Dota Underlords How to Win Game Early/ Mid/ Late

Welcome, visitors. Dota Underlord game guide focuses on How to Win Early/ Mid/ Late Game. This guide will give you some tips, tricks, and advice on How to Win Game Early/ Mid/ Late. The guide includes strategies to win games more consistently and includes general tips and tricks. The guide works with all Items/Alliences. While writing this instruction, we pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. We hope that this guide will help you.

How to Win Early/ Mid/ Late Game

In Dota exist a few efficient methods to earn Gold:
Every round 5 basic gold from round 5
Win streaks and Lose streaks:

  • -For a win you always get one bonus gold for the win and the first streak starts at 3 wins with an additional gold, then 5 wins 2 gold, 7 with 3. (Get’s reset after more than 8 wins)
  • -after a loss the bonus is 1 gold for 3 losses and 2 gold for 5

Most important income source not depending on the outcome of rounds:
Interest is earned on every 10 gold in the Bank (at the beginning of the round) up to 50 gold.
10 gold = 1 interest
20 gold = 2 interest

>50 gold = 5 interest
Reach 50 gold as fast as possible and then start spending more freely like some XP every round and
always spend all gold down to 50 if possible.

1. General Advice / Tips &Tricks

General advice:

– Rather choose one allience to max (i.e. 6 wild units) than multiple alliences (i.e. 2 trolls 3 knights)

– Spent money in the round if not directly impacting the game to earn more interest (since its couned at the beginning) so even if you spend down to 39 gold but had 50 at the start you get 5 gold interest.

– If you bank is full but some unit appears two times in the buy menu but you cant upgrade since the bank is too full for the second one:

  • just put one more unit than allowed onto the battlefield
  • upgrade the uni
  • remove unit from battlefield before start of round otherwise some random unit will be removed
  • be quick

Don’t hesitate to sell tier 1 units even if level two and on the battlefield always use Alliences!

Recommended Alliences for beginners:

  • Early game:
    Wild 3x
    Warrior 3x
    Assasins 3x
  • Mid game:
    Druids 2x
    Knights 4x
    Trolls 2x
    Demons 1x
    Dragons 2x
  • Late Game:
    Wild 6x
    Druid 4x
    Assasins 6x
    Dragons 2x

2. Early Game Round 1-15

Most important time to build an economy!
To get streaks plus some interest already either:

-get a winstreak if you were lucky with the rolls (most money)
-keep a losestreak if you were’t lucky
 (faster money & this early damage doesn’t really bothers later)

You can tank through the early game phase and recover if you build up a bank behind! Worst case would be a win lose win lose scenario, which gives the least money and the most damage.

Don’t spend any money on rerolls or XP yet.

3. Mid Game Round 15-25

Depending on how the early game went you need to decide:
-over 65 HP and over 50 gold play slow and build a good team or buy XP by spending gold down to 50! every round
-under 35 HP spend ALL your gold. Most important try reach at least level 8

Always upgrade higher tier units first to stay in the game longer.

4. Late Game Round 26+

To have a real chance it’s important to be over level 8 by round 33.
First try to have ALL units on level two or higher before buying level 10 if not spend gold on rerolls until its the case.
Spend your gold explosively: Decide in a round and reroll/buy everything which helps and hope it’s enough because no more interest.

This is the ending of Dota Underlord How to Win Game Early/ Mid/ Late guide. Hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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