Devil May Cry 5 How to Get Story Achievements


Welcome, visitors. In this guide, We try to explain missable story achievements in the Devil May Cry 5. So we pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. We hope that this guide will help you.

Well I’ll Be Damned: Wield overwhelming power to exact an unexpected conclusion. Obtainable by actually beating the boss in the Prologue with Dante. Gg game over.

Protect the People: Defeat all enemies in Mission 01. This one is pretty easy. There’s an extended fight on highway with lots of tentacle enemies along the path. Every tentacle counts as an enemy, so make sure you get them all. At some point, you’ll have to jump down from the broken highway. There’s a underneath the road, behind you after you land that’s not obvious and is missable. Next to it is a missable blue orb.

Where the Red Orbs Grow: Collected Red Orbs from an unexpected spot in Mission 02.

Backroad: Destroy a certain wall in Mission 04.

Break a Leg: Fend off a menace from above in Mission 05.

Pet Protection: Clear Mission 05 without V’s demons getting stalemated (any difficulty except Heaven or Hell).

Share the Pain: Clear Mission 07 with both Nero and V.

Unarmed and Dangerous: Beat Mission 07 without any starting Devil Breakers equipped (any difficulty except Heaven or Hell).

Eagle-Eyed: Destroy a certain wall in Mission 09.

Who Needs Weapons Anyway?: Clear Mission 11 without equipping a weapon set for Dante (any difficulty except Heaven or Hell).

Don’t Mess with the Best: Use proper timing to get a leg up in a close-quarters battle against the boss in Mission 11.

Each In His Own Way: Clear Mission 13 with Nero, V, and Dante.

Slick Moves: Proceed with caution and avoid unneeded damage in Mission 15.

A New Job: Accept a new job from Morrison after the Red Grave incident.

Obedience Training: Go on the offensive without relying on brute force in the Mission 16 boss battle.

Battle for the Ages: Clear Missions 19 and 20 without using continues (any difficulty except Heaven or Hell).

Secrets Exposed: Clear all secret missions.

This the ending of the guide. I hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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