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Welcome, visitors. In this guide, We try to explain the walkthrough of Derail Valley game. So we pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. We hope that this guide will help you.

Derail Valley Spawning Walkthrough

The first thing I want to spawn is the steam locomotive. In order to make the steam locomotive, we need to spawn in the loco itself, and its tender, as they are separate entities. The first thing I do is walk up to a section of track, Point down at it, and press the P key. I walk away from this section of track, and this appears:

This is the spawn box that will indicate what we want to spawn and where it will spawn. Loco_621, however, is the shunter. So I need to change this to the steam engine. I press the [ or ] key until I get this:

That looks right. Loco_Steam_H is our steam engine. We will start with that. Once we are ready, we can aim at it and press the Enter / Return key, and it will produce our locomotive:

So our loco is in, however we need to give it a tender, so that it will consume the coal and water that it requires to run. We need to spawn in its tender, so we gotta find an empty track, press P on top of it, so that it creates a new spawn box. We cycle through it using the [ and ] keys until we find Loco_Steam_Tender:

Cool, but the tender is separated from the loco itself, so we need to bring it in closer. In order to do that, walk up right behind the loco, press the I (as in eye) key on the track behind the loco, and walk away. We should now see this:

That looks good! But Uh Oh! According to the directional arrows above the box, it seems that the tender is facing the wrong way. We can fix that by aiming at the box and by pressing the O key to change direction. It should now be facing the correct direction:

We are satisfied with that. We can now aim at it and press the ENTER / RETURN keys to lock it in:

Alright cool! Our locomotive now has water and coal to burn. Be aware, as the loco alone will be useless. The tender must be connected properly in order for it to work. This connection method will also work with any other spawn-able item in the game, as long as they are touching each other.

Now let’s do the tanker cars. I want these cars to be separated from the locomotive, but attached to each other. The first thing I do is find an empty spot and press the P key on that track. I find my appropriate item (CarTank_Chrome) using the [ or ] keys, all while aiming at the box, and press ENTER / RETURN when I’m satisfied:


Now I want to stick on another one, let’s say in orange. I go behind the first tanker car, and press P on the track. I allow the box to appear, cycle through with the [ or ] keys until i find what I want (CarTank_Orange), and I press ENTER / RETURN:

Cool. Now i finally want to add a shunter to the end, but facing in the reverse direction. I find a spot on the tracks and press the P key. I allow the box to appear, and find what i want using the [ or ] keys. When i find the shunter (loco_621), i make sure that the arrows above the box are facing the other way. So i aim at the box and press the O key until the direction changes. Once im satisifed, i apply my spawn with the ENTER / RETURN key:

And that’s it. I’m ready to couple my whole consist together and get rolling.

Note: You can directly attach everything together in one go if you position the spawn boxes right behind the first item. They will couple automatically.

Beware, sometimes changing a selection to spawn may be oversized to place in the position you want. Oversized items are indicated when the spawn box appears yellow:

Oversized items will not spawn-able, however other keys will work on it.

To fix that, simply press the I (as in eye) key to re-position it somewhere farther, or directly behind the item you want to connect to.

This the ending of the guide. I hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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