Dying Light – Prison Item Glitch

I will be showing you how you can glitch the prison, its not as easy to do it solo tho, its way easier if you play with friends. First 2 parts of the guide includes me explaining how to make prison easier, so if you do know how to beat the prison heist skip straight to the 3rd step.

The preparation/how to finish the prison heist

You must be prepared for the prison, if you play on nightmare the enemies can 4 shot kill you even as legend 250 level… So as preparation i mean get some shotguns and some ranged weapons, because at the end you must kill 2 demolishers and a bunch of virals, most of the other enemies you can skip/run past.

The execution

This i recommend should be played with your friends becouse its way easier as said. You will finish faster and it will be easier to get to the glitch, also one can kill the enemies while the other one lockpicks and the nighthunter boosters are also a viable thing to use. Kuai dagger of course is good, because it makes u go faster, mix those with nighthunter boosters and you are done with prison in approximately 4 minutes.

The glitch

Its nothing complicated, as you’re done with two demolishers at the end of the prison heist, you head into the last 3 “chambers”, in the first one you just wait for your friend (if you are playing with friends), and in the other one there is bunch of loot waiting for you, and in the third one there are 7 boxes which contain gold weapons and king modifications. its easy to get overwhelmed and not know what to take and what to leave, so i discovered this little neat glitch thats doable that allows you to take as much time as you need. So as the timer starts you run straight to 4 boxes in the 3rd chamber, open those 4 boxes if not possible all 4 it doesnt matter, run into the finnal checkpoint which says “Leave the prison”, as you are in there and you see the door closing, try to time it as close as possible for you to pass through, it will take couple of rounds for you to get used to timing it but after you do it, it becomes easier.

Please Note: if you didnt open any of the boxes/the boxes you didn’t open (when the timer was still running), the loot inside them will be despawned. Anything that’s layed outside (on a table, inside an alredy opened box) will be waiting for you.

Exceptions:¬†medical cabinets, they seem to have medkits in them regarding you opened them or not, if you don’t open them (during the running timer) the nighthunter and stamina boosters will be lost.

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