DreadOut 2 Dreadlings Ghost Boss Fight Guide

DreadOut 2 game guide focuses on how to fight and defeat Dreadlings Ghost Boss. Dreadlings are hostile physical ghosts that populate levels throughout DreadOut 2 game.The guide will give you strategical tips on beat this boss. We hope that this guide will help you.

Dreadlings Ghost Boss

Dreadlings are hostile physical ghosts that populate levels throughout the game. Dreadlings serve as a frequent physical enemy that Linda encounters. They only roam in the rooms they spawn in and will attack Linda when they see her.

Dreadlings take the form of a grotesque bloodied zombie-like figure, their body rotted and their innards dripping out of their pale knotted body. They have bloodied hands with haggard claws that they use to attack with.

Sometimes Dreadlings seem to be able to take more human-like forms.


Dreadlings are a pretty straightforward ghost to battle or avoid. They are extremely susceptible to the Blitz Stun attack and attacks from physical weapons.

Linda can even sprint around them to avoid them without using the Blitz Stun at all because they walk at a very slow pace. Attacking in a hit-and-run fashion with a knife is a quick way to finish them off while hacking them with an axe staggers them greatly, allowing Linda to continuing hacking until they are defeated.

Act I

A Dreadling first appears when Linda enters the Distorted Reality from her school in Act I. The Dreadling takes the form of a human teacher, though is behaving erratically. Linda figures out how to use Blitz Stun attack on her phone, by using her IrisPhone to flash a pulse of light to stun enemies.

Many Dreadlings appear throughout the Distorted Reality, which Linda manages to ward off with her Blitz Stun attack and later is able to combat them with a knife. After Linda defeats a particularly powerful Dreadling and all other Dreadlings, she manages to escape the Distorted Reality.

Act II

Dreadlings appear again when Linda enters the Distorted Reality from Cageur Hospital. A Dreadling only appears once Linda activates the Pendulum and starts the meat transporter.

Linda cannot defeat it at first, but after she grabs the knife from one of the hanging meats, she is able to defeat it with an axe.

This is the ending of DreadOut 2 Karasukan Victim Ghost Boss Fight Guide. Hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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