does following the same strategy as medium works. I played it immediately after finishing a medium game and discovered few differences between the two. I think the key difference is several funnel web locations having more spiders and the waves come slightly faster. This means as long as you can expand fast then you shouldnt have a problem beating hard.

Remember this spider, with this method of attack is the best first attack choice.

Insane Difficulty (Lost, Will Attempt Again):
I did give insane a go and in fact almost beat it (only needed a few more workers to win), unfortunately I got overwhelmed by both the rapid pace of waves (Many times greater then hard/medium) and the almost exponential growth of the amount of ants/wave. They ended up killing my ants faster then they could reproduce even with 200 food stacked up. This leads me to believe that rapid expansion is absolutely the most critical part of the insane difficulty attempt.

For reference:
Medium ~12 minutes
Hard ~14 minutes
Insane (lost) ~18 minutes

Formicarium 1

I hear that a lot of people seem to struggle with the first Formicarium challenge. I found it is actually quite simple as long as you do 2 simple things.

1. Make sure soldiers are level 3!!!!!!
2. Research the Meat Wall upgrade for the soldiers!

As long as you have both of these the first challenge is completely beatable with only 19 soldiers! Which means any extra soldiers or upgrades will make this even more simple.

When engaging the enemy I stationed all 19 of the soldiers at the entrance to the next and killed them as the enemy sauntered down the tunnels. with a stockpile of around 300 food you should be able to beat this easily (I had around 700 when I started and managed to finish with around 850).

Mission 2.1: Rising Tide (Hard Included)

Note: I was unable to complete hard with rapid fire spitters, however it was, although not easy, quite doable with morters. I’m unsure if thats just my lack of skill or not so if you manage to beat hard with rapid fire let me know how you did it! 😀


Mission 2.2: Queen of the Hill (Hard Included)

This mission is actually incredibly easy. Possibly the easiest mission in the game thusfar imo. Both normal and hard can be beaten using the same strategy. Also during the hard attempt rapid fire ants were used. Morters will be tested later. But you can definitly do it with rapid fires so morters shouldnt be a problem at all.

The beginning of this mission is the most crucial moment and there are a couple of things you need to do fairly quickly. The order in which I do them is as follows:

  • Firstly set the starters ants to 1, dig out the side tunnel to the nearby food (left of queen)
  • Next use most of that food to get 5 workers (dont bother with food storage or digging anywhere else at this point, just hollow the food pocket a slight bit to fit in the workers. Once you have more then 7 workers switch the home workers back to the home.
  • Now unlock the top and set the first lock of workers to pheromone 1, send them to the left or right aphids. Dig behind the entrance and place the food storage there while digging another small tunnel and building more worker ants.
  • Send 1 pheromone to each aphid spot with around 9/10 workers each. Next you can start ant production for soldiers. With this setup you should be able to go into the first night with 15soldiers/15 spitters at each aphid patch.

From here you just gather aphids and the food from the nighttime combat while clearing all the food pockets from underground. On the third day gather all your ants underground and wait for the enemy to come, with sufficient numbers/food stock the final attack will be easy.

I went into the final day with around 40 worker ants and around 100 each of soldiers/spitters (0 food) and finished with 100 units and 38 workers.

Formicarium 2

Formicarium 2 is a little trickier then the first one and is actually the first time I lost a match when I did my first run through.

Missions Completed Prior to the Challenge

  • 1.1
  • 1.2
  • 1.2 Challenge Mode
  • 2.1
  • 2.2

To beat this one I did a few things
When choosing my ranged ant I chose the Mortar Ant (costs 150 research) with slow fire rate and high damage.

The units:

  • 3 Battalions of 19 Soldiers (1 full of level 3, 2 full of level 2)
  • 1 Battalion of 19 Mortars (Around half level 3)

Using the same method as last time bunch them at the entrance and defend as the waves come in. After beating the large Tiger Beetles pull back a battalion of soldiers and the mortars to guard the queen. Leave the other 2 up the front protecting from the endless ants. When the next great surprise comes you should be able to hold them off and protect your queen.

Of course for extra insurance you can save up and research more abilities and upgrade the ants further, this is just what I used to beat it and it was fairly easy.

This is the ending of the guide. I hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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