Don’t Starve Together How to Survive Winter Guide and Tips

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How to Survive Winter Guide and Tips

Winter preparation

What you need:
a thermal stone,
warm clothes,
miner’s hat,
a backpack,
Enough resources to always have a torch on you

Thermal Stone

To get a thermal stone you should wear down your pickaxe to 3% to craft it so you aren’t wasting resources, then with the rocks and flint, you collected from mining. You can make your thermal stone in the survival tab, place it by the fire the night before winter so it can heat up, when it’s orange is when you can use it, the thermal stone is very important, and has many different levels, white is neutral and does nothing, yellow is warming up, orange is hot, blue is cool, and icy blue is cold. This is when you should recharge it with heat, or cooling depending on what you need, every time a thermal stone goes neutral it breaks a little bit, for some reason you can sew thermal stones, so if it reaches 13% you can repair it back up to 100% for just 1 repair use.

Warm Clothes

As for warm clothes, I recommend a tam-o’-shanter, or beefalo hat.
Where can you get them?
The tam is dropped by Mactusks and provides sanity and warmth. The beefalo hat is made of beefalo fur from shaving/killing beefalo, and a horn from killing beefalo.
How to Hunt it?
Lure 1 beefalo far away from the herd and whack it. Then move quickly out of the way of its attack, then go back and hit it 5 times. Once you get used to this dodging pattern, try and go for 6 hits instead. Keep killing until you get a horn or until the herd only has about 3 left, leave them to breed if so, or find a further herd to kill.


You can get a lantern by going underground and getting light bulbs off the plants. Then make a lantern and collect about 12 light bulbs as fuel. Then you can get a miner’s hat by getting a firefly, rope, and a straw hat. You also need fuel for this. Where you constantly have to get light bulbs even though it feels like you just got some yesterday and you’re already out even though they were in the fridge and you barely used your light.


In winter, food’s harder to get since things don’t regrow, scavenge what you find and put things in the fridge when you can, things barely spoil in the fridge in winter because winter has a fridge effect on food and it stacks with the fridge.
Make sure to cook efficiently. Cook in the crockpot with green foods so it comes out freshly. If you have spoiled raw ingredients, cook them on the fire to freshen them up. Then you can put them in the pot to get a fresh meal.

Cooking and Recipes

Here are the basics to cooking and the best recipes.
The crockpot has 4 slots that need to be filled in order to cook something. There are many food categories such as filler, sweetener, veggies, fruits, meats, and eggs. The filler category is the most important, because most recipes require these, fillers are any item that can go in the crockpot, that’s compatible with the recipe, the most common fillers are Twigs, berries, and ice, I recommend ice because in the fridge it never spoils and it gives you something to do in winter when you find yourself kicking snow around waiting for spring.

The best recipes for the crockpot IMO, are meatballs, bacon and eggs, dragon pies, honey ham, pierogies, and taffy. All of these are easily made, and provide high stats, again, you can use Crockbook to find recipes that you might like yourself. Jerky is the best food because it’s an all around food, lasts longer, can be put in the pot as a meat, and is highly renewable. You still need to understand food sources in order to get the food to cook of course, but the best recipe is meatballs for sure, just single meat of any kind and filler to go with it.

How to Survive Winter

Make sure you have enough food.
If you have a group of people you most certainly need a crockpot to make the most of your food.
Now you need to go to the Mactusk camps to kill the Mactusks.
You should get 2 monster meats, 2 clean meats, a blowdart, hopefully a tam o’ shanter, and finally a walrus tusk.
This is a good source of food for now, but you need to turn every clean meat you get right now into jerky.
You’ll need about 10 jerky saved depending on if you have teammates.
Make yourself a hammer and head over to pig king with any trinkets or trades you might have.
Once you make your hammer and make your way to pig king, scavenge some food on the way, and keep killing Mactusks that are on the way.
Start hammering the pig houses.
Don’t worry, hammering 2 houses makes you able to craft 1 house.
Kill the pigs that are now roaming, and be happy with your loot and probably broken armor and half of a heart because dodging pigs is actually impossible.
Now that you have all of the supplies you set out for, take a look at your map and be sure you don’t need to take a detour somewhere else for more supplies.
If there’s ice nearby you need to get as much ice as you can.
Ice is the best filler right now because it never spoils in the fridge so your foods will be a lot fresher!

Fight with Deerclops

Check your day count, if it’s day 29-31, get ready for a fight, because the winter boss Deerclops is about to show up.
Make some football helmets or log suits. Make sure you have 10 jerkies ready to go, and finally make a ham bat. You need to save 2 clean meats for this and some pig skin. This weapon has no durability, but instead spoils. It does the best damage in the game for a melee weapon right now. There are better weapons, but the ham bat is favored by a lot of people.
If you have time to spare, you should look into trying to get a Treeguard, just go chop a lot of trees and hope you get 2-3 Treeguards, with these guys you can get Deerclops to hit them and you won’t have to do anything else in the fight, and you get a lot of living logs which will be needed later. If you have a reed trap, take Deerclops to it, he’ll clear a good chunk of it and he’ll die as well, best of both worlds.
Once Deerclops is dead, go hammer up a corpse.
If you can’t find any, go over to a desert and smash a few up, you’re about to make the eyebrella, your best friend for life.
It has 100% wetness reduction. If you have a sharp eye, you may have noticed rings of twigs of the ground back in fall near ponds.
These are your worst nightmare because they’re always close to the best base spots or right where you want to make something.
This is a moose goose nest, 3 will spawn every spring and every nest has a chance to spawn them, I never fight her, but in spring you’ll get frog rain, moose goose is good for taking care of frog rain and gets you lots of food.

This is the ending of the guide. I hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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