EARTH DEFENSE FORCE 5 Fencer Tips/ Guide

Welcome, visitors. EARTH DEFENSE FORCE- EDF 5 game guide focuses on Fencer basic tips, beginner’s guide, and general equipment guide. While writing this instruction, we pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. We hope that this guide will help you.

The Fencer is the heavy weapons guy in EDF. Using an armored military exoskeleton this guy can carry 4 weapons and is the only class that can equip the same weapon in multiple slots. Its a bit more complex than the ranger for example, but in return it has a very high skill ceiling and with the higher level support equipment it can become a very mobile class (in my opinion, on par with the wing diver).

It can be played in several different ways, long range heavy weapons platform, Close combat brawler, Mid range AOE etc, and thanks to the 4 weapon loadout you can have 2 different sets.

Fencer tips/ guide

1. General Tips

The very first weapon you get, Blasthole Spear, is legit amazing. It does hella damage AND can pierce. Number one thing you should be doing is dashing and boosting around in circles and absolutely wreaking enemies with it.

For long range needs the Gallic Heavy Cannon is brutal, can fire for pretty much ever, and even reloads pretty fast.

Play long enough to get some +dash and +boost count mods and then keep Blasthole Spear + your choice of weapon that grants a jump booster (I like the shotguns). Then have your second set be your long range nuke stuff.

Learn the movement with a forward dash weapon and a shield or spear in the other hand for one weapon load out. You can hit dash then the spear or shield block repeat alternating between the two to move around quick.

New fencer is different from edf 4.1 since there’s no more dash cancelling, so you’re a lot slower until you get enhancements for your jumps and dashes.

Pair your spear with a lightweight cannon if you want to be really optimal, but I prefer the cannon shot because it looks cooler,

2. Quick Tips

  • Weapons are either animated or free. Animated weapons means that firing the weapons enters an exclusive animations. During animations other weapons can’t fire (shield will still be held except for hammers). Animations cancel each other.
  • Animated weapons include all hammers, all spears except jackhammer, all heavy guns, and most missiles launchers (Not high altitude).
  • Free weapons work just like ranger guns. You can shoot two free guns at the same time and even run while firing them, although they can still potentially slow down your aim and movement.
  • For a practical example, the tail end of dashes are very long, and you have to wait for it to finish before you can fire free guns, but animated weapons will cancel the dash animation and take over to fire instead.
  • On the other hand, the jump animation is very short, so you can cancel a dash with a jump (sends you flying really far) and start firing free guns almost immediately. This is really useful for some windup weapons like the flamethrower. Wind it up in safety to start flaming, then jump boost towards your actual target and your flamethrower should start firing again in mid-air. Since flamethrower’s only problems are the windup and their short range, jump-carrying will eliminate all drawbacks with it and let you use its immense power against any ground based enemy on any map.

(After this part of the guide is quoted from Dupa’s Guide)

3. Equipment:

  • CC Strikers
    Close combat weapons such as Hammers, swords and axes with some very special ones as well. All of these can be charged up by holding the firing button to increase the damage, range, AOE etc. Usually theres 2 or 3 levels, regular attack, high voltage and fully charged with the regular attack just swinging the weapons and the other two levels can have additional hits, larger aoe or in the case of the Vibro roller, it will perform a charge straight ahead doing AOE damage along the way.
    These weapons are harder to use in general but when played properly they can be very strong.
  • CC Piercers
    Close combat weapons that “shoots” out from the weapon giving them a range of ~40 – ~100m. The Spears are piercing and can hit multiple enemies but have a swing animation playing before firing. The Jackhammers and Spine drivers doesnt pierce but in return they fire immediately. The jackhammer firing very quickly with lower damage while the spinedriver does more damage but fires slower. These are usually my go-to weapons for CC on the fencer, im partial to the Jackhammers paired with a shotgun.
  • Shields
    What it sounds like, Shields are held up infront of you and blocks damage in a certain arc untill its HP is depleted, the shield will regenerate over time. Some shields have low HP but the ability to reflect incoming projectiles with a well timed activation. You can fire most weapons (in the other slot) while having the shield raised but raising the shield will slow your walking and turning speed.
  • Autocannons
    Gatling guns, shotguns, lower caliber cannons and heavy flamers. Gatling guns and flamers have a spin-up time before they start firing and will slow your walking speed while firing. Some also have very heavy recoil. Shotguns are what it sounds like. Worth noting here is that some have an appaling accuracy when you first get them and needs to be upgraded before being properly usable, see Weapon mechanics. The lower caliber cannons are also what it sounds like, firing a solid projectile in full auto. Damage is often a bit on the low side.
  • Cannons
    The heavy cannons and mortars. The heavy cannons are all extremely accurate, long range guns, with the exception of the Cannister/cannon shot which is a heavy shotgun. The cannons are split between the NC cannons and the 30/35mm cannons. The NC cannons fire immediately upon pressing the button and has a faster firing rate and lower damage (about 2 shots per second) compared to the 30mm which has a firing and recoil animation and fires about one shot every 3 seconds with really high damage. These guns are for long range, single target damage. The mortars fires explosive shells for AOE damage. The dispersal mortar shoots several smaller shells that can cover a large area or fired closer to the target for crazy single target damage.
  • Missile Launchers
    Lock-on seeking missile launchers, most multi-target. The leviathan requires an air raider laser to lock-on and has a 17 second lock-on time (fully upgraded) but in return has insane damage. Some other needs air raider laser as well. The blood storm launchers are usually a great choice, it fires missiles that separates into several smaller missiles just before hitting the target.

3.1. Special mechanics

The fencer plays differently than the other classes and it has several things you need to know to get the most out of the fencer.

  • Inertia/turning speed
    The heavier weapons and shields will affect your turning speed and add inertia(only the shields state the amount in the stats). Think like supercrazy high mouse smoothing. Movement will start slow and build momentum and will take time to stop after you stop moving the mouse. This and the firing animation of some weapons can make the aiming quite difficult, but keep at it and you will get used to it. The CC and autocannon weapons have some inertia, but its very little compared to the cannons/mortars. There is support equipment that helps with this and recoil. See the video for examples with two “light” and two “heavy” weapons.
  • Dash and jump
    The main mobility tool for the fencer. First of all these abilities comes equipped on WEAPONS with CC weapons providing dash and autocannons, some mortars and missile launchers providing jump. There are boosters in the support equipment that allows you to do several jumps/dashes in a row. Without them you have a cooldown between each use. You need to have the weapon in hand to be able to use the ability. The currently equipped left hand weapons ability will be on left shift and right hand on space. The dash makes you charge forward a shorter distance while the jump makes you jump. Standing still and jumping makes you jump straight up but MUCH higher.
  • Dashjump!
    If you have one weapon with dash and one with jump you can dashjump. Dash and then directly jump while still in the dash and be amazed at your newfound mobility. With the support equipment boosters you can do several of these in a row (you dont have to land between them), flying all over the map like some heavily armed and armored angel of death. Mastering this lets you bounce around the battlefield, avoiding damage and spreading death like the plague. See the dash, jump and dashjump in the video to the left.
  • Firing animations
    Some weapons have a firing animation, mostly for the fencer but there are some for the ranger and wingdiver as well. The fencer 30mm Gallic heavy cannon for example will have a 1 second wind-up animation before firing and then a ~3 second recoil and resetting animation. During this time youre completely stationary (but can still aim) which can mean death if done at the wrong time. You can interrupt the recoil animation after about 1.5 sec with another action, firing the other gun or jumping/dashing. You can however not walk or change weapons untill the full animation plays out. This is not noted in the weapons stats (miniguns and flamers have spinup time but that doesnt lock you in an animation). A ranger example is the DNG grenade which have you do a little sprint forward and then throw the grenade when releasing the fire button.

3.2 Support equipment

  • Enhanced boosters
    Boosters that adds consecutive dashes/jumps. The Multi charger variant adds both.
  • Enhanced Shields
    Improve shields by increasing durability/HP, amount of dmg blocked, blocking arc and reduced knockback when hit
  • Enhanced Cannons
    Recoil reduction plain and simple. The highest one (lvl 76) totally removes recoil.
  • Enhanced Exoskeletons
    Combats the inertia/turning/walking speed debuff from heavy weapons

This is the ending of EARTH DEFENSE FORCE 5 Fencer tips/guide. Hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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