Die Young: Prologue %100 Achievements Guide

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%100 Achievements Guide


Exit the Sewers

Exit the sewer. It’s the first achievement that we get in the game

Harbor Exit 1

Go past the Harbor through the main gate

Leave the Harbor through the main gate. This is the easiest way out of the Harbor. Climb the tower, open the gate and bring down.

Harbor Exit 2

Go past the Harbor through a secondary route

This option is a bit more complicated than the Exit 1. you have to climb on the wall of the dam and exit through the emergency exit.

Guinea pig

Take the Unknown Drug

Use unknown tablets in the laboratory. To get to the laboratory, you need a key that is located on the first floor of a dead employee. In the laboratory you will find lockers with different boxes, one of them will have exactly the same picture as on the achievement. Use it and the achievement will immediately be reckoned.


Get drunk

Drink 3 Bottles of beer. It is very easy to find beer, as soon as you enter the Harbor area where there is a guard at the entrance, to the left of it there will be a passage leading to a large hangar, upon entering the door you will see 4 cans of beer on the left side of the shelves, drink 3 pieces at once .

It belongs in a museum!

Find the Ancient Idol

It is hidden almost in a conspicuous place. Walking through the harbor, you can see that one loader is working and holding a red mini container, go to the loader and turn it on.

Then go to the blue container on the back and pick up the ancient idol lying in cardboard boxes.

Brother N.1’s little secrets

Find all documents in a single playthrough.

there are only 5 documents and they are hidden in a prominent place.

The first document will be in the sewer on the wall.

The second will be hidden in the office from which you need a key.

The third is in the laboratory from which, oddly enough, a key is also needed.

The fourth is in the booth at the guard.

The fifth is in the control room at Dykes


Perform 20 headshots in a single playthrough

Queen of BBQ

Perform 25 kills using fire in a single playthrough

You constantly have to look for resources for crafting. You will need about 15 bottles of molotov. You can set fire like ordinary enemies and infected, try to collect them in a bunch of 3 – 5 people and set fire to

Live or Die Young

Complete the game

(This achievement is not working yet)

Button Masher

Push all the buttons in the game in a single playthrough

You need to click on all the buttons that are in the Harbor and these are: 3 elevator buttons, 2 loader buttons, 2 gate opening buttons on the tower and 5 hangar buttons. You need to activate them manually if you use a crossbow to activate it will not be counted.

Trust your eyes only

Complete the game without using Perception

Crafting Master

Craft all the craftable items in a single playthrough

These are: Knife, Torch, Lom, Bottle with Molotov, Syringe with adrenaline, Syringe with poison and poisonous arrows. Initially, not all recipes are available to us, they will open as soon as we pick up the necessary resources. Most of the recipes will open to us in the laboratory.

Dog lover

Feed a dog

They are in the red container at the very top, as soon as you take a couple of cans go to the aviary to hungry dogs and throw them a couple of pieces.

Achievement is not given immediately, but as soon as the dogs stop seeing you.

(Almost) Pacifist

Do not kill any person or animal (except for the Hammer Guy)

Grim Reaper

Kill (or let others kill) anything that breathes

Spare the innocents

Complete the game without letting any Junkie die

Complete the game without allowing more than one infected person to die. The most important thing is not to go through the emergency exit through the dam, as these infected ones are blocking our path there.

Seven deadly arrows

Craft 7 Deadly Arrows in a single playthrough

Remote control

Hit the button of a sliding gate with an arrow from a distance of 30 meters

Rock of death

Kill the Huge Hammer Guy using a rock as a deathblow

Kill the final boss with a stone. It is done very simply

Perfect stealth

Complete the game without being spotted

This achievement is very difficult, you will have to go through the emergency exit through the dam and on the way collect the necessary resources for the boss battle.

Perfect run

Complete the game without being hit

This achievement is the most difficult thing in the game because you can get damage FIG know from what just walking calmly. The most important thing is to be careful when using a crossbow and also look at your feet as simply sticking bolts also cause damage.

Fast killer

Kill the Huge Hammer Guy in less than 60 seconds,

All you need to do is get ready, make poisonous arrows and Molotov cocktails. When the boss battle begins, first of all, get rid of the dogs with the help of Molotov, then take the boss and his boys to the passage in the stone, get rid of his henchmen there as the boss will not be able to get into these stones and then just throw a couple of cans at the boss’s feet and shoot from the crossbow with poisonous arrows.

This is the ending of Die Young: Prologue %100 Achievements Guide & Walkthroughs guide. I hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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