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Welcome, guideoui.com visitors. In this guide, We try to explain How to defend better against hostile animals and raiders. So we pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. We hope that this guide will help you.

Defence is one of the keys to survival. In the stone age, the main threats are wild animals and sporadic bands of raiders. During the metal age, enemies will get more serious, and large bands of attackers will try to destroy your settlement.  Therefore,  It is highly recommended that you build fortifications and defensive.

How to Defence Better

The walls and Towers are too weak, they break down so fast.
On the other hand, the raids are not really challenging – you maybe lose 10 People and some walls/towers but that’s about it .It would be better when there’s a higher number of raiders but the walls and towers won’t break down so quickly. This way you also have enough time for your people to run into the towers.

Another Idea is that you will attract more raiders the more resources you have.
Or that the Raiders can use fire to burn buildings down, and your people have to go to the wells and put the fire out after the raid.

The towers, even in their upgraded version, do break down too quickly. I usually put two or three right next to the gate – I don’t like to do it, because it looks quite ugly, but it’s at least somewhat effective. Doubling walls work the same way.

To be honest, the most efficient thing seems to be to just leave the gate open: the towers will draw at least some fire, but will probably not get destroyed and the villagers can instantly start attacking. With that strategy I usually only lose 1 to 4 people, depending on the circumstances of the attack.

In fact, if you really wanted to be efficient, you could actually not build any defensive structures but gates. The villager AI seems coded to assemble at the nearest gate and the raider AI seems coded to always go for the one with the least towers close by.

So, just put one tower to each gate you don’t want them to attack and leave the gate where you want them to attack without towers. No palisades, no walls

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2 thoughts on “Dawn of Man Best Defense Guide

  1. Hellorien Reply

    Here’s what I do, works great for me.
    Start by migrating near an iron mine and a waterway at the second you spawn, note elevated surfaces around where you chose to land.

    Raiders prioritize housing and then villagers and then the rest and would redirect to towers or gates

    Keep your main living quarters at a central point as tight as possible 3 x 2 row x 2 (plan to minimize the surface of 30 buildings)

    You should then place relatively further 7 guard towers on each side of the village (to form a triangle around the village)
    Make sure they are organized in a triangle shape where the enemy has no option to face just a single tower

    A good tip would be to place towers on elevations and use natural rocks (non minable) as partial wall

    Now wall around the towers with a fence facing outside placed at the far side which is not facing your village

    Here’s the most important part
    Break one single section of the wall

    The raiders will focus on going around the wall giving you the first few strikes

    The bulk of your housing should be inside the unmarked triangle between the three tower batteries
    But all your gardens should be outside of it

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