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Welcome, guideoui.com visitors. In this guide, We try to explain how to better trade Down of Man. So we pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. We hope that this guide will help you.

Dawn of Man game is a survival-city-builder that is being developed Madruga Works.  The player takes control of a settlement of the first modern humans, to guide them through the ages in their struggle for survival. The game starts in the Stone Age, and takes one up to the Iron Age, spanning more than 10,000 years of human prehistory. One will have to get their people to survive, expand and evolve, just like our ancestors, facing the challenges that the environment will throw at them.

Guide for Better Trade

First you have to build. Then, Traders will visit your settlements.

In the game three types of traders: Low, average, high. That will define the exchange rate, the amount and tier of items.

In time you will learn intricacies of trading. Buying low and selling high is standard approach of course. But here are some tips:

Secondly, observe the prices; some of them have invisible decimal digits, e.g. adding a second unit of straw will seemingly double the price of one. No such thing vice versa.

Third, buying raw materials can be much better.

If the conditions of items are too low, traders won’t buy it.

Note: Only things that are stored in buildings will be tradeable. So, don’t hesitate building them. TIP: It’s a good way to sell them soon to be spoiled stuff in exchange of “fresh” one, with a price of course. Doesn’t work for stuff which is too decayed.

We hope this guide helps you to do better trade. These datas picked up from several websites. Therefore there could be wrongs. If there is, please comment us.

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