Don’t Starve Together Admin Commands and Console Code

Don’t Starve Together game guide focuses on Admin Commands and Console Code. This guide is for someone who like to build an empire or just want to have some fun !!! While writing this instruction, we pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. We hope that this guide will help you.

Before anything

The Command Console is enabled by default. If for whatever reason it is not, you first need to locate the “client.ini”. This can be found in the “DoNotStarveTogether” folder, located in the following paths :

Open it with Notepad or other text editors. Locate the [MISC] section, and make sure you are having ENABLECONSOLE = true under it. If it appears to be false, change and save it.

The default key to open the console in-game on English keyboards is “~”. This can be changed at any time in the controls menu.


  • All of the following commands are collected from a variety of sources, some of which may be copyrighted. All information provided in this article is completely non-profit.
  • The lines of resource calls have been calculated enough to use without destroying the game. All you need to do is copy the commands (except for the spaces and sections <>) and paste and control panel, then press enter.
  • You have to re-enter almost every command after loading a world.
  • The command line appears only once even it may belong to another item.

Server Commands:

  • Resurrect a player: AllPlayers[number of player]:PushEvent(‘respawnfromghost’)
  • Teleport to a player: c_goto(AllPlayers[number of player])
  • Teleport another player to you: c_move(AllPlayers[number of player])
  • Reveal Map – Self: for x=-1600,1600,35 do for y=-1600,1600,35 do ThePlayer.player_classified.MapExplorer:RevealArea(x,0,y) end end
  • Reveal Map – All Players: for k,v in pairs(AllPlayers) do for x=-1600,1600,35 do for y=-1600,1600,35 do v.player_classified.MapExplorer:RevealArea(x,0,y) end end end

Main Raw Resources:

  • Cut Grass x 40: c_give(“cutgrass”,40)
  • Flint x 40: c_give(“flint”,40)
  • Twigs x 40: c_give(“twigs”,40)
  • Cut Reeds x 20: c_give(“cutreeds”,20)
  • Petals (Flower) x 20: c_give(“petals”,20)
  • Log x 20: c_give(“log”,20)
  • Rocks x 40: c_give(“rocks”,40)
  • Manure (Poop) x 20: c_give(“poop”,20)
  • Silk (Spider web) x 20: c_give(“silk”,20)
  • Pig Skin x 40: c_give(“pigskin”,40)
  • Charcoal x 40: c_give(“charcoal”,40)
  • Gears x 5: c_spawn(“gears”,5)
  • Seeds x 10: c_give(“seeds”,10)

Raw foods: <Most used>

  • Dragon Fruit x 10: c_give(“dragonfruit”,10)
  • Meat x 10: c_give(“meat”,10)
  • Monster Meat x 10: c_give(“monstermeat”,10) <Give to Pig to become ally>
  • Butter x 10: c_give(“butter”,10)
  • Honey x 10: c_give(“honey”,10)
  • Berries x 20: c_give(“berries”,20)
  • Pumpkin x 10: c_give(“pumpkin”,10)
  • Mandrake x 5: c_give(“mandrake”,5)
  • Carrot x 10: c_give(“carrot”,10)
  • Watermelon x 10: c_give(“watermelon”,10) <Sometime don’t work>

Season Raw Resources:

Raw Resources: (Winter needed)

  • Beefalo Wool x 10: c_give(“beefalowool”,10)
  • Koalefant Trunk x 10: c_give(“trunk_summer”,10)
  • Koalefant Trunk (winter) x 10: c_give(“trunk_winter”,10)
  • Cat Tail x 5: c_give(“coontail”,5)
  • Thick Fur x 5: c_give(“bearger_fur”,5)

Raw Resources: (Spring needed)

  • Moleworm: c_give(“mole”)
  • Tentacle Spots x 10: c_give(“tentaclespots”,10)
  • Bone Shards x 10 c_give(“boneshard”,10)

Raw Resources: (Summer needed)

  • Ice x 40: c_give(“ice”,40)
  • Cactus Flower x 10: c_give(“cactus_flower”,10)


Beefalo Farm:

  • Beefalo Horn: c_give(“horn”)
  • Walrus Tusk: c_give(“walrus_tusk”)
  • Steel Wool: c_give(“steelwool”)

Bee Farm:

  • Honeycomb: c_give(“honeycomb”)
  • Bee: c_give(“bee”)
  • Butterfly Wings x 10: c_give(“butterflywings”,10)

Spider Farm:

  • Spider Eggs: c_give(“spidereggsack”)

Bunny Farm:

  • Bunny Puff x 5: c_give(“manrabbit_tail”,5)

Material for Weapon Crafting:

  • Rotten Egg x 10: c_give(“rottenegg”,10)
  • Hound’s Tooth x 10: c_give(“houndstooth”,10)
  • Crow Feather x 10: c_give(“feather_crow”,10)
  • Crimson Feather x 10: c_give(“feather_robin”,10)
  • Azure Feather x 10: c_give(“feather_robin_winter”,10)
  • Saffron Feather x 10: c_give(“feather_canary”,10)

Material for Magic Crafting:

  • Dark Petals x 10: c_give(“petals_evil”,10)
  • Living Log x 20: c_give(“livinglog”,20)
  • Nightmare Fuel x 20 : c_give(“nightmarefuel”,20)
  • Rabbit: c_give(“rabbit”)
  • Blue Gem x 10: c_give(“bluegem”,10)
  • Red Gem x 10: c_give(“redgem”,10)
  • Batilisk Wing x 5: c_give(“batwing”,5)

Other Raw Resources:

  • Ash x 10: c_give(“ash”,10)
  • Light Bulb x 10: c_give(“lightbulb”,10)
  • Marble x 40: c_give(“marble”,40)
  • Mosquito Sack x 10: c_give(“mosquitosack”,10)
  • Nitre x 20: c_give(“nitre”,20)
  • Spider Gland x 20: c_give(“spidergland”,20)
  • Stinger x 10: c_give(“stinger”,10)
  • Rot x 10: c_give(“spoiled_food”,10)

Crafted Item: <Special items for combat and exploration>

  • Krampus Sack: c_give(“krampus_sack”)
  • Dark Sword: c_give(“nightsword”)
  • Night Armor: c_give(“armor_sanity”)
  • Fire Staff: c_give(“firestaff”)
  • Ice Staff: c_give(“icestaff”)
  • Thulecite Club: c_give(“ruins_bat”)
  • Thulecite Suit: c_give(“armorruins”)
  • The Lazy Explorer: c_give(“orangestaff”)

Just for fun

  • Summon Moose/Goose: c_spawn(“moose”)
  • Summon Antlion: c_spawn(“antlion”) <Only in Desert>
  • Summon Bearger: c_spawn(“bearger”)
  • Summon Deerclops: c_spawn(“deerclops”)
  • Summon Spider Queen: c_spawn(“spiderqueen”)
  • Summon Bee Queen: c_spawn(“beequeen”)
  • Summon Ancient Guardian: c_spawn(“minotaur”)
  • Summon Malbatross: c_spawn(“malbatross”)
  • Summon Toadstool: c_spawn(“toadstool”)
  • Summon Treeguard: c_spawn(“leif”)
  • Summon Klaus: c_spawn(“klaus”)
  • Summon Ancient Fuelweaver: c_spawn(“stalker_atrium”)
  • Summon Dragonfly: c_spawn(“dragonfly”)

This is the ending of Don’t Starve Together Admin Commands and Console Code guide. Hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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