Don’t Starve Together Quick Tips To Survive Winter

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Quick Tips To Survive Winter

  • If you set a tree on fire with a torch while you are exploring, it gives a good source of both light and heat. There is no need to carry wood around for crating fire. Adding to this, if the reason you were thinking of carrying wood was for heat and light it would be more efficient to drop a log at your feet and burn it with a torch than to make a fire. But beefalo wool accomplishes the same thing, doubles in stack size and is way easier to gather.
  • Craft some thermal stones. If you want the inventory space, use the thermal stone, by all means. Thermal stones also give you light at night when they are red hot. You can use as a good way to travel long distances at night making more use of the long dark.
  • Make a razor, and use it on Beefalo as they sleep to gether their wool. Craft the wool into a winter hat. You can also try to make a beefalo hat and/or a puffy vest. If you do this, you wont be able to carry many items, due to the backpack loss, but if you heat yourself strongly and equip there two items, you won’t have to be near a fire for 1-2 days.
  • Deerclops will give an audio queue when he is coming, and your character will also say something. If you run away from your base, he should be easy to run away from when he spawns. But he is pretty easy to fight, you will need cactus/green mushrooms for sanity if you want to keep it up there.
  • 3 Ice + any meat in a crock pot makes a meatball. That is your primary food for winter. Ice is plentiful in the winter. Stockpile at least 80 grass before winter. Food shouldn’t be a problem as meat and ice is plenty.
  • Prepare materials for 15 drying racks(enough for a group of 2) and 20 tooth traps.

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