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Welcome, guideoui.com visitors. In this guide, We try to explain Console Commands and Cheat Codes of Eastshade game. So we pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. We hope that this guide will help you.

How to Open and Use Console Commands

To open the console, use the tilde-key (~) on US-style keyboards. You will see the command-line of the console in the centre of the screen. When opening the console for the first time you will receive a warning that you will not receive any (new) achievements if you decide to use the console. You have to issue the command EnableCheats first before entering any other console command.

All Console Commands and Cheat Codes


Adds inspiration(s), visible in the bottom right of the screen when the HUD is up.

Syntax: AddInspiration #
# = number of inspirations to add

Using this command without a number of inspirations or with # = 1 seems to have no effect.


Inventory will be completely emptied and all items in inventory will be removed.

Syntax: ClearInventory


Remove one or more items from inventory. The items are not actually dropped to the ground, but completely removed from inventory, so you cannot pick the items up again. A list of all items that may be in inventory at some point can be found at the end of this guide.

Syntax: DropItem <string> [#]
<string> = an item from the players inventory (see list at the end of this guide)
# = the number of items (optional, defaults to 1)

DropItem ReedBoat
DropItem Scragweed 10


Will end a conversation with an NPC.

Syntax: EndConversation


Using this command will end all storms.

Syntax: EndStorm


This command is a combination of SetLoadDistanceMode, SetLodBias, SetShadowDistance and OcclusionCulling. You will see a message similar to the following:

Lod Bias to 8, Shadow Distance to 700, Load Distance Mode to extreme, Occlusion Culling disabled. You will have to set these.

Syntax: ExtremeGraphicsPreset


This command allows you to fly. See also SmoothFly.

Syntax: Fly #
# = 0 – fly mode disabled (default)
# = 1 – fly mode enabled


Enables or disables fog.

Syntax: Fog #
# = 0 – disables fog
# = 1 – enables fog


Using this command will let you have an NPC follow you. When you are within interaction range of an NPC that NPC will follow you around. When you are out of interaction range of any NPC the nearest NPC that you can interact with will start following you.

Syntax: FollowMe


Despite the name of this command, it does not freeze time, but sets time back to normal (default).

Syntax: FreezeTime


Retrieve the value of a boolean variable (True or False).

Syntax: GetBool <string>
<string> = a boolean variable as listed in the list of variables


Displays a message with a number of boolean tokens that are currently registered in the following format:

There are currently # bool tokens registered

Syntax: GetBoolTokens


Displays the location where the flyer (Nessa’s Balloon) has been placed:


Syntax: GetFlyerPlacement


Adds 50 samples of each retrievable item to inventory. See the list of items at the end of this guide. This command will not add extra samples of Mudwillow’s Tincture, Water or Glowstones. Items will be added to the items already in inventory.


Adds 50 samples of each retrievable item to inventory and additional adds all schematics. See the list of items at the end of this guide. This command will not add extra samples of Mudwillow’s Tincture, Water or Glowstones.

Syntax: GiveEverything


Adds one or more items to inventory. This command will not add an extra sample of Mudwillow’s Tincture or Water. You will not be able to add extra samples of Mudwillow’s Tincture or Water.

Syntax: GiveItem <string> [#]
<string> = the name of the item (see list at the end of this guide)
[#] = number of items, defaults to 1

GiveItem ReedBoat
GiveItem Glowstones 500


Adds a schematic to create a canvas, raft, reed boat or tent to the player.

Syntax: GiveSchematic <string>
<string> = Canvas, Raft, ReedBoat, Tent


Adds a topic to the journal and display the message

You are now one topic wiser

Syntax: GiveTopic <string>
<string> = a topic

GiveTopic NightDrummer


The meaning of this command is not clear to me, but it will add 1000 glowstones to the player’s inventory. Nothing else seems to happen, but you will see the following message:

“You are rich beyond measure”

Syntax: Motherload


Sets the field of view (FOV).

Syntax: SetFoV #
# = any number, preferably between 60 and 120
Higher values cause distortion of the view, lower values may narrow the view (too much).


Sets the language for menus, map and journal.

Syntax: SetLanguage <string>
<string> = language (English, French, German, Russian, Chinese)

SetLanguage Russian


Sets the time.

Syntax: SetTime #.#(##)
#.### = a value from 0.000 to 0.999 representing the the time between 12.00 AM and 11.59 PM.
#.# = 0.0 sets the time to 12.00 AM
#.# = 0.5 sets the time to 12.00 PM


Use this command to determine how fast time passes away.

Syntax: SetTimeScale #

The default time scale is 5. Setting it to 10 will have time passes away twice as fast. Setting the time scale to 1 is not adviced as it may CTD your game.


This seems to be the same command as GetBool, at least it has the same effect. See GetBool.

Syntax: ShowBoolValue <string>


Enable or disable the debug Heads-Up Display. The debug HUD is displayed in the top left corner of the screen.

Syntax: ShowDebugHud #
# = 0 – debug HUD disabled (default)
# = 1 – debug HUD enabled

In the debug HUD the following is displayed (from top to bottom):

  • FPS: ##.##
  • Game Days Played: ##.###
  • Day Time: #.###
  • Selected Button: null


Enable or disable the Heads-Up Display.

Syntax: ShowHud #
# = 0 – disable the HUD
# = 1 – enable the HUD (default)


When in fly mode, flying is smooth.

Syntax: SmoothFly #
# = 0 – smooth flying disabled (default)
# = 1 – smooth fly mode


Set smooth fly speed when in fly mode.

Syntax: SmoothFlySpeed #
# = 0 – disable smooth fly speed
# = 1 – enable smooth fly speed


Enables or disables smooth walking.

Syntax: SmoothWalk #
# = 0 – disables smooth walking
# = 1 – enables smooth walking


This command lets you change the time of day. When enabled, you can use the [ and ] keys (between P and Enter on US keyboards) to shift time backwards or forwards respectively. Holding down the key will shift time fast in steps as configured with SetTimeScale.

Syntax: TimeOfDayNudge #
# = 0, nudge disabled
# = 1, nudge enabled


Enables you to unlock a locked door when the lock icon is visible.

Syntax: UnlockDoor


Will teleport you to the centre of Lyndow.

Syntax: WarpToLyndow

List of Items

Between brackets you will see the name of the items as it appears in inventory, but only when in inventory a single quote is used. In other cases spaces may be used.

AirBalloonPoster, Amulet, AncientBrews, AysunsRing (Aysun’s Ring), Scragweed, Bicycle, BlackThistle, BloomsacTea, BlueDreamTea, Boards, Coat, CuriousNote, DrymouthedSandfish, EarthrootTea, ElixirofLife, EmptyVial, Fabric, Feather, FirePit, FishoftheFellstreamRiver, FishingPole, FooxitarEggs, HeavyReeds, HotSpringSample, HydraThistle, InkyCap, KaisHydrathistle (Kai’s Hydrathistle), KaisHydrathistleAnalysis (Kai’s Hydrathistle Analysis), LetterofReference, LockedBox, LyndowianBrew, Map, MeadowspiceMead, Mountainwort, MountainwortTea, MysteryBlend, NetherleafTea, ShadianPostElixir, ShadianPostPotionSeller, ShadianPostTeaSeason, OldPops (Old Pops), Pastries, Raft, RedDreamTea, ReedBoat, Repellent, Roots, Rope, ScragweedTea, Sealant, SishaTea, NorthSeasShippingMessage, SilverDreamTea, ClassicShadianTeas, SinkwoodInnKey, Soap, Stick, TeaKettle, Tent, ThunderTrout, TiemsAntidote (Tiem’s Antidote), ToxicTuber, Twine, UltramarineMinnow, Wax, WhiteBloomsac, ZipTrolley.

Variables per Quest

Following are variables or parameters that can be used in conjunction with the GetBool and ShowBoolValue commands, categorized by quest as far as I have been able to figure out. Some of the variables or parameters may be used in more than one quest. As commands, also variables or parameters are case sensitive. When you see (?) behind a variable, it’s an indication that I’m not sure if that variable is part of the quest.

Leaving Eastshade


Stuck in a Jug


An Unsuitable Parent


The Architect of Lyndow & The Abandoned Tower

architect_rush_and_proud, architect_secret, architect_suicided, architect_will_suicide, tower_delivered, tower_secret, told_about_tower

Art for a Fisherman


A Wounded Waterfox

fox_been_trapped, met_viktar, saved_waterfox

A Strange Fortune

q_fortune_accepted_thistle_picking, q_fortune_declined_fortune, q_fortune_fortune_complete, q_fortune_met_roshanara, q_fortune_pick_weeds_started, q_fortune_received_fortune, q_fortune_strange_potion_comment, q_fortune_store_launched

Cartographer’s Ink


Chorus of the Night

alejo_given_painting, alejo_giving_glowstones, alejo_final, alejo_had_second_convo, alejo_letter, alejo_look_around, alejo_meeting, alejo_new_night, alejo_underground, met_alejo, met_ranya, night_drummers_cleaned_up, night_drummers_finished, night_drummers_scattered

The Little Mice & Second Chances

q_help_apothecary_anika_convo_complete, q_help_apothecary_asked_about_plant, q_help_apothecary_asked_about_overcharging, q_help_apothecary_business_returned, q_help_apothecary_complete, q_help_apothecary_informed_kaelen_plant, q_help_apothecary_kaelen_convo_about_anika, q_help_apothecary_news_delivered, q_help_apothecary_post_anika_convo, q_help_apothecary_potion_collected, q_help_apothecary_quest_info_received, q_help_apothecary_refused_potion, q_help_apothecary_started, q_help_apothecary_test_complete, q_help_apothecary_testing_potion, q_help_apothecary_tested_potion, q_help_apothecary_test_complete_kaelen_convo, q_help_apothecary_undecided_on_help_apothecary, q_vermin_asked_to_help, q_vermin_complete, q_vermin_conversation_aftermath_done, q_vermin_conversation_barge_in, q_vermin_conversation_interrupted, q_vermin_conversation_overheard, q_vermin_fence_built, q_vermin_fence_investigated, q_vermin_fynn_conversation_complete, q_vermin_gave_spices, q_vermin_have_spices, q_vermin_help_another_time, q_vermin_kai_asked_for_help, q_vermin_met_fynn, q_vermin_npcs_alerted, q_vermin_npcs_confronted, q_vermin_patching_fence, q_vermin_realization, q_vermin_returned_before_conversation_overheard, q_vermin_returned_before_fence_built, q_vermin_rodent_problem_solved, q_vermin_spices_bought, q_vermin_spices_collecting, q_vermin_spices_for_free, q_vermin_sticks_collected, q_vermin_sticks_collecting, q_vermin_terrible_to_fynn

A Bitter Fish

q_pops_met_aysun, q_pops_quest_accepted, q_pops_quest_completed

The Thief of Sinkwood Inn

been_to_inn2, met_innkeeper2

Admission into Nava

been_to_nava, been_to_nava_inn, cartographer_gave_ref, cave_dweller_gave_ref, Met_fishseller, nika_letter(?), nika_given_permission(?), onur_gave_ref, owlseeker_gave_ref, ranger_gave_ref



An Exclusive Club


Tiem’s Command

met_samiya, met_zealot

An Elixir of Life

heard_zahra_intro, heard_zahra_pass, met_old_man, zahra_done, zahra_gave_if_access

Locked Box

q_cavern_box_obtained, q_cavern_gave_box_to_innkeeper, q_cavern_gave_box_to_samira, q_cavern_met_samira, q_cavern_quest_completed, q_cavern_quest_declined, q_cavern_quest_started, q_cavern_showed_box_to_ranger, q_cavern_spoke to ranger

An Artist for Hire


Toma’s Apples & Sheltered from the Wind

amosVermin_convoChildren_entryPoint1, amosVermin_convoInitial_entryPoint1, amosVermin_foundChildren, amosVermin_metAmos, amosVermin_questComplete, amosVermin_rewarded, amosVermin_searchingForVermin, amosVermin_toldLie

Dormant in the Ice


Not Quest Related

cave_dweller_tower_response, got_clara_book, heard_dweller_tower_shpeal, met_clara, met_driver, met_forest_bard, met_grandpa_deer


been_bribed, met_melek, met_mishka, met_mother, met_woodworker, vain_inn_goer0

This the ending of the guide. I hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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