DiRT Rally 2.0 All Graphics Settings

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DiRT Rally 2.0 All Graphics Settings

Graphic Settings

Display Mode
I prefer to use Windowed Borderless, this has the advantage of making it easy to switch between gaming and other programs like Sound Mixer, Recording tools, Youtube or whatever..

ON – My monitor doesn’t support higher hz/fps then 60 and on my machine it doesn’t look good when VSync is off.

Using VSync ON also has the benefit of lowering the power usage / noise of the GPU

4x MSAA looks really nice on 2560×1440 , especially rocks and trees has less hysteresis / sharp edges

Use CMAA if you need more performance, though its not as nice as 4x MSAA

I don’t know what this foul setting from hell is supposed to do, but the whole game looks like Nintendo if you enable it. !!!

Advanced Graphics

Quality Preset: Custom

Shader Detail 
HIGH – Never use LOW, it will break all shadow effects and make textures look like crap.

Texture Detail 
ULTRA – This setting mostly consume GPU RAM and if you have plenty, just turn it up.

HIGH – using ULTRA has a high cost in rain weather, while High looks plenty good.

Screen Space Reflections 

Medium – You wont notice the difference when driving, and Medium looks quite good. Anything higher just ads finer detail and cost much performance.

Night Lightning 
ULTRA – You might tweak this down if you get bad performance at night.

Ambient Occlusion 
HIGH – I couldn’t tell the difference to ULTRA, and High looks plenty good.

Advanced Ambient Occlusion 
OFF – It cost too much and didn’t add enough detail.

ULTRA – This makes smoke and effects look good, tweak it down a notch if you need performance

Advanced Blending 
OFF – This feature cost a LOT of performance and only makes trees look better. 4x MSAA is much cheaper to use.


Medium – anything higher cost A LOT of performance, but medium looks good. I think there is a performance bug because i dont see much difference, only in frames per second.



Vehicle Detail 
High – it doesn’t seem to cost much to run high, but you might get more fps in replay mode.

Ultra – you might find some performance here, but not a lot.

Ultra – also a bit of performance to gain from lower settings…

Ultra – It seems that there is little difference between lower settings and ultra. I found that there is a performance bug with trees that cant be solved by lowering tree-details. just keep it high.

Ground Cover 
High – makes the game look pretty and doesn’t cost much to have on High

ON – they dont cost much and makes the game look more real.

Motion Blur 
ON – This is mostly a preference thing. only a few fps if turned off.

God Rays 
OFF – I found them very distracting

Chromatic Aberration 
ON – Makes some details look nicer

ON – VERY IMPORTANT !! to keep this ON. Without it the light-engine doesn’t work properly

Lense Flares 
OFF – I don’t like them, my eyes are not a camera… turn on if you like.

Light Streaks 
OFF – Also dont like these..

Lens Dust 
OFF – I prefer off to get clean screenshots .. hehe.. clean… get it ?


The optimal setting is when the darkest logo is BARELY visible.

I have a calibrated monitor and can easily see the black logo at 1.00

At 0.8 it’s pretty much gone, so for me it’s between 0.8 and 1.00

This is the ending of DiRT Rally 2.0 All Graphics Settings guide. I hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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  1. michaelclarke Reply

    Dirt Rally 2 is the best game of my life, i love its graphics and all the cars used in it. I use to play this game for the whole night, sitting on my andaseat gaming chair, and enjoying every bit of it.

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