Eden Rising Lore Achievements Locations

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Lore Object Locations

There are 3 achievements for finding the lore objects:

Lore Novice
Unlock 10 Lore Entries.

Lore Adept
Unlock 20 Lore Entries.

Lore Master
Unlock All Lore Entries in the former Eden Colony.

Fungal Preservation Refugee:

Fungal Preserve

Geological Formations of Eden

Medusoid Nesting Ground

Megafungus Observation Site

Thulian Gate

Thulian Ruins

Searing Coast

This area include the Typhoon Pass area

Agents Online

Cape Destiny Peace Mpnolith

Chronicle Part one and part two

And here are the locations for the total 38 lore objects,  Lore Object Locations Guide.

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