Devil May Cry 5 How to Find Secret Mission Location 7


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Devil May Cry 5 Secret Mission location 7 (Mission 10)

In Mission 10, the first one as Dante, you’ll also find new doors that will permanently shut down after a given time. They’re always tied up to combat, so make sure to finish up the enemies as fast as possible to have the biggest window possible (although they’re really forgiving).

Keep progressing through the level and you’ll end up in a giant room that has two of these doors. After killing the demons you want to go to the left room, standing from the same side as the one you were right before landing on the ground.

If in doubt, if you see red orbs run straight to the other door. The latest checkpoint saves up right at the entrance, so there’s no harm in dying or wanting to retry to get to both doors.

Once inside, follow the path right until seeing two platforms. Use the double jump and you’ll be standing in front of yet another room with a circle in the center.

Stand there and look at the ceiling, facing the angle from the path you just came from.

This secret challenge asks you to kill an enemy with a single shot in its weak point.

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