Dead Frontier 2 Outpost Attack and Greywood OA Guide

Dead Frontier 2 game guide focuses on a general guide about outpost attack and basically Greywood outpost attack. The guide will give you basic tips on outpost attack and Greywood outpost attack. While writing this instruction, we pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. We hope that this guide will help you.

Outpost Attack

The Outpost Attacks (abbreviated OA) were added on August 25, 2019. They are a special event that was very requested by the community.

They consist in defending the door of one of the Outposts for 30 minutes, during that time, hundreds of zombies will appear, if they are not behind you, they will be trying to break the doors. When an Outpost is under attack, a faint siren will be heard, and the attacked position will be highlighted in orange on the map.

Outposts will be attacked randomly 3 times a day, at 12 PM, 9 PM and 1 AM UTC. To be aware of when the next attack will occur, a timer has been placed at the bottom of the map, when you select travel from your car.

It is important to know that the result of the OA is global, all players in all instances (lobby, MMO, singleplayer or on another server) are part of the SAME ATTACK, it may happen that you clear the doors but they still receive damage, that is because in another different instance, the doors are being damaged by the infected.

During this attack, the infected will grant more experience than normal. Zombies on fire, zombies surrounded by flies, zombies that vomit and worms will not appear (to avoid intense LAG).

If the Attack is won, depending on the number of zombies you have killed, you will receive one of two bonuses that are available. The first is “Outpost Defender”, which grants for 2 hours:

  • + 20% Exp gain
  • + 20% Find ammo quantity
  • + 20% Find elite chance

The second bonus, the best one at the moment, is called “Outpost Guardian”, which grants for 2 hours:

  • + 40% Exp gain
  • + 40% Find ammo quantiry
  • + 40% Find elite chance

If the attack is lost, the Outpost will be overrun by the zombies for 1 hour, at this time you will not be able to claim the rewards of the missions, only the market will be available.

Greywood OA Guide

The most important thing to realize when Greywood OA starts is the strength of the team in your lobby. It can easily be checked just by looking at their weapons. If you have melee people with anything that’s not a Sledgehammer or Longsword you know that you’re gonna have a bad time because they’ll be rather useless. This is just so you can prepare yourself.

If your team is unable to keep the zombies off the door and it’s constantly getting hit – the best and pretty much only thing to do is to start kneecapping the zombies that spawn further away from the door (Why should you ask? Just in case so that people in your lobby don’t instantly kill them after you kneecap them). However, do not forget to tell them to not engage kneecapped zombies and instead to focus on non-cralwers.

So move away from the door as far as you can where the zombies are spawning and start kneecapping them.

After you stacked a bunch of zombies and let them “swim”, go back to the door and help with clearing everything that’s still running around. If you still find it too hard (or too easy), you can go and kneecap more zombies or just kill some crawlers.

Keep in mind that the crawlers will eventually come too close, and people might kill them on accident or so they don’t get hit. So you’ll have to re-do the whole kneecapping process a few times during the GW OA.

If everyone who’s in a lobby that doesn’t have a bunch of overgeared players starts doing this, we’ll have a way higher chance of winning Greywood attacks, because mostly when we lose Greywood OAs it’s by a margin.

Kneecapping Process Shown on a Video

The reason why the video is a bit closer to the door is because of the time left on the OA – I decided to make a video in the last moment. But in most cases you can go as far as where the cars are and you’ll have enough zombies spawning for kneecapping.

This is the ending of Dead Frontier 2 Outpost Attack and Greywood OA Guide. Hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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