Deliver Us The Moon All Achievements Guide

Deliver Us The Moongame guide focuses on all achievements guide, walkthrough and their locations. The guide will give you basic tips and tricks to get all achivements and all locations. While writing this instruction, we pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. We hope that this guide will help you.

This guide lists the 32 (currently available) achievements in Deliver Us The Moon in order of obtainability and which chapter (or chapters) they can be found.

This guide is intended to help those wishing to complete all the achievements but do not want the spoilers available in the walk through.

All Achievements Guide

Table of achievements and location(s) to get them
FLS – Fesenkov Launch Site
PS – Pearson Spacestation
CM – Copernicus Moonhub
CO – Copernicus Outpost I
RC – Reinhold Crater
TR – Tombaugh Reactor

AchievementFlavor TextLocation
The First Of Many CoursesCollected a piece of scannable informationFLS
You Spin Me Right RoundRight round like a recordFLS
Learning To ListenCollected an audiologFLS
Environmental Analysis Part ICompleted an astrotool dossier profileFLS
In The Nick Of TimeReached the Taurus V with only seconds to goFLS
Houston, We’ve Had A ProblemForgot your trainingFLS
Fly Me To The MoonBade farewell to our home planetFLS
Gasping For AirFound oxygen when death seems certainPS | CM | CO | RC | TR
MoonbearIf only Kathy could have seen thisPS
Have A SeatBrought a seat outside to admire the viewPS
The WitnessWitnessed a hologramCM
The MechanicFound yourself a friendCM
Not A ScratchRemained unharmed during an electrictifying standoffCM
Environmental Analyst Part IICompleted three astrotool dossier profilesFLS, PS, CM
Among The StarsOne small step for man, one giant leap for mankindCM
StargazerSurvived outside for 30 minutesCM
Twin FlamesRealigned the MPT towers to return local power to MoonhubCM
A light in the darkRestored local MPT power to a base long abandonedCM
Remember MeMade your way through Copernicus Moonhub’s lingering echoesCM
Clearing The WayEnsured safe passage to the source of the MPTCO
Goodbye, Old FriendTook your companion cell on a trip that came to an untimely endRC
A Light At The End Of The TunnelChecked up on the MPT before safely escaping from a collapsing titanRC
Once Upon A Time In The VoidChecked all links in the MPT network’s chain and started the journey to TombaughRC
Environmental Analyst Part IIICompleted seven astrotool dossier profilesFLS, PS, CM, CO, RC
Cosmic MarvellerRead all current entries of the Moonman comic seriesAll chapters
Lent Them Your EarsCollected all audiologsAll chapters
The AquanautWe all float down hereTR
The Observer And The ObservedCollected all scanable InformationAll chapters
Now You See MeFound the rhythm to a source of overwhelming powerTR
What We Do In Life, Echoes In EternityWitnessed all hologramsCM, CO, RC, TR, end of game
Environmental Analyst Part IVCompleted ten astrotool dossier profilesAll chapters + end of game
Delivered Us The MoonStirred a sleeping giant, saved the world, and reunited with an old friend, if only for a little whileCompleting the game

This is the ending of Deliver Us The Moon All Achievements Guide. Hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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